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What Backing Up has to do with Our Corporate Safety Culture
backing up

A company’s culture can show itself in unique ways. At some companies, you’ll see it in how people talk, or dress, or start a meeting. If you ever visit a UPS facility, even our corporate headquarters, the first place you’ll get a glimpse of the culture is out in the parking lot.

When you first drive in, something may seem a little off. At first, you can’t quite figure out what it is. And then…. It hits you. Look closely at the picture above. Do you see it?

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UPS Helps Deliver Logistics for Tony Hsieh’s “Delivering Happiness” Bus Tour

Creating a culture where happiness thrives has helped Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh achieve personal and business success. Tony shares the lessons he’s learned in his book, “Delivering Happiness,” which debuted #1 on the New York Times Best Seller’s list. As part of the book’s launch, Tony and his team are on a 26-city, three-month cross-country bus tour to share stories that inspire and to also be inspired by others. A key focus of the tour is promoting volunteerism and community organizations.

At UPS, we’re proud of our long-standing relationship with Tony, Zappos and the Delivering Happiness team. And we also take pride in our commitment to community service – last year UPSers and their families volunteered 1.2 million hours.

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