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Some History of Sustainability with UPS
1936 UPS Electric Package Cars

As the UPS Archivist, I spend a lot of time researching documents that reveal our history and the stories of our people.

So in my search through the UPS Archives – while looking for something else I might add – I came across this document from 1933 asking for the funds for three new “Gould Batteries for two ton Walker Electric Trucks.”  These new batteries were to replace three “very old and almost useless” batteries in package cars that were serving in New York City at the time.

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Brown’s Legacy of Being Green

1936 UPS Electric Package CarsBeginning in the 1930s, UPS used electric package cars on the streets of New York City. Much like the company’s efforts today that seek to minimize impact on the environment, use of these vehicles made a lot of business sense in congested Manhattan. They traveled no more than 20 mph, but they didn’t need to go faster. They could operate in heavy traffic economically since they were battery powered and with little wear and tear. But they also didn’t contribute to the city’s pollution. So it was a shared bottom line – good for UPS, and good for the environment. The electric package cars were still in use in Manhattan in the early 1960s. 

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Five Ways to Convince Your CFO that Sustainability Pays

UPS Chief Financial Officer Kurt Kuehn is the author of an opinion piece published on the GreenBiz site:

CFOs haven’t been at the center of the corporate sustainability movement. After all, people usually think of us as bean counters, not social activists. But in my job as CFO, sustainability is a strategic imperative. And it should be for your CFO, too. But it’s up to you, as someone who cares about sustainability, to convince your chief financial leader that sustainability matters.

In the wake of the global recession, the CFO’s role has shifted from fancy accountant to co-driver of corporate strategy. We can’t just worry about quarterly results; we must focus on long-term growth strategies, which are inseparable from economic, social and environmental issues. A CFO’s job is about using resources wisely and ensuring that an enterprise can thrive for decades to come. That makes sustainability part of a CFO’s remit.

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There’s Electricity on the Road! UPS Deploys 200 Hybrid-Electric Vehicles

With the announcement of 200 new Hybrid-Electric Vehicles, or “HEVs” being deployed this month in eight major U.S. cities, I felt I should write something about it for The Upside. However, when I put my fingers to the keys, I realized the best voices for this entry would be those involved in putting these vehicles on the road.  

So, rather than wax poetic, I sat down with UPS Vehicle Deployment Manager Donna Tisdale for a question and answer chat.


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