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Hogtunes Rides its Way to Success

HogtunesWhen motorcycle owners purchase a bike, they often customize it to make it louder. However, a louder exhaust makes it almost impossible to hear the radio. Mike “Pez” Pesdirz recognized this unique opportunity, and began creating custom audio speakers for Harley Davidson owners. 

Like any new business, things started small. Pez used motorcycle chat rooms to talk about and sell the products. Hogtunes was run out of his basement and Pez was the sole employee. But like any good business, word-of-mouth spread quickly and by 2006, he moved into a warehouse and hired employees. That same year, Pez switched from the courier he had been using to UPS. 

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Exporting to Canada can Boost Your Business

As the world’s 11th largest economy and the largest trading partner of the U.S., Canada offers a new world of opportunity to U.S. small businesses. Approximately US$1.6 billion in trade crosses the Canada-U.S. border daily. What’s more, with a strong infrastructure, close proximity to the United States and a free trade agreement, Canada is an ideal market for U.S. exporters.

I had the opportunity to ask Janice Corbett, acting minister counselor for commercial affairs at the U.S. Commercial Service (USCS) in Canada, what U.S. companies should know about the Canadian market. Janice has worked with the U.S. embassy for four years and held the position of acting counselor for about six months.

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In Calgary, New UPS Hub Delivers For Customers and Local Economy

UPS CalgaryAsk and you will receive. UPS Calgary employees have long awaited the opening of their new facility. Today we celebrate this opening along with customers, local government, media and the Calgary Fiddlers.

Picture a football field, now multiply that by two-and-a-half and you have the size of this new hub.  There are more than three kilometers of conveyor belts in the building – that’s longer than my routine coffee run to the Tim Horton’s around the corner!  This new airport hub will double the previous centre’s processing capability and allow us to expand our delivery capacity for the next 10 years. It is going to change the way UPS serves Calgary customers, and in turn, how they will serve their customers.   

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