Kevin Coffey

I joined UPS in 2003 and have served in various roles in interactive, advertising, and PR. Continue to be fascinated by the technology and scale of UPS operations, and the diversity of businesses we serve. Read constantly about tech, social, and media. In my spare time, enjoy cooking and home improvement projects. And of course, playing with my kids.

Andy McGowan

I’m new to UPS, but have worked as a communications professional for over 20 years, mainly in professional sports, entertainment and technology. I am also a news and sports junkie. When not at work, I’m spending time with my family, officiating ice hockey or out on the golf course.

Craig Poole

Public relations

I enjoy spending time with my wife and two boys. In my spare time, I follow pro and college football.

Ken Davis

The UPS Store franchisee

Since 2004, I’ve owned a The UPS Store in Scottsdale, Arizona. Later that year, I got interested in the printing side of the business and have aggressively developed the center’s printing capabilities. I market this service to neighboring businesses, and knowing the power of the Web, recently started using social media as another way to reach my customers. I am proud to say my The UPS Store has one of the highest printing volumes in our network in the Central Arizona area. Need help with holiday newsletters or invitations? I’m your guy!

Mark Dickens

Public relations manager

I began my UPS career in 1988, and, like most UPSers, I’ve worn a lot of hats—domestic and international package operations, customs brokerage, public affairs, human resources and communications. My family is the center of my universe, but I am passionate about different cultures and the impact they have on our collective humanity. I also enjoy painting, gardening, reading and cooking—none of which I have enough time for.


Derek Irving

UPS London 2012 Operations Manager

I have worked for UPS for 15 years and my current assignment is to manage UPS’ warehouse network to support the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. I am based in London, but have worked for UPS in various UK and European assignments, principally in warehousing and supply chain management. In my free time I enjoy playing golf, running and am an avid Leeds United fan.

Christina Jacobs

UPS Airlines public relations integration writer

I’ve been with UPS for over 12 years and I’ve worked in four different areas of the airline here in Louisville, KY. My education background is in journalism and communication, which goes along nicely with my addiction to news and current events.

Laurie Mallis

Public relations manager

Going on ten years at UPS in public relations and involved in managing PR’s digital assets. When I’m not at UPS, I’m busy raising two boys.


Dan McMackin

Public relations manager

Started loading trucks in 1978 and became a driver after graduating from college. I spent 20 years in operations and staff positions and the past 11 in PR. I work to help keep UPS’s reputation one of the best in the world. I like to hunt and fish and have a passion for dog training, specifically working with retrievers and competing in retriever contests.

Jennifer Oliveras

UPS Global Sponsorships Group

I am new to UPS in the Global Sponsorship group. I have worked in all areas of sports and sponsorships over the past 15 years and have really enjoyed the passion that the UPS team has for their sponsorships. When I am not at work, you will find me with my family, either exercising or watching sports on TV.

Susan Rosenberg

Susan Rosenberg

Public relations manager

A UPS non-nuclear reactor for press and general public inquiry—still able to explode with enthusiasm after 18 years. My job is the fission to connect across the global enterprise with examples of all that we do. More low-key away from work, I unwind with classic movies and Sudoku and have picked up the knitting, again.

Stacie Stigar

The UPS Store franchisee

Hi! I am Stacie Stigar and I own The UPS Store in Palmer, Alaska. Palmer is 45 miles north of Anchorage. My store in the Matanuska Susitna Borough, is famous not only for Sarah Palin, but also for giant, record-breaking cabbages and other root veggies. This year’s fair-winning cabbage tipped the scales at 127 pounds! I am just getting into social networking and I look forward to hearing from you. My daughter rolls her eyes at me whenever she has to explain Facebook things to me, like why people are writing on my wall or how I should respond to a Mafia Wars request. Watch me grow!

Jackie Blair

Public relations supervisor, UPS Airlines

I’m a home improvement addict at heart and I love to paint and fix things. To me there is nothing like the satisfaction of seeing the end result of all your hard work. I support my addiction through public relations at UPS. I guess my greatest work is my spoiled son, who has his father and I wrapped around his fingers.

Daniel Marin

Public Relations Supervisor, UPS Americas

Born, raised and based in the “Capital of Latin America,” Miami, FL, I am a dedicated bi-lingual communicator by day and a local “low-brow” artist by night. With a background in PR, advertising and graphic design, I oversee the day-to-day coordination of all PR activities in the region.

Mike Mangeot

UPS Air Group Public Relations

Each day, I connect 2.5 million air express shipments to 200 countries and territories around the world … or at least it feels like I do, explaining the fascinating workings of one of the world’s largest airlines to inquisitive souls from all over the planet.


Alan Williams

UPS Director London 2012 Sponsorship & Operations

I have worked for UPS for 21 years and my current assignment is to lead UPS’ London 2012 Sponsorship & Operations program – a once in a lifetime opportunity to be involved in something so complex and unique. I am based in London, but have worked for UPS in France for 6 years and the US for 18 months. In my free time I enjoy playing sport, spending time with my kids, skiing, gardening and travel.

Mark Sauer

Marketing Analyst

Best part of my job with the UPS Marketing team is interacting with our customers, especially on projects involving our Return Services. As if work is not challenging enough, I recently registered for my first mountain biking race – a 65 mile ride in the North Georgia Mountains. Any sponsors out there?

Candy Hanson

Content Specialist,

By day I help keep the content on fresh and up-to-date. By night, I fight temper tantrums, dirty diapers, and laundry that needs to be washed. I like to cheer for the UGA Bulldogs, take pictures of my three kids, and go on dates with my husband.

Cyndi Brandt

Marketing Manager, UPS Logistics Technologies

“Who knew trucks were so cool?” has been my mantra for a decade. I only found this out 10 years ago when I started my tenure with UPS Logistics Technologies. A small business unit of UPS that helps those with fleets of vehicles save money, become more efficient, and reduce carbon emissions through vehicle routing and GPS tracking. If I’m not hanging out on a truck, I’m lost on a motorcycle.

Jim Daniell

Communications Specialist

I am by far the most newly arrived addition to the Upside fold, at least at time of writing. I joined UPS in October 2009, providing support to the Europe Region external communications group. With a background in copywriting and translation, I spent the last ten years living and working in Spain where I was a keen hiker, mountaineer and mountain biker. Now I am awaiting the arrival of twin baby girls so I guess I have new mountains to climb (will I be needing oxygen?).

Pam Klouda

Corporate I.E., Package Project Manager

I started with UPS 26 years ago in the SETex district. I relocated to ISMD in 1996. I currently work on user testing and product deployments for the UPS handheld device also known as the DIAD (Delivery Information Acquisition Device).

Shawn Butler

UPS Employee and Brand Communications Manager

I arrived in Corporate Employee Communications in 2004 via the UPS midnight shift and Hoboken, New Jersey—birthplace of baseball and Sinatra. More than two decades with the company, I currently am the editorial content manager for InsideUPS and—magazine and website to more than 400,000 remarkable employees across the globe. I’m a diehard fan of my two Bichons, the New York Mets (ouch), and Minnesota Vikings (double ouch). Let’s go with Jazz Greats for $200, Alex.

Cavan Shang

Assistant Supervisor, Shanghai Hub Sort Operations

I joined UPS in July 2008 as a management trainee and became an assistant supervisor in the Shanghai Hub Sort Operation in the January 2009. I have participated in every shift at the hub’s sort operations and recently joined the night shift which handles the majority of export parcels.

Joan Wang

Brand Communications Supervisor, Asia-Pacific Region

I joined UPS in 2005 as a strategic account executive and a brand communicator in China. In my current role, I serve as a brand communicator for Asia-Pacific Region which covers over 40 countries and territories. My business experience in the East and humanities studies in the West have helped me develop a solid understanding and practical experience of multinational and multicultural issues from a local and global perspective.

Jiayan Chiu

Brand Communications, Asia-Pacific Region

I’ve been with UPS for nearly four years now and the way UPS connects the world together still amazes me whenever I hold a package in my hands. I’m a Facebook addict, whose best friend is Google and I’ve got a fascination with Web 2.0, photography and scrapbooking.

Natalie Giurato

Public Relations Specialist

Day to day, I focus on UPS’s role in the automotive, manufacturing and business services industries. My favorite part of the job is meeting and working with customers, while learning about their goals, dreams, and how UPS has helped them in their business.

Robyn van Teunenbroek

Public Relations Specialist

I’m fairly new to UPS, joining the team in late 2008. I spend my days positively positioning UPS to media Canada-wide and my nights practicing jujitsu and mixed martial arts. Working in one of the world’s largest multicultural cities, Toronto opens a world of opportunities, is a life-long learning experience and a marketers blank canvas.

Jill Swiecichowski

Company Archivist

I began in the UPS Archives almost 10 years ago. My average day can include identifying and cataloging old photographs to researching request for information from all over the world. In my home life I enjoy reading, photography and baking.

Sunny Nastase

Senior Director, Sustainability

I’ve been eco-interested since winning an Earth Day poster contest in grade school, and have been at it ever since. Avid composter.. recycler…gardener..power conserver… I weave a green thread though business and personal decision-making. I see huge carbon reduction benefits to be gained through big changes too, like the supply chain changes I’ve helped customers deploy while here at UPS. I couldn’t have a job more aligned with my core – now responsible for Decision Green solutions – “sustainability” offerings that our customers can use! If my 3 kids come to your house, they’ll probably start turning off lights and sorting your trash! I blog in the green space…

Malcolm Berkley

Public Relations Manager, UPS Public Affairs

A native New Yorker with great affection for the New York Yankees, I’m based in Washington, D.C., and manage strategic communications regarding UPS’s global public policy initiatives. I’ve served in various PR roles since joining UPS in 1998, but my three months as a UPS driver provided some of my most memorable moments with Big Brown. Away from the office, I love spending as much time as possible with my family. I also enjoy cooking, reading and traveling.

Jim Mayer

Video Producer, UPS Airlines

I’m based in Louisville, Ky., home of Worldport, UPS’s main all-points air hub. A refugee from television news, I’ve been with the company since 2003 and work with a talented videographer to produce (I hope) interesting stories for our employees and this blog. The best part of my job is the opportunity to travel on video shoots to interesting places around the world where UPS has operations. Away from work, I’m usually in the middle of some home-improvement project or shuttling my kids to sports practices and music lessons.

Christina Houston

Employee Communications, Central Florida District

It all started with the yearbook staff in high school. I knew I was destined for writing and journalism as a profession. When I landed an internship at UPS in 1992 to help write for The Big Idea, I was over the moon. Now, 18 years later, I’ve worked in all facets of Human Resources, but Communications is my love. I always have a good book going. A friend convinced me to start reading the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. I scoffed at a book about vampires and werewolves, but I can’t get enough now. Is anyone else disappointed that Bella married Edward? Last book—only 750 pages to go.

Nick Tighe

Operations Manager, London 2012

I have been with UPS for six years and have a background in special events logistics, moving many music bands around on world tours. Christina Aguilera, Creed, Nickleback and The Bangles are some of the many I have been involved with. When I was offered an assignment with the London 2012 Olympics, I jumped at the chance for a once in a lifetime experience and am enjoying every minute.

Outside of this, I am known as a ‘competitive dad’ having played rugby and cricket all my life and still enjoy running on a regular basis. My challenge now is trying to keep up with my teenage sons which I have failed to do in every sport they play.

Peter Feys

Communications Analyst, UPS Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands & Luxembourg)

I graduated as a journalist in 2001 and I have been with UPS ever since. After a “tour of duty” with our customer service team in Ireland, I joined the human resources department of UPS in the Netherlands. Today, I am working in marketing and communications for UPS Benelux (Belgium – the Netherlands – Luxembourg) and am based in Brussels. Thanks to the global footprint of UPS I was able to return to my home country Belgium a few years ago. Apart from my passion for history, I have a keen interest in China. Luckily I have a beautiful Chinese wife who can tell me all about the East.

Kurt Kuehn

Chief Financial Officer

Kurt Kuehn is the chief financial officer of UPS. He is responsible for all activities related to accounting, auditing, finance, financial planning, taxes and treasury. He also acts as a liaison to the finance, investor and analyst communities.

Dave Csontos

Director of operations for UPS Freight Truckload

UPS Freight is the the heavy-freight arm of UPS specializing in full truckload and less-than-truckload (LTL) deliveries. Dave is an operations manager for full truckload deliveries which at times include very interesting movements like ancient Chinese terra cotta warriors!

Deanna Cain

East Central Region Communications

Outside of her East Region Communications duties at UPS, Deanna Riley Cain is an award-winning playwright and screenwriter. Her works have appeared off-Broadway, aired on regional PBS stations and published in several anthologies. Deanna wrote the script for Help Me, I’m Becoming My Mother!, which garnered an Outstanding Program Feature/Entertainment Emmy.

Jaye Mia Sanford

Corporate Communications

I started with UPS 13 years ago as a writer for Inside UPS. Today, I manage communications for the Corporate Campus in Atlanta. In what spare time I have, I enjoy reading, walking, and spending time with my husband, son, and daughter.

Randy Barnes

UPS Communicator-at-Large

UPS is my second (or third or fourth) career. Started in advertising when we used stone and chisel. Moved to PR and learned about a new gadget called a computer. Switched to political consulting (bad move.) Came to UPS 10 years ago to load trucks. Along the way, some folks discovered I could put words together. Now, I get to tell stories about the great people who work here and the things they do.

Scott Wicker

VP Sustainability and Corporate Plant Engineering

Scott Wicker serves as vice president of sustainability and vice president of corporate plant engineering. He is responsible for the construction and expansion of facilities and material handling systems, facility maintenance and housekeeping, environmental and regulated goods compliance, and sustainability for UPS worldwide.

Scott Davis

Chairman and CEO

Scott Davis serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of UPS, the world’s largest package delivery company and a global leader in supply chain services.

Under Davis’s direction, UPS is expanding its capabilities into new lines of business that complement the company’s global package delivery operations. These expanded capabilities include multi-modal transportation services, sophisticated logistics technologies, international trade management, supply-chain consulting and financial services.


Bill Hook

Vice President, Global Strategy, UPS Healthcare Logistics

Bill Hook is responsible for developing and executing UPS’s global strategy to serve the unique needs of healthcare industry, particularly for pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies. Hook and his team interact with healthcare executives to improve company performance by aligning the supply chain with business strategy. Hook’s Healthcare Logistics group works to leverage UPS healthcare facilities, transportation and technology networks, as well as expertise in distribution, inventory management and regulatory compliance for its customers.

Andrew Kennedy

Sales Training

Prior to joining the UPS Sales Training team, I spent six years with Customer Communications and was a member of the UPS Crisis Team.

Tyre Sperling

Public Relations, Global Products and Services Specialist

From tractors to trailers – and everything in between – I work on raising awareness of our supply chain and freight capabilities. Promoting our retail services is my 2nd job! Family, church, traveling, sleep and music is what I enjoy in my spare time.

Russ Ensley

Corporate Video Production

A veteran of television and corporate video production for 27 years, I manage the video group in Employee and Brand Communications. I love watching a variety of sports (especially SEC football), and I have a real passion for sports photography, documentary storytelling, and all things pertaining to World War II.

Ali Duncan

Public Relations Supervisor, UPS Canada

I have worked at UPS since 2005 in a number of marketing positions: I’m very happy to now be in PR! I spend my days working on media relations, speaking opportunities, co-ordinating fam trips and much more. My free time is spent outdoors (but not in the winter!), reading, at the gym, baking, travelling and out with friends enjoying the sights and sounds of the best city in the world: Toronto.

Jerry Ross

The Compass Online guy

The UPS Compass website is my baby. My role is to connect customers with the solutions they need to succeed, and it never gets old. Beyond Brown, you’ll find me with my family, sometimes trying to perfect my favorite Indian dishes, often working on the longest-running home renovation project in history, and never far from a cold American craft beer.


Ed Martinez

UPS Foundation

In over 30 year’s at UPS, Ed Martinez has worn many hats…industrial engineer, litigator and now, helping people around the world with The UPS Foundation. As director of philanthropy and corporate relations, Ed develops strategic partnerships to support the foundation’s initiatives.

Andy Norris

Marketing Segment Manager

A native of Columbus, OH, and a UPSer since 1991, I worked my way through college at The Ohio State University as a part-time package handler. After earning my BS in Chemistry, I was afforded many opportunities at UPS including Tech Support, Data Management, Retail, Account Executive, Sales Planning and Segment Marketing. I’ve been married for 16 years, have 3 wonderful kids and I enjoy strength training and fitness. I also play 3 musical instruments – bass, drums and guitar. Rock on!


Tom Lopez

Public Relations

Administrative support for media relations, in former UPS life, a fuel buyer for UPS facilities in the southeast and southwest. I enjoy a round of golf, all genres of movies and spending time with my family.

Deborah Allen-Waters

Employee & Brand Communications Supervisor

I stared my UPS career in 1999 in Industrial Engineering. In 2005 I moved to the communications function, which is the opposite end of the spectrum as far as UPS functions go. I’ve always enjoyed writing and storytelling so I think I’m in the perfect place now. When I’m not working I’m an amateur photographer and world-renowned chef (OK, so maybe not world-renowned but I love it anyway).

Penny Anderson

The UPS Store #4800 and #4895 Sales & Marketing Manager

I love being a part of things that are bigger than myself, whether in my position at our two The UPS Store locations on the Arizona State University campus, or being a part of philanthropic endeavors. I stay involved with the Toys for Tots Literacy Program as well as host a charity golf tournament every year. And, I love assisting the university in its sustainability efforts.

LtGen Henry P. Osman

President and Chief Executive Officer of the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation

LtGen Henry P. (Pete) Osman, USMC (Ret) is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation. Before joining the foundation in January 2007, General Osman served for over 37 year on active duty with the U.S. Marine Corps.

Barbara Despaigne


I work on bringing new products to market. One of the best things about my job is finding out what customers want and turning that into a product for UPS. When I’m not working, I love to spend time with my family which includes a toddler, a husband, and a lot of extended family. We love to travel, cook and entertain.

George Berkeley

The UPS Store franchisee

Born and raised in California; 12 years in the US Navy Submarine fleet; 20ish years working on computer systems in support of the New York Stock Exchange and the financial information industry; 5 years working with my wife in her Beaded Jewelry store; and now owning and operating my own The UPS Store 20 minutes from New York City. As a Californian living now 16 years in the NYC Metro area, I can say that I like the climate, I like the weather, I like the people, and I love owning my The UPS Store best of all.

Rhoda Daclison-Dickey

Employee Communications Supervisor
North California District (West Region)

Rhoda has been with UPS for six years, spending her entire tenure surrounded by all things communications. With a B.S. in Journalism, her plan to take over the world with perfect prose went somewhat awry. After dabbling in public relations and cable television, she came to UPS hoping to find a clean slate for some fresh ideas. A native San Franciscan, Rhoda spends her free time reading romance novels and exploring the San Francisco Bay Area with her adoring husband and their “she-thinks-she’s-a-labrador” pitbull, Mischalina.

David Goren

UPS West Region Communications

A dabbler in writing, music, art, digital photography, video production, construction, cooking; I enjoy anything that challenges my creativity. I am a father and husband. I love starting sentence with, “So, I have an idea . . .” My normal day consists of getting important messages out to over 11,000 UPSers.

Chris Yohn

Communications Supervisor

A native Keystone Stater, I’m an avid history buff and football fan.  After spending the first part of my career as a professional actor, I came to UPS in 2001 and worked in business development before moving on to communications.  I’m a husband, a father, and the proud son of a UPS Circle of Honor member.

Karen Hurley

The UPS Store franchisee

I am Karen Hurley, owner of The UPS Store in Knoxville, Tennessee! Knoxville is the proud home of the University of Tennessee. It is 45 minutes west of the beautiful Smokey Mountains and two hours east of Nashville, home of Country Music. We are fortunate to also be surrounded by the Tennessee Valley Authority water and dam system which, offers us some of the best boating and water sports in the country! So my favorite thing to do in my free time is to spend time on Norris Lake boating!

Kelly Loubet

Kelly Loubet is a freelance writer and a mom. You can find her blogging at and on Twitter @childhood. Kelly is currently the Collective Bias Community Manager for The UPS Store.

Jessi Sanfilippo

Shuggilippo is an entity consisting of one woman and two last names. Specializing in a less-than-conventional spousal relationship with Husfriend and rearing their nearly three-year-old child, Nugget, every journey—from bad gas to adventures in developing a freelance social media company—she feels, should be shared with this little world we call the Internet. You can find Jessi at

James Henniker-Heaton

Operations Manager and Acting Lead Venue Logistics Manager

I joined UPS in 2002 and have held various positions supporting Spare Parts Logistics (SPL) customers. My current role is part of a team integrated into the London Organising Committee of the Olympics 2012 (LOCOG) looking after Venue logistics. I have been married for 8 years and have 2 young boys. Out of work I enjoy sailing in the summer and hunting and walking in the winter. In addition I have been a serving officer as a Police Special Constable, for Avon & Somerset Constabulary for the last 6 years.

Koh Yee Ling

Marketing – Singapore

As a young UPSer, I look ahead with excitement as I see see the challenges and learning opportunities offered by the company. Outside the office, I love spending time with my family and friends, especially over a good meal. I am a cooking and baking enthusiast, except that sometimes, I might be the only person who appreciates the results. Want to try my cooking?

Kevin Pignone

Vice President of Non-Traditional Development, The UPS Store

Kevin Pignone is the vice president of non-traditional development for The UPS Store—he focuses on opportunities to open The UPS Store locations in hotels and convention centers as well as on university campuses and military bases. In addition to his two decades of service to UPS, Kevin is a proud father of two daughters, an oenophile (wine lover) and an avid Giants and Red Sox fan (you figure that one out!).

Nicole Liu

UPS Shenzhen Asia Pacific Hub Welcome Centre

My job at the UPS Shenzhen Asia Pacific Hub is to welcome visitors to our facility. If you are visiting us, let me know so that I can show you around our operational facility.

Kelly Brock

Marketing – Hong Kong

When I started my job with UPS in Atlanta, I never thought it would take me to Asia. Here I am, almost three years living abroad and loving every minute.

I started my journey in Singapore and recently moved to Hong Kong. Hong Kong is very lively, has a big city vibe and often reminds me of New York City.

My job is challenging and stretches me beyond my comfort zone everyday, but it’s truly a fantastic experience.

Rosevelt Colvin

The UPS Store franchisee

Rosevelt Colvin is an Indianapolis native and alum of Broad Ripple High School and Purdue University. He and his wife, Tiffany, have four children. Upon his retirement from an illustrious 10-year NFL career, he and his wife transitioned to full-time ownership of their The UPS Store franchise. In 2009, they opened a cupcake shop, called SweeTies Gourmet Treats, in the Indy area. As a two-time Super Bowl Champion, Rosevelt enjoys giving back to his community, serving as a role model to many youth in the inner city. Being the recipient of many awards and accolades, the most recent are the 2010 Circle City Classic “Major Taylor” Award and the Purdue University Black History Month Student Athlete representative.

Steve Vitale

Americas Region Employee Communications Manager

There are three things that I love more than anything, my family, friends and the people at UPS. Luckily, as the Americas Region Employee Communications Manager, I get to let employees know what is happening at UPS, give them some free swag via contests and make them feel good about the company that we work for. When I’m not doing that, enjoying the simple things in life with my family and friends like baseball games, bon-fires and just “playing” is what I like to do.

Ashley W. Boggs

UPS Ready Strategic Alliances Manager

Now in my 7th year at UPS, I’ve had the pleasure of managing and enhancing UPS technology solutions across for customers in over 200 countries. Now, I work with our strategic alliances to integrate UPS technologies, helping our mutual customers succeed. Combining technology, licensing, and marketing makes me love logisitics even more. I keep life balanced cherishing those special moments with my husband and little toddler, visiting beaches, swimming and doing yoga.

Tom Farrell

East Region Communications, Chesapeake District

As an Employee Communications Supervisor, Tom is responsible for designing, marketing and implementing internal communications, and works with the corporate public relations team locally in the Washington DC and Philadelphia markets. An active member of the community, Tom chair’s the events committee for Project Next, which is the United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania’s Project Next young professionals who want to make a unique, positive and lasting impact in Greater Philadelphia. And lastly, Tom is continuously honing his negotiating skills through daily interaction with his toughest opponents – his children, Ethan and Gianna.

Charles McNair


Charles McNair lives and writes in Atlanta. He’s a widely known communication consultant, writer and editor, serving Fortune companies and other clients. He’s a Pulitzer-nominated novelist (Land O’ Goshen) and he serves as Books Editor at nationally renowned Paste Magazine.

Mariana Huberman

The UPS Store franchisee

I have owned The UPS Store #5259 in Washington, DC since January 2005; last year my center ranked 29 nationwide in sales across The UPS Store network!

Before becoming The UPS Store franchisee, I worked in Publishing and decided to become an entrepreneur so I could spend time with my family, David (11), Max (9) and Sasha (7) and my husband, Martin. I enjoy every aspect of owning my own business and I am proud to represent The UPS Store brand around my community and the country.

When I have free time, I spend it with my family. You can usually find us at a Washington Capitals hockey game (or watching it on TV), but my favorite place to be is on a beach and with a good book.

Lisa Lynn

I currently holds the position of Director of Corporate Relations manager for The UPS Foundation, which governs corporate citizenship for UPS. I’m responsible for managing the diversity portfolio of the Foundation, which includes dollars allocated to both grants and sponsorships, communications, and the national execution of the company’s $50m plus annual United Way campaign.

A native of Chicago, IL, I hold a Bachelor of Arts from Columbia. I live in Atlanta, GA and am a certified kickboxing instructor.

Kim Krebs

The result of when old school communications and online technology collide, I’ve been a part of the UPS Communications universe for going on 8 years. From and Interactive Communications, to the global Centennial Celebration, to the arcane world of Customer Communications marketing and customer data management, to Employee and Brand Communications, my tour of duty has allowed me touch a phenomenal number of people. Who knew when I said I wanted to “do communications” when I grew-up that it would be on such a large scale? How cool is that! Other things I think are cool are being a new mom to a digitally-inclined 9-month-old, traveling of any kind, all things geeky and the quest for a perfect cup of coffee.

Douglas Whitworth

Writer, UPS Employee Communications

I am a writer for the Air Region newspaper, The Launch and When I’m not traveling to exotic locales like Miami and Bowling Green, Ky., for news stories, I am at home with my wife and twin daughters or traveling across the United States trying to curb my addiction for live music. I have been with UPS since 1993, starting in Customs Brokerage and now with Employee Communications.

Kelly Davenport

UPS Airlines Employee Communications

I am a writer, editor and photographer for the UPS publication, The Launch, a global newsletter for UPS air operations’ employees. My job has taken me around the world two times. I have logged more than 100,000 miles traveling to bring news and stories, like the opening of our air hub in Shenzhen, China, to UPSers. When I am not traveling, writing or marking pages with my red pen, you will find me with my camera somewhere in Louisville, Ky., home of UPS Airlines, Worldport, the Louisville Cardinals and the Kentucky Derby.

Kenny Mayer

Marketing Segment Manager

I’m a 7th generation Texan, which means I was raised with Mexican food, Blue Bell ice cream, and the Ft. Worth Stock Show Rodeo. I started at UPS working part-time on the Sunrise Shift at DFW airport while going to College. Since then I’ve had various positions in Sales and now Marketing.

Jim Poole

Small Business Marketing

My favorite pastime is my family, which keeps me very busy. When the weekend comes, you can find me cheering on my daughter at her gymnastics meet, or coaching my son at his basketball / baseball game. I am a native Texan, and very proud of my birthplace. I love all things Texas, especially my favorite basketball team the San Antonio Spurs (Go Spurs Go!). During my twenty-plus year career at UPS I have had the opportunity to work in various assignments at UPS, including operations, sales and marketing. I currently work in UPS’s Small Business Marketing group where my role is to help small businesses by understanding their needs, and keep those needs in the forefront of UPS’s product development and marketing activities.

Stephani Oller

Employee Communications

I am known to nickname everything; can always be found with my identical twin sister dancing to country music or training for some physical sport (half-marathon, marathon, duathlon, triathlon); I am proud to be Greek and share my culture with anyone that will listen; I have always believed Communications is the “key” to the future; and currently enjoy doing anything and everything to quench my thirst for adventure. A “California girl” born and raised, I recently relocated to Atlanta as a Corporate Employee Communications Strategy Supervisor.

Nancy Barczak

I am the Communications Supervisor for the Ohio Valley District a.k.a. the heartland. I have worked at UPS for almost twenty years after spending (or perhaps misspending) my youth working as a theatrical stage manager and lighting technician. Now I indulge my theatrical wanderlust by travelling Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois when I am working and the rest of the world when I am not.

Andrew Hansen

Europe PR

I joined UPS as a public relations specialist for Europe in May 2011 after spending a few years writing on economics, politics, and global affairs for various outlets in and around New York City. I love to travel, and I’m especially fascinated by global interconnectivity and international commerce.

Natalie Godwin

Public Relations Manager, Global Products & Services

I’m new to UPS in the PR group and already I ♥ logistics because I’m learning how UPS moves our lives. I’ve lived in 6 different cities – from Tampa to Los Angeles and few places in between – working as a television news reporter. I left Hollywood behind and worked in PR at NASA and GM before UPS. I love causes, education is power so learning all I can, and running every 5K my body can take.

Joe Ruiz

Humanitarian Relief Program Manager, The UPS Foundation

I coordinate UPS logistics and financial support that helps the humanitarian community better prepare and respond to natural disasters. I oversee logistical, financial and in-kind support for UPS humanitarian relief efforts. This includes UPS’s Logistics Emergency Team (LET) loaned executive program with the World Food Programme (WFP) as part of the United Nations Global Logistics Cluster and our recently launched Logistics Action Team (LAT) initiative working with local Red Cross Chapters. With both programs, we deploy UPS logistics responders to support natural disaster relief efforts led by WFP and the Red Cross.

I also support the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Disaster Assistance and Recovery Working Group for the Business Civic Leadership Center. On weekends, you’ll find me at a ball field where I coach youth baseball.

Sumeet Shroff

Marketing Director, New Product Development

My role at UPS is to build new products and services that solve business challenges, and to take them to market while ensuring that they deliver their promised value to our customers, shareholders and employees. Outside of work, I enjoy the outdoors and spending time trying to cook up new and tasty things in my kitchen.

David Headrick

Employee and Brand Communications Specialist

Born and raised in suburban northeastern Ohio with a dairy farm next door, I grew up enjoying the outdoors and spent hours exploring the nearby woods and fields. In 2008, I joined UPS to help support our internal communications efforts, and most recently have been helping to identify and write about our UPSers and their family members who are Olympic Hopefuls. Somewhere between Ohio and Georgia, a Bolivian llama spit on me, I’ve lived on two New York islands, and I’ve picked up acoustic guitar and water and snow skiing.

Yuki Muramatsu

Ocean Import Supervisor, UPS Japan

Transport is an “art” is the word I learned in my first work place. Since then, I have been fascinated by cargo business for more than 15 years. 3.5 years with UPS, I have been serving as Ocean operation supervisor. Happy being in UPS, love the philosophy and culture. In my free time, I love to go for backpacking. The best trip I ever did was a trekking tour to meet Hmong tribes deep in the mountains. I was touched by the great hospitality of the villagers and untouched wilderness.

Pete Fitak

owner, P&K Private Stock BBQ Sauce

Who knew the newspaper delivery boy from a family of eight in Midland, Michigan would become an entrepreneur and proud business owner of P&K Private Stock BBQ Sauce? I spent many days and nights dreaming of owning a business and three years ago he finally decided to sell a unique brand of BBQ sauce. While working a full-time job as a soils and materials technician, I spend every ounce of free time marketing, sampling and delivering my special sauces. In just three years I have captured fans all over the world.

Bill Raff

My career with UPS began fresh out of high school. I drove package car from 1985 until 1994 when I became a feeder driver. I enjoy the challenge of representing UPS at truck driving competitions. I originally got involved in these things so my Dad could see his son drive with the big boys. He thought these events were cool. My first “rodeo” was a small company event our North Illinois District held in 1996. Since then I have competed in the Illinois Professional Truck Driving Championships every year, advancing to the Nationals in 2001, 2009 and 2011. I am proud and honored to witness UPS becoming a stronger and stronger force at the State and National levels. In 2001, there were two drivers out of 450 at the Nationals. This year there will be nine, and an additional nine from UPS Freight, and we’ve all got one thing on our mind: Getting UPS into the winner’s circle.

Fiona M. MacLean

Writer, UPS Air Group Employee Communications

I am perhaps one of the few people who can say I walked five miles to school in the snow and got my career start working in the mail room. Well, maybe only two miles round trip, but there really was snow from November to late April. I was born in Woodstock, Ontario, the Dairy Capital of Canada, to a Scotsman, lumber salesman turned Anglican priest father, and a Louisville, Ky., born, liturgical artist, grammar junkie mother, who helped mold me into the person I am today. I moved to Louisville when I was 15 and have lived here, other than while in Virginia for college, since. After many years of retail work, I landed a job at UPS…in the mail room of the Air Group Building, the headquarters for UPS Airlines. I’ve been in Employee Communications since 1999. While I’m not at work, I enjoy painting landscapes of Canada, carving soapstone into unidentifiable objects, practicing moose calls, and learning as much about my Canadian heritage as possible.

Ben Lewis

I joined UPS in 2004 as a Sales Representative in the Los Angeles area. My first 5 years at UPS were all in Sales, where I managed several territories as an Account Manager and Senior Account Manager. In 2010 I had the opportunity to further my career by joining the Marketing department which was implemented during our transformation. Currently, I am the High Tech Industry Marketing Manager for the Central California District. I enjoy working with our Sales Professionals to develop strategies that will allow us to become more profitable in the future. Outside of work, I enjoy traveling, watching sports, exercising and working with United Way.

Bill Von Schipmann

Communications Supervisor

I have the pleasure of serving as Communications Supervisor for the Mid South District. I enjoy writing about and interacting with the colorful people in my little corner of the UPS world. Born in Mississippi but raised near the mountains of east Tennessee, I now live and work in Nashville. I love spending time with my family and watching my children grow much too quickly.

Juanita Rilling

Director, Center for International Disaster Information

Juanita Rilling is Director of the Center for International Disaster Information. CIDI is an education organization that provides information and guidance to individuals, groups, businesses and corporations about the most effective ways to donate in support of international disaster relief. Before working at CIDI, Juanita served on the professional staff of the US Senate Appropriations Committee and as a Disaster Operations Specialist at USAID’s Office of US Foreign Disaster Assistance.

Mark Robinson

VP UPS Capital North America

I have been a part of UPS Capital since its inception in 1999, and currently am responsible for UPS Capital’s business within the US. I enjoy the challenge of growing an innovative financial services business within UPS that helps us to provide greater overall value to our customers. In my free time, I enjoy family, outdoor activities, and running.

Melanie Alavi

UPS Small Segment Manager

My favorite things in life are family, travel and John Denver – in that order. Growing up in Colorado certainly inspired my love of the outdoors, adventure travel, and John Denver. Now I’m working on getting my 5 and 3 year old daughters to share my passions, much to my husband’s chagrin. I’ve worked at UPS for 12 years in various Marketing roles, and currently serve as the Small Business Marketing Manager for the states of Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

Bryan Vial

I own and operate two The UPS Store locations in Scottsdale/North Phoenix, Ariz. I became a franchise owner in 2004. I am proud to be a The UPS Store franchise owner and enjoy helping other owners and business people accomplish their tasks/goals. I have been happily married to my wife since 1998 and have three beautiful daughters.

Jim George

The UPS Store Franchisee

My wife and I own two The UPS Store locations in the far western suburbs of Chicago. We bought our first The UPS Store location in September 2004 and our second less than a year later. We’re very fortunate to have a staff of associates that know how to take care of customers and exceed their expectations consistently. Prior to owning my The UPS Store locations, I worked as an advertising and marketing executive with some of the top brands in the world. While I enjoyed global travel and the intensity of those boardroom presentations, I’ve never been as fulfilled as I am now. My commute to work is less than 15 minutes and I get work with my wife and daughters literally every day.

Lisa Weiner

Human Resources Specialist, West Region

Laughing and living life to its fullest, that’s how I love to live! Though at times it can get hectic, I always make time for what’s important to me—my family and friends. Having three cats doesn’t make me “crazy-cat-lady” quite yet … that would be when I get my fourth! I’m a native San Diegan and enjoy being outdoors — hiking, camping, or surfing with that good old California sunshine all year long!

Martin Joseph

Martin has worked with UPS for 25 years and has worked in various managerial positions. This year marks Martin’s third year covering the ING New York Marathon.

Tim Davis

Tim Davis is the president of The UPS Store, Inc., franchisor of The UPS Store franchise network. He’s a former Marine Corps captain and holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from the Citadel as well as a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Tulsa. Tim is an avid scuba diver and enjoys hitting the open road on his Harley Davidson.

Ann Kashnikow

I’ve worked for UPS for about a year and a half in the New Product Development group and am constantly amazed at the big, innovative ideas we can bring to market when we leverage all our assets. Outside of UPS you can find me exploring new running trails, traveling to the closest beaches, and cheering for the Washington Redskins.

Lani Lazzari

I’m the 17-year-old founder and CEO of Simple Sugars. I make a really cool line of handmade and all-natural facial, body and foot sugar scrubs. I have always had sensitive skin and never been able to use commercial products so I created some.

When I’m not doing homework (evil!), or rowing with my crew team, I’m making and selling sugar scrubs. I love running a business, coming up with new scents and products to keep my customers smooth.

I like to tell people, “If you wouldn’t eat it, then you probably have no business putting it on your skin!”

Cheri Chow

Public Relations, Asia Pacific Region

Hong Kong is my home base first and foremost, though I did spend parts of my life growing up and being educated in Canada. So don’t be surprised if you see me strapped into my ice skates wielding a hockey stick!

My career with UPS has taken me on a journey of unexpected but pleasant twists! After eight years in various business development, operations, customer service then marketing positions, I landed my dream role in communications and I love every minute of it.

James Vickery

I’m the Communications supervisor for UPS’s Central Region. With a performing and creative writing background, I’ve worked as a professional stand-up comic and clown (yes, seriously, and the name was Weebles, before you ask).

Neil Secretario

Employee communications manager

I started loading trucks at UPS over 20 years ago while attending college, and now have responsibility for employee communications in the West Region. I am passionate about art and graphic design, and find beauty in efficiently written code. I also practice Bikram Yoga and believe that good health is a gift to yourself.

LeDonya Derbacher

Air Group Employee Communications

I am the content planner for the Air Group section of which provides information to UPS Airline employees and more than 9,000 Worldport employees in Louisville, Ky. I focus on finding, planning and writing content to be posted for Air Group employees to view. My job allows me to interact with very unique and interesting UPSers. My favorite types of stories to write are the personal feature stories. These stories allow me to find out more about the employee and their interests both at work and outside of work. When I am not at work I enjoy taking pictures, listening to music, travelling and scrapbooking pictures of family, friends and vacations.

Caroline Aiken-McGee

Social Media Communications

For the first 20 years of my UPS career I lived in Employee Communications. When I began with the company, we were using a typewriter to type letters on company letterhead and creating slides to drop into a carousel slide projector for group presentations. My how times have changed. Now I’m on the customer side of communications interacting with folks through Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, and whatever else falls under the social umbrella. My role also involves training UPSers how to best use social media for work and play. Now that I’m older and wiser (I think) my greatest virtue is patience and I don’t mind if you ask me for the third time how to do what you knew how to do just yesterday. I totally get it now. That could be me some day. You may catch me cycling (on warm weather days only), writing in my journal with a real pen and notepad, reading on my kindle, or tweeting at @AikenMc. But mostly, I like being the guinea pig sampling the wonderful food creations my son prepares.


John Jantsch

John Jantsch is a marketing consultant, speaker and author of Duct Tape Marketing and The Referral Engine and the founder of the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network.

Jerry Mattes

West Region President
I’m the president of UPS’s West Region which translates into managing small package operations in 16 states, 79,000 employees and the delivery of more than 10.5 million packages every day.

Peter Harris

UPS Director of Sustainability EMEA

David Lasley

Employee Communications Supervisor
I started with UPS during my college years working as an unloader. After more than 20 year’s work experience in marketing and communications in various industries, I returned to UPS about six years ago. I restarted my UPS career unloading package cars and now have responsibility for employee communications for the South Atlantic District.

Kristen Petrella

Public Relations Manager
During more than a decade at UPS, I’ve worked in media relations, reputation management and global products and services.  With my love of travel, I’m in the right job working in International PR.  When not jetting off to some exotic location or at least dreaming up my next trip, I can be found cycling or kickboxing at the gym.  So, best not to disagree with my point of view!

Dale Herzog

Dale Herzog is a 33-year veteran of UPS and serves as the director of humanitarian logistics. In this role, Dale focuses on capacity building, working through The UPS Foundation, to bring UPS expertise into NGO operations including those for CARE, the American Red Cross, the United Nations World Food Programme and UNICEF.

Howard Berzack

I was born in South Africa, but have lived most of my life in Atlanta. My parents still live in the same house that I grew up in, about 15 miles from the corporate office. I have worked at UPS for 3 years with a primary focus on the management of our NASCAR Sponsorship.

Valeria Prado

Employee Communications Manager, UPS Americas Region

A 12-year career UPSer and veteran communicator, I help keep our employees in Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean informed about what’s happening in, out and around UPS. When I’m not concocting new ways to improve our internal communications, you can find me playing with my kids at the park, beach or pool, enjoying Miami’s best attraction…sunshine! Besides spending time with my family, I love watching a good flick and working up a sweat at my Zumba dance class.

Sherial Cubit

Since 2005, I’ve helped to deliver various aspects of the UPS online experience, primarily by writing content, working with agencies to develop microsites, and producing videos for our websites.

Outside of work, I enjoy making jewelry, serving in parish ministries, and developing my multilingual skills. I also consume a potentially unhealthy amount of music, social media, and college football–rooting faithfully for my alma mater, the University of Texas. Hook ‘em!

Stormy Clements

I’m a communications maven who relocated from California to Atlanta in 2011 to live the Brown life. At UPS I’ve managed projects to promote our international shipping capabilities, services supporting the 2012 London Olympics, and product launches. My picture is 13 years old; however, I’m still every bit as trim and active in my own mind. When not at work I can be found volunteering at the Georgia Aquarium, at home with my husband, or wrangling our four rescued sight hounds.

Michelle Van Slyke

Michelle Van Slyke is the vice president of marketing, overseeing advertising, public relations, communications and product development for The UPS Store franchise network. A native of Southern California, Van Slyke’s parents were franchisees of a national convenience store brand, where she worked as a teenager. She has her finger on the pulse of small business, both the needs of The UPS Store franchise owners and the small business customers they serve.

Matthew T. Patton

I joined Big Brown as a Content Strategist in the Social and Digital Communications group in April 2012. My interests include wine, photography, travel, history, genealogy and writing. On my ever-evolving bucket list is to travel extensively in Europe to visit areas where my ancestors lived. A University of Kentucky graduate, I’m a big fan of the Kentucky Wildcats.

Kelly Wilson

From my humble beginning, I was a collegiate Lacrosse player who spoke French and Mandarin and would buy all the kittens of the world if I had somewhere to put them. UPS gave me the ideal logistics upbringing: 3rd shift, college student, working in the core of the ‘Mother Ship’ a.k.a. World Port. I traveled through different departments dabbling in various pools of knowledge within 4 years: Small Package, Freight, Brokerage, and Accounting.

Though my free time was full of photography, short films and storytelling, I was waiting for the right moment to pounce into a pursued career. Passion lies dormant in some people and when the right moment occurs that drive can pour out of your veins like a flash flood in a desert town. I finally found my outlet for my creativity, Communications. Even typing the word, it emits a faint golden glow of inspiration; I love what I do.

Amanda Ponzar

Amanda Ponzar is the Director of Communications for Global Corporate Leadership at United Way Worldwide, the world’s largest privately funded nonprofit. Amanda is responsible for internal and external communications for United Way’s top corporate partners which raise more than $1 billion for communities annually.

Jackie Fajt

East Region Communications

I joined UPS in 2004, and am currently responsible for disseminating information to and telling the stories of nearly 14,000 UPSers in Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia and Virginia otherwise knows as the Mid Atlantic District. Beyond Brown, it’s a mystery – usually an Agatha Christie DVD in the kitchen TV while I whip up a new recipe or two. I’m a devoted hockey fan and news junkie with a green thumb and growing interest in landscape photography.

Jeff Wafford

UPS Air Group Public Relations

A UPSer since the ripe old age of 19, I worked my way through Metropolitan College loading and unloading packages at Worldport. Now I’m one of the rare folks who get to do what they went to school to do – communicate with others. When I’m not spouting off facts about UPS Airlines to those inquiring minds who want to know, I use my free time to keep up with the things I love – church, family, community, sports, running, and a good book when I find the time.

Kimberly Hartley

Customer Technology Marketing Manager

I started with UPS back in 1993 as a part-timer to get my foot into the door. I have the old school mentality that if you take care of them they will take care of you – so far so good. When not at the office you can find me running around with my two girls, reading a good book or boating on Lake Lanier.

Don Whitehead

I am a Senior Credit Policy Officer with UPS Capital, the financial services subsidiary of UPS. I joined UPS Capital in 1999. I have been in banking or related industries for 35 years. While I was born Mississippi, I moved to Atlanta in 1980. At UPS Capital my role is to assist our business development officers in determining the best financial solutions to help our customers.

Outside of work, when not spending time with my wife of 35 years, you can find me early mornings at the gym trying to stave off the effects of aging, without much success. During the spring I enjoy turkey hunting, while during the fall I like watching college football, particularly Mississippi State University. Recently I have begun to try my hand at cooking, which means I am trying to move beyond my grill (wish me luck).

Jennifer Bollen

I’m a Marketing Manager with Customer Technology Marketing, and I oversee’s strategy. Since joining UPS in 2010, I’ve had rotations in Freight Integration and WorldShip. My goal is to bring our customers the best user experience possible and to make sure our customers have seamless and consistent experiences across all of UPS’s online channels.

Scott Leslie

I’ve worked in the U.S. Advertising department at UPS since 2001. My responsibilities include creative development, copywriting, casting selection, media planning and budget management.

In my spare time, I enjoy going to the lake with my wife and dogs, hacking up local golf courses and watching football. I also pride myself in my uncanny ability to retain volumes of irrelevant minutiae related to sports, movies and TV.

Matt Skeen

Employee Communications

What began as a job at UPS over 16 years ago has developed into a career that continues to provide an outlet for creative expression. Outside of work, my wife and son keep me balanced and focused on continuing to grow as a husband, father and overall better human being.

Marisa Salcines

I was born to Cuban immigrants in Miami and lived in Hong Kong for the first five years of my life. I love to travel – I’ve been all around Europe, Latin America, and Asia. I live in Atlanta with my husband, who is Russian, and my two kids, who I refer to as “Ruscubes”. A storyteller by nature, I feel right at home in Employee Communications where I get to connect, share and engage with UPSers.

Adam Kaae

I’m a Business Development Officer with the Global Trade Finance division of UPS Capital. I work with clients in the Central and Southern California districts of UPS, developing trade finance solutions for U.S. based exporters and importers. I’m a Southern California native, born and raised in Huntington Beach where I live with my beautiful wife of 20 years and two teenage children. I have a B.S. in Marketing from Cal State University of Long Beach and received an MBA degree from Pepperdine University.

Jena Thompson Meredith

I’m the director of The Conservation Fund’s corporate relations efforts as well as its Go Zero® program, an initiative to help address two of the greatest environmental challenges of our time-habitat loss and climate change. I grew up on wildlife refuges, but found myself deep in the financial service sector before I forged my way into the conservation world. When I’m not on the road scoping out The Conservation Fund’s next restoration location, or slogging though the swamp with a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service biologist, you’ll find me cleaning my mask and snorkel, preparing for my next dive with my husband and son in San Diego.

Kate Adams

My resume may look a little disjointed, but if you look closely, you can see a through-line from News Producer and Event Planner to Casting and Content Strategy—I’m a storyteller, sometimes the stories just take a slightly different shape. Right now, I tell the story of UPS—our technology, our expertise, and our partnership. I get excited about what we do, how we can help businesses, their customers, and their employees. I love that we think about how much fuel we burn, how much time we spend in traffic, and how to do just about anything better. I love how we make the world seem smaller even as its size remains the same. I love logistics. Also, I love my kids, my husband, Italian food, Carolina basketball, and the New York Yankees.

Andrew Hurd

Having joined the UPS family only this year, I still feel like the “new kid in school.” I have spent time working with both the Communications and Public Relations groups, following my passion of researching and creating all sorts of content, all while learning as much as possible about this fascinating company known as Big Brown. While not at work I spend my time cooking, including making my own wine, beer and cheese, following the NHL (go Thrashers! Oh, wait…nevermind), playing the guitar and drums, and attempting to play golf—usually with pitiful results. I also enjoy the all-too-infrequent occurrence of sitting down with a good book.

Paul Gaspar

I’m the Marketing Director of Small Business at UPS. I started my career with UPS in 1991 in operations as a loader/unloader and then was promoted into management. I’m a Toronto native with a degree in Economics from York University. One of my major achievements was the re-branding of The UPS Store in Canada. I’m a proud husband and father of two children.

Tom Pizzuti

I believe we all can create communications hot spots to better connect. Since joining UPS in 1988, I’ve had various first-line operations, H.R. and Communications roles, taking me from East Coast to West Coast and back. Today, I lead the global employee communications team that connects over 400,000 UPSers around the world to the company and one another. My favorite connection is with my family, including coaching sports for both my children.

Alexander V. Taratov, PHR

I am fairly new to UPS, joining Big Brown as an Employee Communications Supervisor in June 2012. A Russian guy born and raised in Vladivostok, I had an opportunity to live in Harbin, China. I came to the United States (Panama City Beach, Fla., to be exact) as an exchange student in May 2004. I’m a Floridian at heart, but Georgia is growing on me. My interests include yoga, snorkeling, travel, photography, reading, social media, rollerblading, and wine. I am fortunate to have a great job that allows me to interact with very unique and interesting UPSers globally.

Dave Roegge

I’m the marketing director for the UPS government segment. I develop the strategic marketing plans targeted to the Department of Defense, Defense Contractors, Federal Agencies, and State Agencies.

Phil Girata

Philip Girata is a Solutions Engagement Resource in Northern California. With nearly 33 years of UPS service under his belt, Phil draws on his experiences to bring UPS customers a unique and creative perspective to their shipping and service needs. Volunteerism has been a way of life for Phil over the years, and most recently he became the five-hundredth member of the UPS Sustainability Ambassador program.

Kelly Ball

I joined UPS as a Content Strategist in the Social & Digital Communications team, so it’s probably no surprise that I love writing and editing. In my free time, I also enjoy reading, decorating, spending time with my husband and our dog, and cheering for our favorite team: the Georgia Bulldogs.

Mark Woodhouse

I’ve worked for UPS more than 23 years! Starting in the Doraville, Georgia Package Center, I held several positions but with a strong desire to learn more about computers, I made my way into the UPS technology group as a computer technician. This position allowed me to work all over the Georgia district, which prepared me for a great opportunity in 2000 to move over to UPS’s financial arm, UPS Capital. In my current role I manage various enterprise wide technology projects and execute all UPS Information Services initiatives for UPS Capital. Although I was born in New Haven, Connecticut, I call Georgia home. Outside of work I enjoy working in the ministry and being a husband to my wife of 17 years along with the rewarding privilege of being a father to three beautiful children. My hobbies include fishing, singing, home remodeling, and auto repair.

JW Cannon

I am a Senior Project Lead on UPS’s Sponsorships and Events team and oversee UPS’s college sports, local sponsorships and corporate events strategy. As a veteran marketer and sponsorship professional, I’ve been engaging consumers with high-profile brands for 12+ years. I originally hail from the Washington, D.C. metro area and have a degree in Kinesiology from James Madison University. I currently live in Roswell, Georgia with my wife, son, and too many pets to name.

Ben Gillespie

I’m a Supervisor on UPS’s Sponsorships and Events team, focusing on the day-to-day strategic management of UPS’s college sports and local sponsorship platforms. Prior to joining UPS in 2011, I worked for Octagon Sports Marketing in Atlanta, where I consulted with such high-profile brands as The Home Depot, Chick-fil-A, InterContinental Hotels Group, BMW and Bayer Healthcare.

A native Atlantan, I grew up in Marietta and am a graduate of Washington and Lee University in Lexington, VA. I currently live in Brookhaven.

Jeff Moss

I’m a Senior Product Manager with UPS Capital in the Trade Risk Group. I joined UPS in 1999. I started in Procurement and moved over to UPS Capital in 2005 to help launch the small business credit card. I am a rare native “Atlantan”. I have been married to Elizabeth for 5 years and we have a 2 year old son Phillip. The other kids are the boxer and golden retriever rescues that made theire way through our front door. If I am not hanging out with the family on the weekends, I’m on the golf course trying to get on tour.

Allen Prescott

I’m an Operations Excellence Specialist in the Chesapeake District. I track telematics, UPS Smart Pickup, safety and other package efficiency elements from the moment we pick it up to when it gets delivered. As a Sustainability Ambassador, I try to promote actions to help the environment both at work, at home and in the community. I want my son to grow up in a world that has everything I had and more.

Jason Hanchar

I was born and raised in Indiana and attended Indiana State University where I earned both my Master of Science degree (Sports Administration) and Bachelor of Science degree (Public Relations). I joined the staff of Loyola Marymount University Athletics in 2004 and currently serves as the Director of Business Development. At LMU, I have been responsible for identifying, soliciting, and securing local, regional and national corporations as sponsorships. Additionally I am responsible for assisting individual sport programs with budget relief through corporate sponsorship and trade, building positive relationships with local business and community organizations, and assisting with the marketing and promotional operations of the athletics department.

Bob Dubois

I’m a UPS Mobile product manager responsible for the strategy and marketing of mobile products. I’m a proponent of all things mobile and I work on the creation of products to support the UPS anytime, anywhere and any device approach. I have an MBA and a BS in Marketing from the University of Detroit Mercy. In my spare time, I like to spend time with my wife and three boys, train for triathlons, and play with cars.

Gloria Hatcher

I’m responsible for flight operations for the second largest domestic hub sorting facility and Captain on the 757/767. I started my career with UPS in 2006 as a Boeing 727 Flight Training Supervisor, Flight Engineer Simulator Instructor and FAA Check Airman. I am married with four stepchildren and enjoy fun in the sun, working out and home projects in my free time. I obtained my undergraduate degree in Social and Behavioral Science from Indiana University of Kokomo and my MBA from Webster University in 2012.

John Hernandez

I started my UPS career 18 years ago. The majority of my experience with UPS has been in technology sales and marketing. I am currently a marketing manager focused on customer facing technology concepts. I serve as the current chair of the UPS Latino Business Resource Group, mentor military veterans through American Corporate Partners and serve on the Community Advisory Council for Culture Connect, Inc. I live in Atlanta with my wife Jamie and have 3 wonderful kids.

Shawn Levsen

I’ve been in global business for over 20 years. It’s also what I do outside work- I am active in the Camino Real District Export Council and teach international business at Austin Community College. When I’m not doing that, I’m an avid bagpipe player.

Tom Rivera Ley

Senior Business Systems Analyst, UPS Information Systems – Customer Technology Portfolio

I began my 3rd career in September 2000 with UPS Information Systems as a support analyst for our customer-facing technology solutions. My first career was as a public high school math teacher in Louisiana, followed by a career as a technology and marketing “jack of all trades” for a small engineering firm in Maryland. We designed and manufactured PDA’s for the blind that produced the information in speech for listening or in braille for reading. I am extremely happily married and love my entire family, including a daughter in college and a son in middle school. I believe in giving back to organizations that have changed my life, and so I spend hours each month serving as an elder of my church, working as the president of the board for the Louisiana Center for the Blind, and advocating with the National Federation of the Blind for equal access to the blind for all digital information.

Neil Adcock

I’m a UPS Senior Account Executive and have been a UPSer for 11 years. I started with UPS in Australia; my first role was in telesales before moving back to the UK and I’ve been with UPS Canada since 2010. I enjoy travelling and have been lucky enough to visit around 24 countries to date. My interesting fact: I was an extra in the Matrix 2 filming as a UPS driver (when working in Australia) but the scene never made the big screen!


Bob Tate

The UPS Store Franchisee & Retired U.S. Marine

I am a 9-year The UPS Store franchisee located in Kearney, Missouri. I was born and raised in Leavenworth, Kansas, and am a retired United States Marine Corps Major and jet pilot. I have been married to my wife for over 40 years with two children and two grandchildren. After retiring from the Marines, I worked for a local grocery chain in Kansas City as a department manager, customer service specialist and bookkeeper. Driving five minutes instead of thirty-five minutes to work every day was important in selecting Kearney when opening my The UPS Store location. The UPS Store is a great business and our community has really supported us

Jessica Roberts

When I’m not consuming abnormally large quantities of Mexican food or going to concerts, I’m writing marketing content for UPS Solutions. As a recent grad from the University of Georgia, I’m excited to be getting my career started off with an internationally respected name like UPS–and to continue contributing to our online presence.

Karen Kreager

Here at UPS, I work on all activity related to speeches given by our executives. My background is in marketing, sales, and professional development training where I taught all types of management classes including an Effective Presentation Skills class – my favorite! I really enjoy my job and working with the talented speech writers and UPSers that bring it all together.

Steve White

Since 2006, I have been the Athletic Ticket Manager at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC. Prior to that, I spent 8 years in local television in Greensboro, NC and Charlotte in a variety of roles both in front and behind the camera. I graduated from Appalachian State in 1992 and embraced the opportunity to come back to this beautiful place as the ticket manager. I am married and have 2 wonderful boys. When I’m not spending time with them, I love to hop on my bike and explore this gorgeous part of the country.

Marvin Younger

For more than a decade I have worked at Alston & Bird LLP, an AmLaw 50 international law firm that specializes in intellectual property, complex litigation, corporate and tax. The firm has been ranked on FORTUNE magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” list for 13 consecutive years. My current responsibilities cover a wide range of support services for the firm, including mail distribution, courier and freight shipping, print / document management and firm-wide budgeting. I am a graduate of the Clayton State University Management Intensives Program, the Emory University Professional Management Learning Program, and the Denver University Leadership Development Program. I am primarily interested in computational, neutrino and quantum physics as well as ancient history. I enjoy Sci-Fi and action films. My active interests are videography, community service, fishing, camping, and cycling.

Joal Little

I joined UPS in 1997 and worked in operations while I attended Cal State University Northridge. After graduating in 2001, I spent the next 11 years working in sales managing multiple territories as an Account Manager and Senior Account Manager. Currently I am the Industrial Manufacturing & Automotive Marketing Manager for the Central California District. When I am not working with the sales force to help grow the business I enjoy spending time with my growing family.

Brad The Box

I’m Brad the Box – your UPS ambassador to help you have hassle-free holidays this year. You can find me on the @UPS Twitter page sharing some of my favorite tips and tweeting with my many followers – for a box, I’m popular!

Steve Leffin

I’m the Corporate Sustainability Manager for UPS, which means I’m responsible for managing all sustainability initiatives and strategies globally. I’ve worked for UPS for over 30 years, in various region and district assignments throughout the country. I got my bachelor’s in engineering from the University of Wisconsin and my masters in Management at Webster University.

In my free time I like to spend time in the forests with my family, fly, boat and hovercraft.

Jazmin Ross

I love every minute of my time here at UPS! I am originally from Moreno Valley, CA and I ventured to Georgia after high school to earn a degree in Speech Communication from Valdosta State University. I currently live in Atlanta, where I spend my free time singing karaoke, playing recreational childhood games like dodge ball and kickball, or hanging out with my dog, Batman.

Paul Braswell

As a graduate of Morehouse College, I joined UPS in 2011 as a Parent Ledgers specialist. I have been intrigued by the day to day UPS operations from a numbers standpoint, and the diversity of businesses we serve. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, as well as sports and giving back in whatever capacity I can.

Mark Brodbeck

Chief Executive Officer, ToolBank USA
The founding executive of ToolBank USA, Mark Brodbeck’s professional education in fine arts and social work serve as a uniquely fitting foundation to lead the ToolBank movement. Brodbeck started at the Atlanta Community ToolBank as a program manager in 2000, and became executive director in 2002, before launching ToolBank USA in 2008.

Gitte Cohen

Communications Specialist

I have been with UPS since 2005 and am still amazed by the fact that I have 400.000 colleagues all over the world. Working out of our Copenhagen office I am responsible for communication and PR activities in Denmark. A good amount of my spare time is spent in the kitchen. With a husband from Florida I have learned to love Southern cooking and we’ve taught our kids to love it too. In fact, our two beautiful daughters may be the only little girls in Denmark who know nothing better than a steaming hot bowl of hominy grits for breakfast!

Caryn Pernu

Program Strategies Director, NYLC

Caryn directs NYLC’s professional development and programs that support educators and develop young leaders. Before coming to NYLC in 2005, Caryn worked at a number of national nonprofits addressing K-12 education, prevention education, youth development, and health care. She enjoys fostering connections and partnerships among diverse individuals and organizations. She has taught high school English, run a tutoring company, reviewed fiction for national publications, and edited multiple books for youth and adults. In addition to harboring a strong passion for teaching and learning, Caryn enjoys literature and the outdoors. A native Minnesotan, she attended the University of Minnesota twice, once for an undergraduate degree in English, and later for graduate work in English education. She’s an active member of the Citizen’s League, an election judge, and a card-carrying member of the International Reading Association.

Tim Cairl

City Planning & Economic Development. I’m an active member of my community and am involved in state government, transportation, city planning and civil rights advocacy. I have served as an intern to the Economy section of the U.S. Embassy in Paris and currently serve as an intern to the UPS Foundation in Atlanta. I’m actively pursuing a career in the U.S. Foreign Service, and I’m also interested in working in Economic Development Policy at either the federal or local level.

Emilio Lopez

As Global Fleet Safety Director, I’m responsible for global policy and training program development, organizational health & safety strategy, auto crash prevention planning, and business continuity planning. During my more than 27 years with UPS, I’ve been a driver and have worked in operations and Human Resources. I’ve spent the last 19 years in health & safety at the district, regional, and corporate level.

Susan Li

I’m UPS’s temperature-sensitive packaging pro. I was born in Shanghai, China, studied in the U.S. and joined UPS in 2010. The healthcare industry is familiar to me – as a molecular biologist in my past life, I’ve worked with everything from vaccines to blood products. When I’m not helping customers to get temperature-sensitive shipments safely to their destinations, you’ll find me reading or cooking at home while enjoying my favorite radio station, NPR. I also have a weakness for satellite channels from my native country and confess a powerful addiction to Chinese soap operas. I also play a mean game of table tennis and, despite laying down challenges to several of my male colleagues, none of them is willing to compete against me. I wonder why!

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Scott Szwast

Marketing Director, Healthcare Segment, UPS

Scott Szwast is a 23-year veteran in the global logistics industry and currently serves as a Marketing Director for the healthcare segment.

Szwast directs a team responsible for marketing UPS’s portfolio of best-in-class healthcare logistics and transportation solutions to serve the unique needs of customers in the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and clinical care segments. He is focused on leveraging UPS networks, facilities, technology and expertise in regulatory compliance to enable healthcare customer growth.

Since joining UPS in 2000 as an e-commerce Product Manager, Szwast has shifted to industry-specific marketing emphasis for retail and consumer goods, high-tech, industrial manufacturing and automotive, and government segments. His knowledge and differentiation of sector needs has contributed to UPS strategy for configured solutions that leverage UPS package and freight transportation expertise with value-added services and distribution facility infrastructure.

Most recently, Szwast worked to position UPS’s international freight forwarding portfolio of services, directing a team aligning global enterprise resources for ocean freight, brokerage and a suite of global Supplier Management services for end-to-end alignment of order management through production scheduling, consolidation, export, transportation and expedited customs clearance for delivery.

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Russell Reams

I’m responsible for leveraging UPS’s portfolio of best-in-class healthcare logistics and transportation solutions to meet the unique needs of healthcare providers. Before I joined UPS in 2011, I taught Marketing Management and Strategy at Augusta State University and Kennesaw State University, where I’m completing my doctoral degree. I serve on the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce Bioscience Leadership Council. I’m a Rotarian of ten years, was volunteer of the year for Goodwill Industries of Middle Georgia, and I’ve served on non-profit boards. I’m a native of North Carolina and received a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Wingate University and a Master of Business Administration from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.

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Taylor Amerman

I recently joined the UPS sponsorships team to support the music and entertainment platform. With a background in Corporate Responsibility, it’s exciting to see how UPS helps make the music industry more sustainable. I love being engaged with my community through volunteerism, leadership, supporting local events, meeting new people and doing what I can to make a difference.

John Bain

I’ve always been passionate about facilitating and mentoring others, be it at UPS in a new employee orientation, in Junior Achievement, or, now at the Road Code class at the Boys & Girls clubs. I’m retiring at the end of February after more than 33 years of UPS service. But I will continue to volunteer with the UPS Road Code program after retirement.

Nate Wick

Like my father and my grandfather before me, I’m proud to be a professional driver. I’ve been at home behind the wheel of a UPS Freight truck since 2006, safely sharing the streets of downtown Minneapolis and the surrounding metro area. When I’m not doing the work that I love, I’m spending time with my wife and kids, studying for my private pilot license, playing guitar or volunteering.

Anthony Coker

I’m the Senior Director of Market & Solutions Development at solar PV manufacturer Suniva, where I use my passion for “greentech” to help lead sustainability efforts.

Brad Kelley

I began my career at UPS in 1987. My life forever changed in 2003 when I was diagnosed with a rare auto immune disease called Guillain-Barre Syndrome. I enjoy doing Ironman triathlons despite my medical limitations and doubts from doctors. I love to help others get fit and live a healthier lifestyle. I am constantly inspired by the determination of Special Olympic athletes where I volunteer regularly.

Jerry Verghese

International Marketing

As a four-year old, I took my first international flight on Swissair to Singapore from Bombay (and yes, my birth certificate will always say Bombay, not Mumbai). That trip inspired my lifelong fascination with airplanes and travel. I’ve been fortunate to have lived, been educated and worked in cities such as Bombay, Bangalore, Jakarta, Daytona Beach, Chicago and Atlanta. My interest in companies that “connect the world” shaped my choices and a career that has included working for the world’s largest airline, the world’s largest aircraft manufacturer, and now, a global leader in logistics and transportation solutions.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family, playing tennis, watching movies, and traveling.

Mark Kohler

Mark J. Kohler is a CPA, Attorney, advising small business owners around the country on tax and legal issues to better live the American Dream. For more information about Mark, his Radio Show, Best Selling Books, Videos and Webinars, please visit He lives in Southern California with his wife and 4 children trying to find time to surf during tax season.

Tracy Spahr

I recently joined The UPS Store headquarters in early 2013. My background includes public relations, social media, communications, marketing and event planning. My position responsibilities include assisting management in creating and implementing public relations strategic plans and helping to identify public relations opportunities for the company. I look forward to increasing the awareness of all the great things The UPS Store can do for consumers and small business owners.

Michelle McCullough

Michelle McCullough is the managing director for Startup Princess ( and is also a business consultant, success coach and a serial entrepreneur herself. She started her first business Doodads Promotional Products when she was 19. Now she spends her time consulting other small business owners and speaking to audiences large and small all across the country. She’s been featured on MSNBC, Utah Business Magazine, and was listed in the UVBQ 40 under 40. Michelle has two children and loves 80’s music and Disneyland.

Helene Gayle

Helene D. Gayle is President and CEO of CARE USA, a leading international humanitarian organization with approximately 10,000 staff whose poverty fighting programs reached 122 million people last year in 84 countries.

Jordan Golinkoff

Jordan Golinkoff leads the efforts at The Conservation Fund to quantify the climate benefits associated with forest restoration and conservation. Since 2005, Jordan has led the inventory and carbon analysis of more than 50,000 acres of redwood forest owned by the Fund, including managing three forest carbon projects verified under the forest protocols of the Climate Action Reserve (CAR).

Dan Winston

I own The UPS Store located in the west loop area of Chicago, known as Little Italy. I was a transportation manager for a large company before opening my The UPS Store over 7.5 years ago. I am married with four incredible adult children.

Jaci Klein

Jaci Klein manages the UPS Global Forestry Initiative for National Programs and Partnerships for the Arbor Day Foundation.

Michael Harvey

UPS Pilot Michael Harvey was named 2011 Kentucky Tree Farmer of the Year by the Kentucky Forest Industries Association and the 2011 Kentucky Landowner of the Year Southeast Region by the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife.

Stephen Cortes

Florida District Package Delivery Driver Steve Cortes stopped throwing money out the window for gasoline and now fuels his own motor for the 27-mile round trip to and from work each day.

Shelley Gares

Director of Atlantic Canada Operations

Gary Williams Jr.

The UPS Store Franchise Owner

Gary graduated from Arizona State University Business School in 2004. Bought first The UPS Store franchise in 2006 and second in 2009. He currently acts as area development manager for Southern California, supporting roughly 270 The UPS Store locations. Aside from The UPS Store, Gary enjoys racing. He drive a 2008 Volkswagen in the TDI Cup, and 2013 he became the Norra Mexican 1000 overall winner. He currently races with Terrible Herbst Motorsports/Monster Energy and participates in all Score Off-Road Races.

Brad Sand

I joined UPS in 2004 following a six year tenure in supply chain consulting. I am currently responsible for supporting the UPS Global Healthcare Distribution product and our global expansion strategy. During my 17 year career I have held positions in sales, marketing, engineering, strategy, I.T., and consulting. I serve on the board of directors for the Atlanta Community Toolbank and my free time is spent playing tennis, traveling, and trying to keep pace with my large and active extended family.

Joe Monfort

Sustainability Communications

Kevin M. Ashford

UPS Ground Products Analyst

Kari Zimmer

I am an intern for UPS in the CRM Technology group within Business Development. I will be a third-year student this fall at Georgia Tech where I am pursuing a major in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing and a minor in engineering and management. Being involved on campus is important to me and I am currently the vice president of marketing for my sorority in addition to holding leadership positions in the Student Government Association and in the Student Alumni Association. In my spare time I enjoy travelling, hiking, reading and finding the next best restaurant in the city.

Deshawn Adams

A native of Greensboro, NC, (Go Tarheels!), I am a sales intern in BD and a UPS scholar through the UPS Foundation. I absolutely love to travel. I have already been to more than fifteen countries – that’s more than half my age. Although we live in the world of technology, my world is made whole when interacting, through face to face communication, with family and friends. I enjoy reading for inspirational purposes, catching the latest movies at a theater, eating at new restaurants, and exercising.

Dana Thomas

Dana Thomas is responsible for positioning UPS’s portfolio of best-in-class healthcare logistics and transportation solutions to meet the unique needs of the healthcare industry. Dana works with sales and marketing to provide healthcare customers with quality service, efficient solutions and scalability as needs change.

Prior to joining UPS in 2000, Dana was a partner at Target MarkeTeam, an advertising agency specializing in direct response. Clients included Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, American Kidney Fund and UNICEF. His experience includes database management and analytical services; annual advertising campaign planning and execution and account management.

Dana has two teenage sons and has been coaching youth sports for nearly a decade. His wife teaches French at Holy Innocents where both his sons attend school.

Dana is a life-long resident of Atlanta and received a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering degree from Georgia Tech and a Master of Business Administration degree from Georgia State University.

Chip Meyers

Chip Meyers joined the Washington, DC UPS team in 2004 and is respon¬sible for representing several strategic business units in Washington, such as UPS Retail, UPS Supply Chain Solutions Healthcare Sector, and UPS Business Development.

Meyers started at UPS in 1980 in San Francisco, CA. His 32 years at UPS has included assignments in operations, sales, strategic accounts, market¬ing, and congressional awareness, where he was called upon numerous times regarding local, state, and federal issues. He also worked on several special assignments, including the national implementation team for UPS Hundredweight Service, expanded state operating authority, and the imple¬mentation of a new UPS sales strategy.

With a focus on sales during the last twelve years, Meyers has served as director of sales for the Montana and Indiana districts. He also served as Group Manager piloting the UPS National Accounts sales structure in the Pacific Region, which includes eight western states. Prior to joining the Corporate Public Affairs Staff, he developed and launched the sales force for the Mail Boxes Etc. / The UPS Store’s Corporate Retail Solutions Group.

He holds a marketing certificate from University of California, Berkeley, an undergraduate degree in management from St. Mary’s College in Califor¬nia, and obtained his MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University.

Meyers married his wife, Linda (Antoniolli), in Feb 1989. They have three daughters born in 1992, ‘94, and ‘96, and now make their home in Oak¬ton, VA.

Robin Hooker

Director, Healthcare Strategy, UPS

Robin Hooker is responsible for developing and executing UPS’s global strategy to serve the unique needs of the healthcare sector, particularly in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device sectors.

Hooker and his team work to formulate healthcare solutions and marketing plans that serve manufacturers, distributors, clinicians and retail dispensaries to enhance patient care and improve efficiency. Hooker focuses on solutions that leverage UPS networks, facilities, technology, distribution, inventory management and expertise in regulatory compliance.

Prior to his current assignment, Hooker was responsible for Automotive and Industrial Manufacturing Marketing for UPS Red River District. He also held various Marketing and Finance positions at UPS in Sacramento, Seattle, Nashville and Dallas.

Hooker has been with UPS for over 25 years and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from California State University Sacramento.

Tom Flint

Director of Customer Solutions, Healthcare Sector, UPS

After graduating with a Marketing and Logistics degree in Business from the University of Georgia in 1993, Tom was recruited as a warehouse supervisor by USCO Distribution. After three years of warehouse management operations with USCO, Tom moved on to Ryder Logistics in Atlanta. At Ryder, Tom worked as an Operations Manager on a large automotive account with operations responsibilities in both warehousing and transportation.

Tom started with UPS in May of 1999 as a modeling Engineer in the UPS Supply Chain Division. Tom was instrumental in the development and win of key early supply chain accounts across a broad range of customer and industries.

Tom has held a variety of Solutions Management positions at UPS including Engineering, Modeling, and Project Management. Most recently Tom has been leading a HC industry focused Solutions group working closely to support Business Development to sell across the broad range of UPS Services (both small package and supply chain). Tom has spent the last 6 years in the position of Director of Solutions with responsibility for a UPS Healthcare Industry focused Solutions Team.

Bee Koong Lim

Director, Healthcare Strategy, UPS Asia Pacific Region

Lim Bee Koong is Director, Healthcare Strategy for UPS Asia Pacific Region. Bee Koong is responsible for the region’s healthcare strategy and will work with healthcare customers in developing solutions for their fast evolving needs.

Prior to her current appointment, Bee Koong held regional management positions at Johnson & Johnson, TNT Express and Baxter Healthcare Asia.

Bee Koong holds a Bachelor of Science degree with Honors from the National University of Singapore and completed the International Executive Program at INSEAD.

Daniel Gagnon

Marketing Director for Healthcare Logistics, UPS Europe

Daniel Gagnon is responsible for executing the UPS healthcare logistics strategy in Europe to offer healthcare companies access to a single standard for distribution and transportation of their products. Based in Brussels since 2010, Daniel has led many initiatives, including the development of temperature sensitive solutions, thermal packaging services, monitoring and intervention systems, compliance strategies, as well as communications and sales support programs.

He has more than twenty years of experience at UPS in industrial engineering and marketing, and he has been instrumental in evaluating many of UPS’s new products designed to serve the healthcare sector and in forming the UPS healthcare logistics group.

Daniel received a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh and a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Pittsburgh’s Katz School of Business. He is a member of the Parenteral Drug Association (PDA).

David O’Leary

Vice-President, Service Parts Logistics and Returns
Global Logistics and Distribution

David O’Leary brings over 22 years of management experience through several key roles in Sales, Finance and Operations positions that he has held during his career at UPS. As Vice President of Service Parts Logistics and Returns, David is responsible for the US and Canada operations while having strategic oversight for the product globally. Prior to taking on this role David was Vice-President of High Tech Sales. In this role, David was responsible for managing a group of High Tech sales executives who support internal and external sales cycles focused on UPS distribution and service part logistics products.

David began his career with UPS through the acquisition of Livingston Inc. in October 2000. Just prior to the acquisition, David had moved into a Service Parts Logistics (SPL) operations role and assumed more senior operational responsibilities within SPL at UPS. Prior to moving to operations, David spent four years with Livingston in various financial roles. His last financial assignment was Controller of Livingston, Inc.

David has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Toronto. In addition, he obtained his Chartered Accountancy (CA) designation in 1992 during his apprenticeship with Price Waterhouse. David worked for Price Waterhouse for five years performing roles in audit, tax and insolvency groups. David spent one year at Coco-Cola as a Finance Manager prior to joining Livingston.

Wade Franklin

The UPS Store Franchisee and U.S. Navy Veteran

Nicole Cox

I joined The UPS Store public relations team in December 2013 with 14 years of experience in the travel/tourism and franchising industries. My background includes public relations, social media, communications, marketing, advertising and event management. Working for The UPS Store, I look forward to assisting franchisees with social media content and strategy, raising brand awareness through strategic public relations campaigns and amplifying the brand by sharing compelling content and increasing social media reach.

Charles Trammell

Charles joined UPS in 2003 and has worked in package operations, data analytics, sales, and marketing.
In his role as a marketing manager with UPS’s North American healthcare logistics and distribution network, Charles helps businesses find and unlock value in their supply chains by developing and deploying solutions that help reduce costs, increase revenues and enable global expansion.
Charles holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications from Dallas Baptist University in Dallas, TX with a minor in Marketing.

Esther Ndichu

Esther Ndichu is director of the UPS Humanitarian Supply Chain. She is based in Brussels.