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Two Things to Focus on When You’re Considering Going International

Over the years I’ve had many companies come to me when they start getting international orders because they aren’t sure how to fulfill them. Sometimes the task is too daunting, so they turn away international orders altogether. Rather than allowing them to walk away from business, UPS and the United States Commercial Service provide training on moving goods internationally.

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Hogtunes Rides its Way to Success

HogtunesWhen motorcycle owners purchase a bike, they often customize it to make it louder. However, a louder exhaust makes it almost impossible to hear the radio. Mike “Pez” Pesdirz recognized this unique opportunity, and began creating custom audio speakers for Harley Davidson owners. 

Like any new business, things started small. Pez used motorcycle chat rooms to talk about and sell the products. Hogtunes was run out of his basement and Pez was the sole employee. But like any good business, word-of-mouth spread quickly and by 2006, he moved into a warehouse and hired employees. That same year, Pez switched from the courier he had been using to UPS. 

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