Helmets for Kids: Getting Children to School Safely
helmets for kids

When I rode my bicycle to school in the seventh grade, I pretended I was my hero at the time – the great Arthur Fonzarelli. As evidenced by my low-end Huffy (and lack of a leather jacket and girlfriends), I was nowhere near as cool as “The Fonz.” Or my classmates who drove a Mongoose or Schwinn.

But let’s make one thing clear: I was no nerd. And I would never – repeat – never wear a helmet as I popped my wheelies and darted in and out of traffic.

Crazy, right?

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Ain’t They Sweet: How UPSers Sweeten the Holidays
UPS holiday cookies

UPSers from around the world recently were asked how they make the holidays sweeter. Here’s what some of them had to say.

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‘Tis the Season to Deliver: UPSers Share their Most Memorable Customer Experiences
UPS delivery

Whether smack dab in the middle of the holiday season, Memorial Day weekend or any ordinary day during the year, UPS employees realize how the little things — perfectly executed — can have a huge impact.

All UPSers are directly responsible for the success of our deliveries and the satisfaction of our customers. Recently, we asked them about some of their most memorable customer experiences.

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“This is Joey, Everybody”
UPSer Joeri Desira and her son

It’s easy to understand why the following video has received more than 200,000 hits on YouTube.

Watch as Lansing, MI, Air Gateway UPSer Joeri Desira is paid an unexpected visit at work by her son — a serviceman currently deployed in Kuwait with the U.S. Army.

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UPS Employees Shine at Super Bowl of Safety
steering wheel

Go behind the scenes with Team UPS at the National Truck Driving Championships

It was game on at the weeklong competition in Orlando, FL, that featured more than 400 of the best drivers in the business, including 19 UPSers who won U.S. state championships this year to qualify for the Nationals.

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Happiness Delivered

“Make ‘wow’ a verb,” urged Tony Hsieh, Zappos CEO, during a recent visit to the UPS Corporate Office.  

Hsieh (pronounced shay) is the CEO of the wildly successful online shoe and clothing retailer Zappos, which has been “wowing” customers and employees for years as he’s helped transform the company from almost no sales to over $1 billion in gross revenue annually — all while making Fortune magazine’s annual “Best Companies to Work For” list.

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President Obama Visits UPS and Delivers Challenge

A crowd of more than 300 UPS employees and guests welcomed President Barack Obama to the Landover, Md. UPS facility on Friday, April 1.

 President Obama opened his speech joking to the crowd why he and members of his Cabinet were there, “I am thrilled to be here, proud to be joined here today by two of our outstanding Cabinet Secretaries, Steven Chu and Ray LaHood. We’re here today for a simple reason: Ray wasn’t home when they tried to deliver a package yesterday – so we thought we’d just grab it and be on our way.”

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UPS Moves a Mountain of Machinery for Trapped Chilean Miners
Drilling equipment bound for Chile

Hope goes up and down at the San Jose Mine near Copiapo, Chile, like the temperature. 

On August 5, a cave-in at a gold and copper mine in the blistering Atacama Desert here blocked the only passageway in and out. Miners lucky enough to escape the disaster wept for 33 of their co-workers, left a half mile below the surface of the earth and presumed lost.

But hope soared when 17 days later a probe shaft drilled by rescue officials located all 33 men safe in a room-sized chamber of the mine. The miners had survived in utter darkness for two and one-half weeks on two teaspoons of tuna fish, a sip of milk and half a biscuit each every 48 hours.

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Golf Sponsorship Stays on Course

Lee WestwoodI was on fire the first time I went to a driving range, scalding those little white balls far and straight. I couldn’t understand why everyone complained that this sport was so difficult. Guess I was just a natural. The next morning I made my course debut and proceeded to shoot a 75. On the first hole.

Although my golf career ended abruptly, I still enjoy watching the experts ply their trade, especially Lee Westwood, who is one of three golfers representing UPS in tournament play and at customer hospitality and brand promotion events.

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The Daytona 50


Growing up a huge sports fan in New Jersey, I was lucky enough to attend a few World Series and NBA Finals games but never a Stanley Cup contest or Super Bowl. And, I most definitely never went to the Daytona 500. Well, I can’t say that anymore after this past weekend.

I was given the opportunity to see David Ragan in live NASCAR action at “The Great American Race,” as well as a chance to meet the Daytona 50 – winners of the UPS NASCAR Employee Program that recognizes UPSers who excel in the areas of safety, service and growing the business, such as Tennessee District Package Car Driver Ronnie Bruce, who submitted an incredible 169 new business leads last year. Read More »


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