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Well, nothing, really. As a chronic and long-time insomniac, I’ve seen a lot of late night infomercials, and thought I’d try their approach with our latest and greatest product. (At this point, pretend that I’m TALKING REALLY LOUD and gesturing wildly at you to get the full effect.)

Introducing the incredible ups.com iGoogle™ gadget!
At ups.com, one of our goals is to make it easier for our customers to use our services and features.  That’s why UPS has taken five of its core features and rolled them all into one multi-function gadget – just like one of those kitchen gadgets that will make a smoothie, carve a radish flower, and practically clean itself!   

How will my life improve with this great new product?
The new UPS gadget lets customers track, ship, find UPS locations, calculate shipping costs and transit times, and request a pickup – all from iGoogle and all without logging in to ups.com. It won’t slice a ripe tomato, but it will impress your friends and neighbors!

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