Success a la cart

UPS Worldwide Express Freight untangles a supply chain

As a child, I had fun turning cartwheels.

I never imagined one day I’d see a customer go into business … on cart wheels.

It happened for Cellairis, a company near Atlanta, and it’s a wild success story. These three guys in their college years dreamed up an idea: Why not sell wireless gadgets in malls?

On carts.

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“Fast Freight Shipping” is Not an Oxymoron

In UPS years I’m still a neophyte, but my work in customer communications has shown me that our new global express air freight service nicely fills a niche for businesses in high-tech, manufacturing and other industries that rely on international trade.

Good news, but no real surprise.

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The Outlook of Exporting and Global Trade: Confidence Needle Moves a Bit
Shanghai, China

It may be time to add a “cautious optimism” app to your wireless device . . . at least for the long term.

A new survey of decision makers at 125 high-tech companies, conducted by IDC Manufacturing Insights and sponsored by UPS, shows that they expect future exports to increase. Many predicted growing demand for their products in emerging markets worldwide over the next 3-5 years.

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Reverse Logistics Whitepaper: Is there an “Elephant’s Graveyard” for High Tech Gadgets?
laptop repair

I’ve always believed in thinner, lighter and more powerful when it comes to electronic gadgets.  A new smart phone.  A tiny television.  A color electronic book.  All of these things fill me with inexplicable glee.  But what happens to those gizmos once they’ve been replaced with newer models?  Or when my pre-ordered device has to be returned because early units are defective?  What’s out of sight and mind for me often represents opportunities for high tech companies.

Enter reverse logistics.  Reverse logistics is the processes of receiving returned components or products for the purpose of recapturing value or proper disposal.  It is much more than simply counting defective items returned by customers.  Reverse logistics can uncover hidden profits, reduce liability and enrich customer satisfaction.

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Small Busines Video: Speech Privacy Systems
Speech Privacy Systems

How many times have you wished for more peace and quiet at your office, or for the person in the cube next to you to use their “inside voice” so you could get work done?

Small business Speech Privacy Systems helps solve problems like that.  They sell equipment that masks and reduces the travel of speech.  Systems range in scale from personal devices to systems that discreetly cover entire facilities.  They are especially useful in environments where speech is either distracting to others or needs to be obscured due to the confidential nature of what is being said. 

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Small Business Video: Orbit Micro
Orbit Micro

Orbit Micro is a Dallas-based seller of high-performance and specialty turnkey computer and software systems for defense, education, science, energy and other industrial and consumer applications.  Shipments can be fragile, high-value and time-sensitive. 

UPS has helped Orbit Micro expand its customer base globally with “the opportunity to go places that we couldn’t normally go,” according to COO Ashley Smith.  In addition, the company uses UPS’s Flexible Parcel Insurance to protect systems that are often custom-built for deadline-driven projects. 

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