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Why Teen Safe Driving Matters to a UPS Retiree
UPS Road Code

Each of us wants to fit in. We have a desire to be involved, to contribute, to make a difference.

Being a UPS Road Code facilitator has provided all of that and more. I enjoy sharing the training I taught to the new UPS drivers with the teens – it provides a valuable lesson for them before they get their driver’s license. When I see the students’ confidence build through the class and when they proudly accept their certificate of completion for the course, I’m proud to know I’m making a difference.

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How I Lost 5 Lbs. in One Week as a UPS Holiday Driver Helper
Andrew Hurd

It’s been said that you don’t really know someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. Well, now that I’ve walked a mile (quite literally) in the shoes of a UPS driver helper, I can say that the work UPS drivers, loaders, and seasonal helpers did to deliver a hassle-free holiday was truly awe-inspiring.

Here at “Big Brown,” it’s normal for rookies such as myself to help out in the operations and hubs during the holidays (in my case the week before Christmas) to get a firsthand experience of “peak”, our busiest time of the year.

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Pictures From the Archives: Santa and UPS Through the Years

In my role as UPS Archivist and Historian, a majority of my time is spent doing research into the company’s past. While looking for important facts and figures I often see trends or themes that develop over time. One fun seasonal theme is the connection between UPS and Santa Claus, which seem to go together like cookies and milk.

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UPS Drivers Rock!
UPS driver

With 102,000 drivers delivering over 15 million packages on a normal business day, UPS drivers are a familiar sight in communities across the country. If you’re a small business owner or an avid online shopper, you’re probably even on a first name basis with your driver.

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Behind the Scenes of UPS Holiday Shipping: How We Get All Those Extra Packages Delivered
driving in snow

Delivering more than 527 million packages from Thanksgiving to Christmas keeps UPS drivers pretty busy.  On December 20th UPS drivers will deliver more than 300 packages a second!  As you can imagine they need a little extra help.

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This Month’s Compass Articles: Win a Returns Process Makeover, UPS Holiday Dates

Just like that – the holidays are upon us. At UPS, we call this time of year “peak season” as we go into full-swing to dispatch a heavy volume of packages far and wide. And, of course, it’s also peak season for online retailers. The sharp rise in cyber shopping in recent years has caused these retailers to seek competitive advantages via the consumer experience.

Free shipping, a user-friendly website with good imagery, responsive customer service – they’re important factors. But one often overlooked variable: the returns process. As this Compass Online article explains, hassle-free returns create customer loyalty. Think your business could use an overhaul in this department? Well, good news: we’re running a promotion for November – “Win a Makeover of Your Returns Process” – in which UPS consultants examine and implement a winning strategy for two lucky entrants.

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This Month’s Compass Articles: Holiday Shipping Tips, Succeeding in the High-Tech Industry, and Trade Show Logistics
UPS Compass

Hey, it’s Matt from the Compass Online team.  As always, we’ve got lots to share with you this month.

What’s new? Get a jump on the holiday season with these cost-cutting shipping tips; find out why our customers love their UPS drivers; and learn five ways to succeed in today’s competitive high tech industry. And, of course, there’s plenty more to enjoy:

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Some History (and a Contest) on UPS Drivers: Infographic
UPS driver

One of the most eye-opening experiences I’ve ever had during my 12-year UPS career was the time I spent on a package car helping a UPS service provider in the Louisville area.

I remember being so proud to don the brown uniform for the first time that I made my wife get up early to snap a photo before I walked out the door. By the end of a day that included more than a hundred stops and what seemed to be equally as many aching muscles, I was even more proud to say I had worn the uniform.

Our drivers truly are the face of UPS. They are efficient, hard-working, diligent, safe, dependable and helpful. While kind enough to acknowledge a customer and exchange a few words, they are also focused to stay on task and move to serve the next individual or business awaiting a package.

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UPS’s Next-Generation Mobile Devices Are Here

UPS has recently begun its global deployment of the next generation handheld devices you see our drivers carry, also known as the DIAD V.

The DIAD V features ground-breaking communications technology that enables on-the-fly switching between cellular carriers independent of cellular technology. This means that the DIAD V can automatically jump to another cellular carrier if the preferred carrier’s signal is lost. Read More »

UPS Employees Shine at Super Bowl of Safety
steering wheel

Go behind the scenes with Team UPS at the National Truck Driving Championships

It was game on at the weeklong competition in Orlando, FL, that featured more than 400 of the best drivers in the business, including 19 UPSers who won U.S. state championships this year to qualify for the Nationals.

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