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Emergency Care in the Air

With a cholera outbreak bringing extra hardship to a region already battling civil unrest, drought and famine, UPS facilitated a third flight to the Sahel Region in Africa — and the second flight for Interaction, the largest alliance of United States-based international non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

The airlift served as a timely precursor to World Humanitarian Day on August 19 which is “a global celebration of people helping people” according to the United Nations website. This year’s theme, titled “I Was Here,” spotlights the dedication of humanitarian workers throughout the world.

map“When a humanitarian crisis occurs, logistics immediately becomes key to saving lives. This is the third movement of critical relief supplies to the Sahel Region of Africa that UPS has been involved in since April as there’s a lot of need,” said UPS International President Dan Brutto. “UPS’s role has been to make the shipments of our NGO partners more efficient by consolidating them and we’re honored to be able to help by providing that expertise.”  

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65 of Us Against 60,000 of Them
bug nets

Did you know that UPS has a Beetle Exclusion Team? These “bug busters” work to ensure that Japanese beetles don’t catch a ride on UPS aircraft. They are assigned to all aircraft going to West Coast destinations — regions that are responsible for producing more than 60 percent of the United States’ produce and flowers. The beetles themselves are unable to fly across the Rocky Mountains area and are sometimes transported via airplane to the West Coast where, if untreated, they could be devastating to the nation’s food supplies.

The Japanese beetle invasion around Louisville (where WorldPort is located) and other gateways typically begins in June and lasts for a couple of months.  But due to a mild winter and unseasonably warm temperatures this spring, UPS bug busters are unsure how this season will play out.

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UPS Crewmembers Search for Remains of Missing WWII Veterans

Many UPS employees volunteer close to home, in their own neighborhoods and local communities. For crewmembers Mark Noah and Marc Flagg, their volunteer work has taken them to the remote reaches of the Pacific Ocean.

Noah, a Miami-based 757/767 captain, is founder and president of History Flight Inc., a nonprofit organization that offers rides in vintage aircraft to raise money for research in locating the remains of U.S. servicemen killed in the Pacific islands during World War II.

“These are young people who gave their lives for their country and were lost and forgotten. Finding them is as important to their family members alive today as it was in 1946 when they were listed as missing in action and unrecoverable,” Noah said.

Noah and Flagg, a Louisville-based MD-11 first officer, recently returned from a research trip to Tarawa, a tiny atoll in the central Pacific that was the scene of a ferocious battle in 1943. More than 1,100 Marines and nearly all of the island’s 5,000 Japanese defenders died during three days of fighting. Many of the American dead were buried in mass graves, with stakes marking the burial sites.

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The Quiet Professionals, Your Military Families

As an Air Force officer serving at UPS, I was filled with pride about the planning, skill and courage our Navy Seals exhibited during the successful Osama Bin Laden mission. Although considered quiet professionals who serve selflessly, video games and movies have popularized Navy Seals, Green Berets and other Special Forces units.

Recently, I was honored to meet another quiet professional, Lori Volkman, whose husband Randy is a UPS pilot and Naval reservist currently deployed for a year in the Middle East. Lori was nominated for the best spouse blogger award at the military bloggers conference awards ceremony in Washington, D.C.

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‘DC-8 Generation’ Mechanic wins Aviation Industry Award

Being a line maintenance mechanic for nearly 56 years has helped Robert “Bob” Taylor see the world. It has also enabled him to receive the Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award, one of the most prestigious awards presented to an aviation employee by the FAA.

The FAA presented Taylor with the award March 28, at the recommendation of his management team in the Las Vegas and Ontario, Calif., gateways.

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Biofuel Blend Brings Green Future

UPS is looking forward to a greener future, with a switch to a biofuel blend for hundreds of pieces of airport equipment in Louisville, Ky.

Louisville is the home of Worldport, the company’s huge world-wide air hub, and as you might expect, has lots and lots of ground support equipment, which is used to move and load cargo on the ground. Beginning in mid-April all the diesel-powered equipment on the ramps at Worldport will switch to a bio-diesel blend.

Videographer Kelly Hoggard and I put together the attached video with more details about the project.

Amelia Earhart Inspires Women Aviators at UPS

Amelia Earhart: Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Unless you’re an avid aviation enthusiast or an expert in history’s greatest mysteries, you probably didn’t know that Jan. 11 is Amelia Earhart Day. Declared thusly to honor the famous aviator who, on this day 76 years ago, became the first person to fly solo from Hawaii to California. Sadly, two years later in 1937, Earhart’s aircraft disappeared over the South Pacific on a voyage that was to be the first round-the-world flight piloted by a woman.

The fates of Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan still fascinate the public. Theories abound ranging from a crash landing in the ocean to more colorful explanations involving international government conspiracies. One thing is for sure, Ms. Earhart is revered as an inspiration for nearly eight decades of women who have made careers in aviation.

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Commitment to Cleaner Air Earns Award for UPS Airlines

At UPS Airlines, we work hard to reduce our impact on the environment by operating the most fuel-efficient fleet in the cargo industry and aggressively managing our aircraft operations.

Earlier this month, the Coalition for Clean Air recognized our airline with its 2010 California Air Quality Award in the category of Corporate Leadership.

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Aircraft Marshaller Keeps Planes Rolling in and out of UPS’s Busiest Hub

aircraft taxiRunning a successful airline means running a safe airline. Thousands of people around the world help ensure that UPS Airlines’ enviable safety record stays that way. One of those people is aircraft marshaller Rich McCoun.

The veteran marshaller works at the company’s all-points international air hub, Worldport, in Louisville, Ky. The massive hub has its own aircraft docking wings and handles some 226 in and outbound flights a day.

The middle school baseball coach and father of three has been with UPS for 25 years. His job is to make sure his planes are safely and efficiently directed to and from where they need to be.

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UPS Pilot Furloughs

Sometimes, business decisions are painful. This is the case as UPS Airlines begins furloughing pilots this week.

We understand the impact of furloughs on our employees and their families, which is why we spent the past year working exhaustively with the pilots’ union on voluntary alternatives to save jobs, such as short-and long-term leaves of absences and job sharing.

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