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A Challenge for German Film Students: How Would You Animate Logistics?
Student Video Contest

What do an ancient marathoner, a cosmic urban hero, and a snorkeler all have in common? They’re all characters born from the minds of animation students for a contest on the theme of We Love Logistics.

UPS and the Film and Television University “Konrad Wolf” Potsdam-Babelsberg (HFF) – one of the premiere film universities in Germany – have teamed up for an animation competition based on UPS’s love for logistics. The task wasn’t to create a commercial – students were instead asked to produce a funny, emotional, creative, or surprising animated film that captured the essence and passion of logistics.

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Some History (and a Contest) on UPS Drivers: Infographic
UPS driver

One of the most eye-opening experiences I’ve ever had during my 12-year UPS career was the time I spent on a package car helping a UPS service provider in the Louisville area.

I remember being so proud to don the brown uniform for the first time that I made my wife get up early to snap a photo before I walked out the door. By the end of a day that included more than a hundred stops and what seemed to be equally as many aching muscles, I was even more proud to say I had worn the uniform.

Our drivers truly are the face of UPS. They are efficient, hard-working, diligent, safe, dependable and helpful. While kind enough to acknowledge a customer and exchange a few words, they are also focused to stay on task and move to serve the next individual or business awaiting a package.

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Small Business to Win BIG Advertising Tools (Like $50,000 big!)
The UPS Store

I have several friends who’ve started a business. And, as their friend, it is so rewarding to see their products on a grocery store shelf, their online boutique on my computer screen or their smiling face on my local … or national news. They are all finding success, but not without a lot of hard work, long hours and sacrifices, not to mention strong support systems.

Funding and launching a small business is hard enough, but then comes the need to continually promote the business and make it stand out in today’s crowded marketplace. That requires more money, more time—more resources!

Enter The Promotion Promotion by The UPS Store—a Facebook contest designed to arm small business owners with tools and resources to promote their business.

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The Art of Logistics: And the Winners Are…

Some made us laugh while others made us cry. There were even those that made us laugh so hard, we cried. The lyrics touched us, the visuals moved us and the overall artistry simply wow’d us.

From 23 countries around the world, UPSers submitted 145 entries into the Art of Logistics contest. After a panel of judges selected the top two from each of the contest categories, UPSers made the final choice for who should take home the top honors. We thought the art was too good not to share.

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Honoring the Unsung Heroes of College Basketball

Masters of Logistics video contestThis week kicks off one of the most exciting seasons of the year—yes, spring has started, but I’m actually referring to March Madness (you know, the season employers despise the most?!).

The weeks leading up to March Madness have been filled with stories of inspiring coaches, and players who have overcome all odds to become star college players destined for a career in the NBA.

But there always tends to be a force behind a star, and in college basketball, that force is often the team manager.

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A Contest to Support Small Business in a Big Way

One hundred and three years ago, a small business opened up in Seattle, Wash., and started providing message delivery services. Through effective leadership, teamwork and support from within and outside the business, it eventually grew into the global company we all know today: UPS. While the tale of UPS is impressive, it is not common – especially outside of the United States.

So in an effort to recognize SMEs for their entrepreneurial spirit in demonstrating innovative ideas and practices that have resulted in a successful business, UPS has launched the “UPS Entrepreneurial Spirit Award” in Latin America. The three most innovative and successful SMEs across 14 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean will have the opportunity to compete for more than US$50,000 in cash and Hewlett-Packard equipment by entering the contest which runs from August 16th through September 30th. To register, companies can complete the entry form by visiting the official contest Web site at www.ups.com/premiopyme. 

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