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Biomethane: The Greenest Alternative Fuel of All?
UPS package car in London

This week, UPS announced the deployment of 10 dual-fuel biomethane-diesel vehicles in the United Kingdom. The addition of biomethane fuel technology to our diverse fleet is potentially very exciting, as biomethane is one of the world’s most environmentally friendly vehicle fuels yet.

Biomethane is a renewable energy source produced from organic waste, in this case derived from a landfill.  Biomethane has unique properties and provides a number of environmental benefits. It has great potential for reducing carbon – each unit of biomethane cuts emissions well-to-wheel by 70% compared to diesel. Also, it reduces our dependency on fossil fuels. And it’s also one of the few alternative fuels that supports long-haul, heavy end trucks used for moving package trailers.

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Hey UPS – Why Not Convert 100% of Your Fleet to Alternative-Fuel Vehicles?

Nearly 2,000 strong, UPS has one of the largest private fleets of alternative-fuel vehicles. But some people ask – why not make the entire fleet of UPS trucks alternative fuel?

Good question. Here are some answers:

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Why Do You Care About The Environment?

UPS’s chief sustainability officer Scott Wicker describes a recent conversation with President Obama about UPS’s alternative fuel vehicle fleet. He also answers the top question he received from thought leaders at the Fortune Brainstorm Green conference.

Hear from Scott, and then let us know: Why do you care about the Environment?

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Biofuel Blend Brings Green Future

UPS is looking forward to a greener future, with a switch to a biofuel blend for hundreds of pieces of airport equipment in Louisville, Ky.

Louisville is the home of Worldport, the company’s huge world-wide air hub, and as you might expect, has lots and lots of ground support equipment, which is used to move and load cargo on the ground. Beginning in mid-April all the diesel-powered equipment on the ramps at Worldport will switch to a bio-diesel blend.

Videographer Kelly Hoggard and I put together the attached video with more details about the project.

We Can Rebuild Them. We Have the Technology.

UPS LNG tractor being refueledTwitter chatter about our LNG vehicles has hit it on the nose. One read, “Fleets w/ #natgas = fastest way to replace foreign oil.” True, when applied to the right vehicle, the right way, in the right environment. Hybrids and electrics are good for the short stops, but as alternative fuels they don’t pass muster for the long haul. That’s where LNG comes in.

UPS needed a derivative of the venerable diesel, something that could go 600 miles with heavy cargo-laden trailer and power the engine of an 18-wheeler over a mountain if necessary. Taking the proven diesel tractor and adapting it to run on liquefied natural gas is UPS’s answer. The solution is straightforward. Implementing it is a little more complex.

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Alternative Fuel Vehicles – Collect Them All!!!

UPS compressed natural gas delivery vehicleWhen I was a kid, I remember the catch phrase on every action figure package was “Collect Them All!” usually surrounded by blazing star flash. Call it crass marketing, but it made sense to my 7-year-old mind. What could you do with only one toy? I mean, if I needed my G.I. Joes to go on a stealth mission and I only had a medic like Doc or a pilot like Wild Bill, I’d be in a bind! I would want that ninja Snake-Eyes!

Given that my mind’s 7-year-old common sense never had an expiration date, I look out on the world at 32 years old and wonder why a delivery company would limit itself to one type of alternative fuel technology? There are so many to choose from, each with distinct advantages. Who only wants one toy?!

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A New Year’s Resolution You Can Live By

With the advent of 2011 come the inevitable “New Year’s Resolutions,” verbal feel-good missions ending in nervous laughter and totally abandoned a week later. You laugh because you don’t want to cry. You’re not going to lose the weight and become a svelte Adonis, I’m not going to learn Mandarin Chinese and your neighbor isn’t going to show interest in his kid’s origami obsession.

Wouldn’t it be nice to commit to a resolution you can actually achieve? Everyone deserves a victory so I’m making you an offer: a New Year’s resolution you will accomplish that will make you a hero of the community and put money back in your wallet.  

Instead of shedding pounds, how about cutting down on the gasoline you use? It’s simple to achieve and it doesn’t require a Tesla electric sports car…but dang wouldn’t that be cool? 

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Do Green Projects Need an ROI?

Wanna be green? Who doesn’t? But the reality of acting green sometimes runs into a hard economic wall. Projects that on the surface make perfect sense get stalled when the accountants get involved.

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