Exports Can Spur Our Economy

UPS Chairman and CEO Scott Davis and U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary LockeUPS Chairman and CEO Scott Davis and Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke co-authored an opinion piece published by the U.S. Department of Commerce’s blog.

Robust and global trade drives the world’s economic engine. And it’s the quickest and surest way we know to accelerate economic growth, create new jobs and improve living standards. 

Now we freely admit that UPS has an interest here. At any given moment, UPS handles 6 percent of the U.S. GDP and moves 2 percent of the global GDP. So global trade is important to the future of UPS, and that holds true for its workers, and for workers across America. Every 22 packages per day that cross a border supports one job in UPS’s package operation.

That’s why UPS is so supportive of President Obama’s recent announcement of a landmark trade deal with South Korea, which is estimated to increase American economic output by more than the last nine trade agreements combined.

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Capital Gains Taxes and the Recovery

Scott Davis, chairman and CEO of UPS, is the author of an opinion piece published in the Wall Street Journal:

Long-term investments should be rewarded with lower rates

There is no question the U.S. economy is showing encouraging signs of recovery. But the recovery is fragile, and we should not do anything that would dampen or jeopardize its momentum. Businesses and individuals should therefore take note that the country is moving inexorably toward an increase in capital gains tax rates. This increase is not being sufficiently debated in Congress but could have a major impact on economic growth, job creation and long-term investment in America.

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