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One More Thing to Register for If You’re Getting Married or Having a Baby
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Over the last few months, I’ve been to three weddings and two baby showers. It’s an exciting time in the lives of my friends, but it’s hectic as well with all the last minute details to finalize and packages coming to the house, especially as the wedding date/due date nears.

While UPS can’t help finalize last minute details, we can help manage all those packages. With UPS My Choice you’ll no longer need to keep up with tracking numbers – we’ll  do it for you. The day before delivery, you’ll get one alert with information on all the packages that are set to arrive the next day. We’ll even send you a four hour approximate delivery window when possible.

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This Month’s Compass Articles: What’s new from UPS in 2013, Growing Your Online Business, Trends for Industrial Manufacturers and Distributors

The holidays are over and as always, we’ve got lots to share with you this month to start off the New Year with a bang. Here are just a few of the articles in the new issue of Compass:

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Manage Your Home Deliveries with UPS My Choice: 4 Delivery Alerts and 2 New Features
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If you’re like most people, you probably did some online shopping this holiday season – on your laptop, tablet, or smart phone, in the comfort of your own home with a big mug of coffee or hot cocoa.

I have to admit, between my busy schedule and ordering everyone’s holiday gifts, I lost track of what packages were coming and where I bought them. But with the text messages from UPS My Choice, I knew when my packages were coming, who they were from, and when they were delivered.

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UPS My Choice is a Million Members Strong
UPS My Choice Destination of Choice sweepstakes

We have all been there – you get home after a long day to find one of those “sorry we missed you” notices stuck on the door. And if you’re anything like me, rearranging my busy schedule or trying to find the time to go pick up the package does not always make it on my “to-do” list. Figuring out there just aren’t enough hours in the day is a lesson I have learned pretty quickly and finding ways to “up” the convenience factor has gone from convenient to critical.

At least 1 million other people have joined me and know the enjoyment of a service that tells me when a package is on the way. UPS My Choice sends a free delivery alert (phone, text or email) the day before it arrives.

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B2R: A Retail and Delivery Revolution
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Customers can buy from ANYwhere, and want their products shipped to EVERYwhere. Shipping Business-to-Consumer (B2C) no longer just means residential delivery. It’s the ability to go beyond their home, and include locations more closely aligned with how they spend their time – at work, at school, and in their neighborhood. To remain competitive, businesses must offer delivery options that sync-up with customer’s lifestyle.

That’s where Business-to-Retail (B2R) comes in. B2R allows customers the option to have a package delivered to a retail location rather than their home. How does this help me, you ask? Let’s say you order that electronic device for your daughter that she’s been bugging you to get for the longest time. But you don’t want the item shipped to your home because no one will be there during typical delivery times and you definitely don’t want the package left outside your door. So to avoid the frustration of a missed delivery, you choose to have the package delivered to a retail store near where you live. When the store receives your package, you are notified and you pick it up. Simply said, B2R gives you more control over how your purchase reaches you allowing greater flexibility for deliveries.

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Signed Up For UPS My Choice? ‘Tis the Season to Upgrade to Premium Membership!
UPS My Choice

The holidays are the perfect season to upgrade to UPS My Choice Premium Membership! Available to customers across the United States, UPS My Choice helps avoid the disappointment and hassle of missing a home delivery by giving YOU control of how UPS will deliver those tasty gingerbread cookies from Aunt Sally the day before they arrive.

Premium Membership has it privileges…

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‘Tis the Season to Deliver: UPSers Share their Most Memorable Customer Experiences
UPS delivery

Whether smack dab in the middle of the holiday season, Memorial Day weekend or any ordinary day during the year, UPS employees realize how the little things — perfectly executed — can have a huge impact.

All UPSers are directly responsible for the success of our deliveries and the satisfaction of our customers. Recently, we asked them about some of their most memorable customer experiences.

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Got Questions about UPS My Choice? We’ve got Answers.
UPS My Choice

Last month, we introduced an innovative service called UPS My ChoiceSM. For online shoppers, it offers a new level of control and flexibility for shipments delivered to residential addresses, such as the option to reschedule a delivery when you’re not home or redirect a delivery to another address or your local The UPS Store.

As with most new offerings, we’ve had questions pop up from customers about using UPS My Choice. Here are the top questions along with our answers and advice for using the service. We even included a video at the end of this post.

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UPS My Choice Brings Packages Home for the Holidays
UPS My Choice

It’s finally here – and in plenty of time for the holidays. Excitement is building around the launch of UPS My ChoiceSM, a new transformational service that is available today to customers across the United States.

UPS My Choice is a new service that places greater control over home delivery in the hands of the consumer. And, if that doesn’t get you excited, what if I told you that you could receive delivery alerts, specific delivery time frames, reroute options and much more? If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, would you like the ability to know a day in advance when your packages will arrive within a four-hour approximate delivery time? Or what about a two-hour confirmed delivery window?

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UPS Delivers the Future for Nike
Nike MAGs

Where were you in 1989? Listening to New Kids on the Block? Watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

Back then the UPS shield still had a little package at the top and Nike was heavy into its “Nike Air” shoe line with neon colors and air bubble “windows” in the heels. I know because I had a pair in the sixth grade…but it wasn’t the shoe I really wanted after “Back to the Future: Part II” came out in November 1989 and I saw a pair of self-lacing high tops on Michael J. Fox’s feet!

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