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Medical Devices

Forget Your Meds? – There’s an App (or Vending Machine) for That!

What if I told you that one of the most prevalent reasons for an unsuccessful course of drug therapy isn’t due to what’s in the pill bottle, but what’s on the pill bottle? It’s an unopened lid. As a nation we have an epidemic of ‘not taking what we were prescribed in the prescribed dosage.’ And like any epidemic, it has serious consequences.

Every year, prescription medication non-adherence (not taking medication at the right time, dosage, or simply not taking it at all) is responsible for more than 120,000 unnecessary patient deaths and $290 billion in unnecessary healthcare spending each year in the United States.

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EndoChoice & 3 Keys to Growth: People. Products. Logistics. [Video]

One cool thing about working at UPS is the chance to learn about the many different types of companies we serve, and how their supply chains factor into their success.  Healthcare companies are some of the most interesting: they make products that patients’ lives may literally depend on, and their supply chain needs can be quite specialized and complex. It can be pretty radical stuff!

To see what I’m talking about, check out this video profiling UPS customer EndoChoice Inc., “a platform technology company providing devices, diagnostics and procedural support for specialists treating a wide range of gastrointestinal (GI) diseases.” Talk about specialization! EndoChoice has been on the Inc. 500 list for the past three years, and CEO Mark Gilreath has some nice insights on how logistics was one key to their rapid growth.

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