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Small Business Profile: Wike Bicycle Trailers Goes from a Basement to Across the Globe

I enjoy riding my bike every chance I get.  It’s a great form of exercise; it also helps keep the roads less congested and sets a positive, active example for my children. They’ve even started tagging along on their bikes when I go for a run!

Wike Bicycle Trailers is looking to make our world healthier and more sustainable. With an end goal of getting more people cycling rather than driving, Wike introduces people to new uses for bicycles – from using their trailers to transport pets, groceries and equipment to helping disabled triathletes compete.

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Without Logistics, Rock’n Roll Doesn’t Happen (Video)

I absolutely love hearing live music. I enjoy large arenas to hear Grammy-winning artists, multi-day festivals, small venues to see new bands, Monday open mike nights to support my friends, participating in choirs on Sundays, and even singing in the shower!

Since I’m far from a mega superstar, I’m in awe of a musician’s capability to put on an incredible performance. As fans sitting in the stands (for me, the cheap seats), we see the band, instruments, lights, and smoke machines on stage, but have no idea about what’s going on behind the scenes.

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Tom Bihn Bags: All About the Red, White and Blue, While Being Green (Video)
Tom Bihn

The brand tag on every Tom Bihn bag reads “Portable Culture,” and that’s the founder’s philosophy.  The care labels strongly reinforce this with the Latin phrase “Siquid mantica non capit, domi relinquendum est.”  Roughly translated, “if it doesn’t fit in your bag, leave it behind.”  But chances are, their extensive product line of backpacks, camera bags, laptop bags and messenger bags will allow you (or your canine pal – dog bags are also available) to tote nearly anything.

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Some History of Sustainability with UPS
1936 UPS Electric Package Cars

As the UPS Archivist, I spend a lot of time researching documents that reveal our history and the stories of our people.

So in my search through the UPS Archives – while looking for something else I might add – I came across this document from 1933 asking for the funds for three new “Gould Batteries for two ton Walker Electric Trucks.”  These new batteries were to replace three “very old and almost useless” batteries in package cars that were serving in New York City at the time.

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Sustainable Products Are Not Enough: Customers Want Responsible Suppliers
ECO group

One of my favorite parts of being on UPS’s “green team” is learning how our customers are embracing sustainability. Geiger is one of the nation’s leading promotional products companies that is deep into the peak buying season for corporate holiday gifts  They tell me the hottest items this year are eco-friendly products featuring biodegradable and renewable materials, organic or recycled content, and energy-friendly and hand-powered items. And starting this month, all of their shipments will be sent UPS carbon neutral.

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Participating in a Cleaner World: Video
UPS carbon neutral shipment

I’ve learned a lot in the six months that I’ve been with UPS. One of the first is that around UPS, sustainability is a pretty big deal. As someone who loves escaping out to the Rockies for the beautiful camping and hiking, I was pleased to see the great sustainability programs we offer like carbon neutral shipping, and the emission offset projects we support like Big River Salmon Creek, Cholburi Wastewater Treatment, and the beautiful Garcia River Forest Project.

Seeing these projects got me thinking: with all the conservation opportunities available worldwide, how do we as a company decide what offset projects to support? Luckily, one of the other things I’ve learned during my time here is that there is no shortage of seriously knowledgeable people, so I knocked on a few doors and got the answers.  

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A Golden Opportunity: UPS Sponsors the Fortune Brainstorm GREEN Conference

This week, top environmentally-minded business leaders and the green movement’s brightest thinkers will convene in Laguna Niguel California for Fortune Magazine’s fourth Brainstorm GREEN conference. UPS is a gold sponsor of the event.

The decision to sponsor this prestigious event signals a sort of debutante ball for UPS. The company has quietly been building its reputation as a sustainability leader integrating green strategies into its business model and operations. UPS also has been a behind-the-scenes industry advocate for transparency – comprehensively and quantitatively reporting environmental impact in the annual sustainability report, with the Carbon Disclosure Project and other groups.

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Sustainability 101: Arizona State University and The UPS Store Work Together to Eliminate College Move-in Waste

Arizona State UniversityArizona State University is one of the largest universities in the nation. And, according to the Princeton Review, it is also one of the greenest, with the establishment of its School of Sustainability, its aggressive program for reducing waste, and its goal of becoming carbon neutral.

The UPS Store locations on the Tempe campus serve approximately 8,200 university residents with mailbox services, package receiving, shipping, printing and everything else you would expect from The UPS Store. As you can imagine, fall is one of our busiest times. Often, incoming freshmen ship their packages to their new mailbox on campus ahead of time. We receive thousands of packages during the first weeks of school. With that many students moving in, you can only imagine how much cardboard, foam and packaging peanuts there is!

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UPS Carbon Neutral: One Measly Nickel for the Planet

UPS Hybrid Electic VehicleThis month, UPS expanded its carbon neutral shipping program to 35 countries and territories. Millions more UPS customers now have the option to pay a small fee to calculate and offset the carbon emissions associated with their shipments.

A blogger Heather on the greenestdollar.com was skeptical about the program, and did some due diligence about the offering. She asked about where the extra money goes, how the carbon is calculated and why we chose the Garcia River Project as one of our first offset beneficiaries.

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Updates on ups.com Can Help Simplify a Busy Day

What's New at UPS.comBeing a mom of three young kids, I always have a “To Do” list that’s a million miles long. I went to a workshop recently that encouraged making a “Not To Do” list to help reduce stress and create more time in the day. 

In that spirit, here’s a list of things not to do, thanks to the latest updates on ups.com. 

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