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Eco Responsible Packaging Program

Tom Bihn Bags: All About the Red, White and Blue, While Being Green (Video)
Tom Bihn

The brand tag on every Tom Bihn bag reads “Portable Culture,” and that’s the founder’s philosophy.  The care labels strongly reinforce this with the Latin phrase “Siquid mantica non capit, domi relinquendum est.”  Roughly translated, “if it doesn’t fit in your bag, leave it behind.”  But chances are, their extensive product line of backpacks, camera bags, laptop bags and messenger bags will allow you (or your canine pal – dog bags are also available) to tote nearly anything.

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Video: The 3 Parts of Sustainable Packaging
eco responsible packaging

This week out in San Diego, California, our Senior Manager of Sustainability Solutions, Arnold Barlow, will be speaking at the Sustainable Brands conference.  It’s a gathering of people from large corporations as well as start-ups to discuss forward-thinking ideas about improving the future. 

Arnold will be talking about “Innovations in Sustainable Packaging”. We caught up with Arnold before he headed out to California to talk about our Eco Responsible Packaging Program.  He explains the three elements of sustainable packaging: damage prevention, cube optimization (product to package ratio), and materials selection.

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Eco Responsible Packaging Program

UPS Eco Responsible Packaging ProgramHave you ever ordered something and found yourself puzzled to find a relatively small product shipped in a really large box? Worse, have you ordered something only to open up the package to find the product damaged? Increasingly, shippers are faced with not only ensuring that their products reach their final destination in perfect condition, but doing so in a sustainable way. UPS recently announced a new product designed to evaluate the sustainability of a shipper’s transport packaging system. 

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