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The UPS Foundation and NYLC: Using Community Service to Improve Education

What if school districts believed that students could use what they’re learning in the classroom to solve real-world problems? And they made space for students and teachers to do that?

That’s the question that underlies the National Youth Leadership Council’s (NYLC) partnership with the UPS Foundation and three pilot districts across the United States. At NYLC, we work to mobilize young people in service to their communities and schools – not just as an after-school volunteer activity, but as a strategic, engaging part of their classroom experience. This process is called service-learning, and it can have powerful effects on learning, social development, and civic involvement throughout adulthood.

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Native American Heritage Month: Honoring Students’ Heritage

The month of November—along with being the designated “giving thanks” time of the year for most Americans—is also National American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month.

Last year, The UPS Foundation once again gave $150,000 to the American Indian College Fund to continue The UPS Foundation funding of AICF’s Tribal College Scholarship program, awarding one student in each of the nation’s tribal college and universities (TCUs) a $2,250 scholarship.

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(Not) Bringing Your Child To Work Day
Bring Your Child to Work Day

I’ll admit that I was not interested when my office offered a Bring Your Child To Work Day.  I’ve been on the other end (organizational side) of this day in the past, and recall trying to set up events for the little ones to occupy the day. 

But this time it was different.  The local team put in some parameters: children had to be 6th, 7th, or 8th graders; they attend actual meetings with you; and there is designated time apart from you to do community work. 

Yet, I was still uncertain, because I kept thinking, “I’ve got so much work to do. How do I make the time?”  Then it hit me.  This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for both me and my daughter.   

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Hands Across California

UPS employees join hands with community leaders, politicians and celebrities in support of higher education.

Recently, Hands Across California approached UPS with a unique logistical challenge: help them connect a human-line of nearly two million people across a 1,500-mile route using UPS package cars as gathering points for volunteers. In addition, Hands Across California organizers asked if UPS employees would volunteer on the day of the event to ensure the human-line was realized.

From Sacramento to San Diego, and everywhere in between, UPS employees and their families volunteered to either drive package cars or hold hands as part of the line. “I’m here because two of my kids are getting ready to attend community college,” said UPS HR Representative Maura Pina. “It helps us out financially and allows them to get their core classes done before transferring to a four-year college.”

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The UPS Foundation $200,000 UNCF Grant Empowers – Clark Atlanta Student Shares His Story

This past December I had the pleasure of hearing Elmer Jones, Clark Atlanta University student and UPS UNCF scholarship recipient, speak at the Atlanta’s 27th Mayor’s Masked Ball about his life and the opportunities provide by his scholarship.  Elmer’s inspiring story shows how the contributions of companies like UPS provide opportunities for students that often lack options for funding their education.

Since 1997, UPS has provided scholarship grants to the UNCF and committed $200,000 for 2011. These funds support scholarships and program development for more than 60,000 students at 39 member colleges and universities each year.  

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UPS Honors 2010 School-to-Work Graduates

Pride was in heavy supply one evening last week as 165 high school seniors and their loved ones gathered together at the University of Louisville for a celebration of sorts. The occasion? These hard working young people were graduating from this year’s UPS School-to-Work program.

With School-to-Work, high school seniors gain valuable work experience and earn college credits by working afternoon shifts as UPS package handlers and taking a college course twice a week in the UPS Training and Education Center located on UPS property.

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