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A Different Kind of Peak Season

When I was a young boy growing up in Louisville, Ky., it was always a treat when my parents took me to the House of Chen, one of the few local Chinese restaurants in my hometown at that time.

The restaurant was owned and operated by Mr. Chen himself, who presided over every table with serious attention. And his menu, which favored Cantonese dishes, was much more authentic than what is typically found in most Chinese-American restaurants today. I don’t think Mr. Chen even gave you a fortune cookie after the meal.

But beyond the culinary pleasures it offered, the House of Chen was a fascinating place for me. It was truly a beautiful restaurant, decorated tastefully with embroidered silk art work and delicately carved wood statues. When you walked through the door, you were instantly transported to a distant and exotic land and my visits there – so many years ago – whetted my appetite for not only Chinese food, but also a lifelong interest in Chinese history and culture.

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Asia SMEs See Importance of Logistics to Their Success

Supply Chain ChartOne of the key findings of the UPS Asia Business Monitor 2010 is that small and medium enterprises (SME) in Asia Pacific recognize the importance of supply chain management to their overall business success.

When 1,350 SMEs decision makers were asked how they view supply chain management, only 5 percent said they do not believe supply chain management has a role in their business success.

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Road Safety Education Starts Young

It started with an email from the community service committee just two days before our Global Volunteer Month activity. The email tells volunteers to check their names on a list and their assigned roles, and to look under the reserved list if we can’t find our names.

We had a problem, but it was a good problem. Too many UPSers have volunteered to support the TOUCH Young Arrows in their Road Safety Education programme.

In all, 75 UPSers showed up at the Road Safety Park in Singapore to support 25 TOUCH Young Arrows. These 25 children came from low income or single parent families. Many of them have little or no parental care and are at risk of falling into bad company.

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In Asia, Helping Businesses Connect Across the Globe

ShenzhenIf you’ve followed news about UPS during the past two weeks, you’ve probably heard several announcements about our expansion in Asia.

From our alliance with Alibaba, the world’s largest e-commerce provider for small businesses to a new joint venture company that offers wider access to shipping services across Vietnam. And yesterday, when we officially opened our new hub at the Shenzhen Baoan International Airport in China, Asia is a top priority for UPS.

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Chinese Terra Cotta Warriors Homeward Bound

Terra Cotta WarriorsFor the past year, I’ve had the honor – and yes, the occasional headache – of being on the UPS project team responsible for transporting a priceless exhibit of 2,200-year-old Chinese terra cotta warriors, horses and other artifacts in a coast-to-coast tour. This week, after hundreds of thousands of people viewed the exhibit, the life-size terra cotta warriors returned home to China.

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The Annual Roadtrip for Chinese New Year

This year, Valentine’s Day happens to coincide with the first day of the Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival, as it’s known in China. 2010 marks the Year of the Tiger in the lunar calendar and the national holiday lasts from 13 to 19 of February. Read More »

In Shanghai, UPS Employees Keep Busy with Chinese New Year Celebrations Just Around the Corner

Cavan Shang, Assistant Supervisor, Shanghai Hub Sort OperationsMy work day (or rather my nights) as an assistant supervisor for sort operations at the Shanghai hub are busy. Chinese New Year is the start of the Spring Festival holiday and our team is working around the clock to keep packages moving. Read More »

Spring Arrives in Asia with Chinese New Year Festivities

While the rest of the world settles down into the year after the winter holidays, here in Asia, we await the arrival of the Spring Festival. Commonly referred to as Chinese New Year, it is the most important celebration in the Lunar calendar, beginning on the first day of the first month of the year and lasts for 15 days – it’s pretty much like Christmas! Read More »