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UPS Driver Honored as Liberty Life Saver

Richard Ramdathsingh saw the accident unfold in front of his UPS package car last November. One motorist moved left when there was no place to go. There was the crunch of metal. The rollover came next. Read More »

Doing More, Not Less

The following post first appeared on the BlueGreen Alliance website on September 10, 2014.   

“At UPS, sustainability success starts with employees, not just newer and better technology.” 

Sustainability is often about creating or doing less—less waste, lower emissions. But is that the right approach?

What if, instead, we were committed to doing more?

Many corporate sustainability reports look and feel the same, but the best ones tell a story—what a company did, how it is leading, and what it is doing to take ownership of environmental and social concerns. Read More »

Don’t txt & driV
Dan Bledsoe

Never turn a blind eye when it comes to safety. UPSer Dan Bledsoe proves you should never turn a deaf ear either.

Dan is a member of our tractor trailer safety team, and recently he heard something he couldn’t believe on a Roanoke, Virginia radio station.

The station was encouraging teens behind the wheel to text in their answers to contest questions.

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How I Lost 5 Lbs. in One Week as a UPS Holiday Driver Helper
Andrew Hurd

It’s been said that you don’t really know someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. Well, now that I’ve walked a mile (quite literally) in the shoes of a UPS driver helper, I can say that the work UPS drivers, loaders, and seasonal helpers did to deliver a hassle-free holiday was truly awe-inspiring.

Here at “Big Brown,” it’s normal for rookies such as myself to help out in the operations and hubs during the holidays (in my case the week before Christmas) to get a firsthand experience of “peak”, our busiest time of the year.

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UPS Drivers Rock!
UPS driver

With 102,000 drivers delivering over 15 million packages on a normal business day, UPS drivers are a familiar sight in communities across the country. If you’re a small business owner or an avid online shopper, you’re probably even on a first name basis with your driver.

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Behind the Scenes of UPS Holiday Shipping: How We Get All Those Extra Packages Delivered
driving in snow

Delivering more than 527 million packages from Thanksgiving to Christmas keeps UPS drivers pretty busy.  On December 20th UPS drivers will deliver more than 300 packages a second!  As you can imagine they need a little extra help.

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4 Fast and Furious Takeaways from NASCAR Season Finale

Growing up in palm-tree lined South Florida, the closest I ever came to a car race was zooming around in kid-sized go-carts at a local amusement park. Born to Cuban-immigrant parents, I was more familiar with popular spectator events like jai alai than NASCAR racing.

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A Month of Giving: Global Volunteer Month 2012 in Review
UPS Global Volunteer Month

The end of October marked the conclusion of the tenth annual Global Volunteer Month at UPS. At the start of the month, UPS set the goal of 195,000 volunteer hours—a goal we met and exceeded with more than 200,000 logged volunteer hours. And while the UPS tradition of giving back to the community continues throughout the year, October represents a highpoint of UPS corporate responsibility and charitable involvement.

Below are a few highlights and a photo album showcasing Global Volunteer Month activities from around the world. Enjoy.

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Why UPS is My Employer of Choice
Why UPS is My Employer of Choice

This year, the UPS Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender & Allies (LGBTA) Business Resource Group participated in the 2012 Atlanta Pride Parade. Our team of 44 UPSers and family members marched in the parade for the first time ever to promote unity, visibility and self-esteem among LGBT members in the Atlanta area and throughout the Southeastern United States.

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Everything Changed… or Did It? Blindness Awareness Month
Tom Ley

During my senior year of high school I went totally blind. I wasn’t so much terrified, but filled with great sadness. Everything  changed for me. My goals and dreams seemed only wishful thinking; I questioned, “Can blind people make a real difference in the world?”

Have you ever experienced a paradigm shift – when your entire perspective dramatically changed, when you finally understood for the first time something previously hidden from you? I did, and it shaped my life forever.

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