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No Haunted Costume Hunts this Year

Halloween is right around the corner and I still have no idea what costume I will wear.

I’ve traditionally stayed clear of ghost and goblins, last year rallying with friends as a battalion of Spartan characters re-enacting the Battle of Thermopylae from the action film 300. We were met by costumed foes as we trekked the Waikiki strip in Honolulu, Hawaii, but ended the night victorious, chanting one of the film’s most remembered lines: “This … is … Sparta!”

It was a lot of fun, but it was so much easier 24 years ago when my mother selected my costumes and I’d venture out in the neighborhood dressed as my favorite cartoon character or sports figure.

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Just in Time for Halloween: UPS Branded Goats and Kids

Cecilia Higgins Every year around this time I receive photos of kids dressed up as their favorite UPS driver. I’m always amazed how much kids love UPS branded clothes and merchandise.

On a recent road trip to North Carolina, I had the opportunity to meet three-year-old Cecilia Higgins who already knows the value of “branding.” And even though her parents are agriculture teachers at Central High School in Rutherfordton, I’m not referring marking livestock.

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