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BlogHer 2011: A Man’s Take on the Largest Female Blogging Conference
BlogHer (photo: OrganizewithSandy.com)

On Aug. 4, more than 3,000 bloggers from across the globe – mostly female, but a handful of men, including myself – converged on the San Diego Convention Center for BlogHer 2011. The draw: two full days of expert blogging tips, daily BlogHer parties, swag galore and, most importantly, the opportunity to get your blog – your personal brand – in front of the eyes of hundreds of name-brand companies and blogs who look for bloggers to help promote their brand.

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The Quiet Professionals, Your Military Families

As an Air Force officer serving at UPS, I was filled with pride about the planning, skill and courage our Navy Seals exhibited during the successful Osama Bin Laden mission. Although considered quiet professionals who serve selflessly, video games and movies have popularized Navy Seals, Green Berets and other Special Forces units.

Recently, I was honored to meet another quiet professional, Lori Volkman, whose husband Randy is a UPS pilot and Naval reservist currently deployed for a year in the Middle East. Lori was nominated for the best spouse blogger award at the military bloggers conference awards ceremony in Washington, D.C.

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This corporate blog is meant to be your window into UPS, an opportunity to meet a lot of people in addition to the individual drivers who deliver your packages.  Standing behind those front-line drivers are thousands of enthusiastic UPSers who strive to serve their customers and communities, working together across time zones and more than 200 countries and territories. Read More »