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Tips to Recycle and Reduce Your Holiday Trash

Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s alone, it’s estimated that an extra million tons of waste are generated nationwide each week. You can do a lot throughout the holidays to reduce your contribution to all that trash. Read More »

UPS Seasonal Employees: Santa’s Other Helpers

Each peak season, UPS enlists driver helpers to pick up and deliver the influx of extra packages shipped during the holidays.  I recently talked to Todd Romantini, a driver helper in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Read More »

One Shoe in Front of the Other: Zappos and UPS Keep the Holidays Moving

In the 1970 stop-motion Christmas classic “Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town,” Kris Kingle saves the day by singing the song “One Foot In Front of the Other” and saving Sombertown from the evil Winter Warlock and Burgermeister Meisterburger. Quite literally, that song is music to the ears of Zappos, the e-retailer best known for selling shoes on the Internet. Read More »

Made with you in mind – Part 2: Gifts from the kitchen

In a previous post, I described my conversation with my father regarding what I wanted him to get me for Christmas, about how prepared I was for his call, that I wanted something homemade and from the heart, the epiphany I had about all my gifts this year being made by me …  crafty … computer stuff. Read More »

Our Busy Week: Dec. 14-18 at The UPS Store

Christmas, Hanukkah and the other holidays we all celebrate are joyous occasions, but the preparation to get there gets us all a bit stressed. Read More »

Take the Guilt out of Regifting

It’s happened to all of us. The holiday gift exchange. You’re opening a present that looks promising on the outside. Until the wrapping comes off and you’re staring at a peculiar gift. The teapot cozy. A Christmas tree sweater with blinking lights. Or the infamous fruit cake.

Well, UPS offers a fun way to make the most of the odd holiday present. Read More »

Made with You in Mind!

My father called the other day to see what I wanted for Christmas this year. He likes me to be very specific— exact item, size, color, dimensions, where he can get it, and by the way, would I consider just getting it myself if he sends me the money. Well, not this year. I was prepared for his call this time as I had been giving a lot of thought to material items lately. I didn’t want him to buy me something – I wanted him to make me something. I wanted a gift from him that came from the heart. It can be anything – just think of me when you are making it, I said. Read More »

UPS Customer Café Press Provides a Personal Touch to Holiday Gifts

Bob Marino, vice president and chief operating officer of Café Press, is tall and slender. He has dark hair and a goatee. While he may not look a lot like jolly old Saint Nick, he has several of the same characteristics: He is full of charisma and energy, has a band of merry elves who keep his factory running, makes gifts for all those who are naughty and nice and most importantly… has a big brown “sleigh,” better known as a UPS truck, there to support him. Read More »

The Final Countdown (to Christmas that is)

With only 16 shipping days remaining ‘til Christmas, good timing is critical. What good is the perfect gift if it doesn’t arrive in time to take its place under the tree?

Read More »

Holiday Planning 365 Days a Year

Hello and welcome to my first upside peak-season post. Join me as I talk to various UPSers who each play a different role during the busiest time of year.

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