International Women’s Day: Behind the Scenes of a Woman-Owned Franchise
Stacie Stigar

Owning a small business was never in my life plan. I never dreamt of being my own boss or experiencing many of the challenges and rewards you often hear of when you talk to a small business owner.

Becoming a The UPS Store franchisee happened by chance. Before I opened my The UPS Store, I was the executive director at another company and used The UPS Store in Wasilla, Alaska frequently. Joey, the owner at the time, would listen to my wild marketing ideas – I was always asking him, “Can you make me some (insert crazy marketing idea)?” And his answer was always, “Yes.” He always found a way to make it happen. He was inspiring, and sparked the idea that I might want to own my own business.

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Hippity-Hoppity, Easter’s on its way: tips for shipping Easter baskets and chocolate bunnies

The days are getting longer – we have 12 hours of daylight already! That means warmer weather is coming and the snow and ice will soon be melting. Easter must be right around the corner!

Easter in Alaska is always fun and often very exciting. We have a get together each year on a neighbor’s deck. Some years we are wearing light jackets and sunglasses and others, full on winter gear (coats, scarves, mittens, hats and bunny boots). The older kids hide plastic eggs filled with treats for the younger kids. On a snowy Easter, the bright colors against the white snow make the eggs pretty easy to find.

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Made with you in mind – Part 2: Gifts from the kitchen

In a previous post, I described my conversation with my father regarding what I wanted him to get me for Christmas, about how prepared I was for his call, that I wanted something homemade and from the heart, the epiphany I had about all my gifts this year being made by me …  crafty … computer stuff. Read More »

Made with You in Mind!

My father called the other day to see what I wanted for Christmas this year. He likes me to be very specific— exact item, size, color, dimensions, where he can get it, and by the way, would I consider just getting it myself if he sends me the money. Well, not this year. I was prepared for his call this time as I had been giving a lot of thought to material items lately. I didn’t want him to buy me something – I wanted him to make me something. I wanted a gift from him that came from the heart. It can be anything – just think of me when you are making it, I said. Read More »


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