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Hate Waiting for a Package? UPS My Choice is Here to Help
UPS delivery

Getting a package delivered is fun. Waiting for it … well, not so much for most people. The drama of waiting was comically depicted by a College Humor video earlier this year. The video raised a few questions, which we answered.  Now we’re offering more than an answer … we’re offering a solution.

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UPS Delivers Adoption Papers, Builds a Family
residential delivery

In 1913, UPS grew its business by making residential deliveries for department stores. And today, UPS delivers 35% of its packages to residential addresses across the United States.

I stopped by the home of Charlie Grimm, who lives in York, Pa. to speak with him about a special residential delivery he received.  Let’s hear how one important package changed his life…

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UPS Delivers Chicago-Style Pizza
residential delivery

If you take a look back at the history of the company, UPS grew by making residential deliveries for department stores so that they didn’t have to operate their own delivery trucks. And today, did you know that UPS delivers to about 100 million residential addresses every year? I stopped by the home of Mark Estes, who lives in Portland, OR, who is a huge Chicago Cubs fan. Let’s hear his story…

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We Offer Tips to Video Spoof “How UPS Deliveries Actually Work”

Last week, people got a chuckle from a video that spoofed UPS deliveries. We have to admit that it was entertaining. But the video does raise some interesting questions:

  • What should you do when you get a UPS InfoNotice?
  • How do you re-direct deliveries to another address if you’re away?
  • What does “driver release” mean?
  • Are there other options available for managing your deliveries?

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Holiday Logistics: Winter Storms in Minnesota Sparked Santa-Like Solution for UPS Deliveries

During this holiday season, Mother Nature delivered lots of snow to parts of the U.S. So much snow, that it impaired travel on roads and on airlines. In Minnesota, UPSers got creative and used sleds to help deliver packages to customers. The following story was originally written by Justin Luther, who is an Employee Communications Supervisor in Minnesota. Read More »

Cyber Monday is Here! Holiday Logistics and UPS

UPS driver making a residential deliveryDid you join the millions of shoppers who make Black Friday an annual ritual of holiday shopping? Today is Cyper Monday and believe it or not, it’s expected to attract more shoppers. According to a survey of shoppers by Compete, 45% said that they will shop on Cyber Monday vs. 37% who said they planned to shop on Black Friday.

At UPS, we can appreciate the logistics of Cyber Monday and online shopping. Aside from saving gas and escaping traffic, shoppers can find great deals online. In fact, 88% of retailers say they’ll offer specials for Cyber Monday. Over 70 million people have indicated that they’ll be shopping today from their office.

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UPS Founders’ Day … Celebrating 103 Years of Promises

Jim Casey and Claude Ryan in 123 Marion St officeIn 1907, Jim Casey and Claude Ryan started American Messenger Company in a Seattle, Wash., basement office space. The two young entrepreneurs and their employees delivered messages to people throughout the day and night.  Early on, the company strived to distinguish itself through customer service and team work.

That company eventually became UPS. On August 28, UPSers around the world celebrate Founders’ Day to remember what we have accomplished and what we have still to achieve. UPS has survived 21 recessions, a great depression, world wars and natural disasters. Our goal has never been to simply endure these challenging times, but to learn from the lessons of adversity and to thrive. For all that we have accomplished, we owe our success to the trust of our customers and the dedication of our employees.

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More Shipments Move with the Lift of Air Restrictions in Europe

The word of the week was “spew,” as in the Eyjafjallajokull volcano is spewing ash in the atmosphere. For the past several days, the world was transfixed by the geological activities happening in Iceland that forced most of Europe to close its airspace. Fortunately, flight restrictions have been lifted and companies like UPS are able to resume flights into and out of Europe.

As we’ve seen with earthquakes, hurricanes and now volcanoes, natural disasters create challenges for transportation networks. At UPS, we relied on our extensive ground network in Europe and some clever contingency plans to keep a large amount of package volume moving. Like re-routing shipments from Asia that were destined for our Cologne hub to Turkey instead.

But it is inevitable that a backlog of shipments occurred. Package pick-up service for all UPS services in Europe will take place today. And while we’re working hard to deliver the remaining packages in our facilities, some express shipments may still experience delays. For the latest details on shipping to and from Europe, see our service update at ups.com.

Behind the Scenes Commentary: UPS Worldport on History Channel’s Modern Marvels

It’s a must-see television event, a sweeping tale showcasing man’s epic struggle against nature, high-tech gadgetry, international big business and a nation’s army on the move.

Sounds like pretty good TV, huh? What is it, you ask? The latest blockbuster from Jerry Bruckheimer? A two-hour “McGyver?” A very special episode of “Blossom?”

Actually, it’s the latest installment of the History Channel’s excellent series, “Modern Marvels,” and it features Worldport, UPS’s international air hub. Starting tonight, the show will air on cable and it might be worth your while to watch.

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UPS and Haydel’s Bakery Deliver the Sweet Spirit of Mardi Gras Tradition

king cakeFor most people, Mardi Gras means festive parades and celebrations. For David Haydel Jr., Mardi Gras means business.

As a third-generation general manager of Haydel’s Bakery based in Jefferson, Louisiana, David has a special connection with the king cake tradition. While the bakery specializes in birthday cakes and wedding cakes throughout the year, it’s most famous for its purple, green and gold king cakes. Read More »