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“This is Joey, Everybody”
UPSer Joeri Desira and her son

It’s easy to understand why the following video has received more than 200,000 hits on YouTube.

Watch as Lansing, MI, Air Gateway UPSer Joeri Desira is paid an unexpected visit at work by her son — a serviceman currently deployed in Kuwait with the U.S. Army.

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At 75-Years-Young, UPSer and Marathoner ‘Miss Mary’ Exercises for the Health of It
Mary Hansford

Mary Hansford is a walking example of motivation. She has worked at UPS for 15 years, had an entire previous career as a Certified Nurse’s Assistant before retiring and run the New York City Marathon — all by the young age of 75, or going on 76 as she proudly points out.

Miss Mary, who works at UPS’s Worldport global air hub, started her career at UPS as seasonal help in 1996 to earn a few extra dollars. Close to 15 years later, she is still at it, attributing her ability to keep at it to years of healthy living, running marathons and the sheer desire to stay active. She has no plans to retire any time soon. “I’ll know when it’s time to retire, and that time isn’t here yet,” she said.

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The Art of Rebuilding

LEGO bricks might seem like child’s play to some but they’ve helped make a whole new man out of Reed Cowan.

Reed, a five-year UPS employee, who clerks at the UPS center in Orem, Utah, rediscovered LEGO bricks during recovery from two serious surgeries. He started snapping together the little Danish colored-plastic building blocks that have excited the imaginations of children, adults and, more recently, visual artists for nearly 80 years.

Before long, he and a community of LEGO enthusiasts were busy creating an entire LEGO train layout – a working train and the landscape it runs through. He formed The Great Basin LEGO Train Club (Reed proudly serves as president) and is also a member of the Utah LEGO users group. Both dedicated sections of the track layout to different periods of history … and even the club’s vision of the future.
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Fathers of Flyers

Phil Devine springs off a diving board and performs multiple flips and twists before his vertical entry into the water below, barely displacing a few inches. Phil’s brother, Michael, bounds 32 feet in the air, performing adolphs, rudolphs and fliffusses following each bounce off of a trampoline.

John Devine, a 28-year UPS employee who works as an air operations supervisor in Illinois, hopes that the time and encouragement he provided his sons Phil and Michael will help them be successful in their journey to compete in the upcoming London 2012 Olympics.

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Mechanic Andy Grandy Saves A Life

January 10, 2011 was just another typical day for Willow Grove Mechanic Andy Grandy as he drove his shifter, a golf cart sized vehicle, through the feeder yard toward his next job.  Then, in an instant, his day and his life were changed forever.

Feeder Jockey John Thompson was driving on the north side of the building when he noticed a trailer veering toward staged trailers parked in the yard.  Immediately noticing that no one was in the driver seat, he feared the worst. 

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Mr. Four 25s: Profile of a UPS Driver

UPS is well known as a company that promotes from within. I’m a great example of that policy in action. I started with UPS in 1978 while still in high school. I was 17 and remember how intimidating the hub environment felt to me. Years later I would consider that hub, a maze of conveyor belts and steel girders, my second home. And exactly 10 years after I started with UPS I was still there, but instead of loading trucks I was riding on one with a driver in the ultra-rural northwest corner of Wisconsin. My job at that juncture was to produce a monthly magazine that UPSers in Wisconsin received in their homes.

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