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Dominican Republic

Small Businesses Have Big Hopes for 2011 Across Latin America

UPS Business Monitor Latin America IVAs with any year, the latter months are often filled with holiday spirit, festivities and good wishes for the year to come. While the state of the economy one year ago may have preoccupied small businesses throughout Latin America as they entered the holiday season and the New Year, this time around they are enjoying the holidays with a sense of motivation for the year to come.

UPS recently launched the fourth edition of the UPS Business Monitor Latin America (BMLA), a study based on the surveys conducted among SME business leaders to gather insight into the latest opinions, attitudes and practices of SME decision makers throughout the region. The 2010 edition of the BMLA, as in other regions of the world, reveals that small and medium enterprises (SMEs) throughout Latin America are finally seeing signs of recovery for the first time since 2008.

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World Food Programme LETs Team Two: A Mission for Service

UPS’s commitment to helping the recovery in Haiti continues. Ivo Martinez and Francisco Martinez have taken over for John and Bill. Ivo is a UPS Air Cargo supervisor in Miami and Francisco is a Human Resources manager for UPS in Guadalajara, Mexico. 

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Reflections on Helping Haiti

UPSers John Vera and Bill Torres spent six weeks in the Dominican Republic supporting the World Food Programme’s disaster relief efforts following the January 12th earthquake in Haiti. Here’s a look back from John:

After six extremely grueling weeks, both mentally and physically, Bill Torres and I have come to the conclusion of our Haiti humanitarian mission.  Although we were stationed out of the Dominican Republic, it did not make the work load any less difficult or less stressful. On the contrary, the distance often hampered our goal of getting the goods into an impoverished Haiti quickly and efficiently. Since we orchestrated the logistical moves out of the Santo Domingo airport it was often evident that the need and urgency we felt to deliver the goods was not reciprocated by the locals, especially the owners of the bonded warehouses where the goods were stored.

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UPS Logistics Volunteers: Heading back to Help Haiti

In 2008, John Vera and Bill Torres went to Haiti to offer their logistical expertise in the aftermath of two devastating hurricanes. Touched by the experience and by the people they met two-years ago, they have signed up once again to help Haiti following the recent earthquake. John and Bill are part of UPS’s participation in the UN’s Logistics Emergency Teams, which support the World Food Programme’s disaster response. This time, they will work from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Read More »