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Why a UPS Freight Truck Driver Lost Sleep and 30 Pounds
Nate Wick

If someone had asked me just three months ago if I’d like to achieve every professional goal I’ve set for myself, meet incredible people, and make new friends, and if I’d like to travel around the country and go to exciting events while promoting safety and the industry that I love, I’d say, “That sounds awesome! What’s the catch?”

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The Results Are In

UPS Freight Driver Clarence Jenkins led his company drivers into the Columbus (Ohio) Convention Center this past week at the National Truck Driving and Step Van Championships and led them across the finish line Saturday night in a competition that saw 415 drivers with a combined 53 million accident-free miles vying for top honors in this “Super Bowl of Safety.”

Thirteen UPS and UPS Freight drivers, all state champions and none more seasoned than Jenkins, were among those competing in nine separate divisions, testing drivers in on-course maneuvering skills, pre-trip inspections and written exams covering safety regulations and responsibilities.

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“Super Bowl of Safety” for Professional Drivers Kicks-Off This Week


Columbus, Ohio plays host to this year’s National Truck Driving Championships. For UPS and UPS Freight, our team of competitors includes former National Champion and 14-time West Virginia State champion Clarence Jenkins.

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