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UPS My Choice Facebook App Creating More Choices for Consumers
UPS facebook app

At UPS we’re doing more than just delivering packages – we’re providing solutions to our customers. As more consumers shop online for the convenience, UPS My Choice® is the answer to flexible home delivery.

From the recent UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper retail study, we learned more online shoppers are using social media to shop for deals. Not surprisingly 84% of online shoppers use at least one social media site with Facebook being the most popular. There are more than a billion Facebook users out there so we’ve made it even easier to sign up for the service that gives consumers the ability to decide when and where their packages will arrive.

With the new UPS My Choice Facebook app,  consumers can sign up for the service and track a package directly from their Facebook page. Current members can also log into their UPS My Choice account using their Facebook log-in so they don’t have to remember multiple user names and passwords.

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Recognizing Small Businesses: The UPS Store Celebrates Small Business Week
I love small business

With Small Business Week just around the corner, The UPS Store is gearing up for a busy week to celebrate small business owners. A few highlights of next week’s activities:

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Keep Online Holiday Shipping Hassle Free
driving in snow

It’s Cyber Monday and more people are predicted to shop online than ever before.   Special offers and the ability to shop even after the malls are closed are just two of the reasons why I click and purchase.

But what about the shipping?

That’s where UPS lends its expertise to get those holiday gifts under the tree in time – and if the gifts you receive aren’t quite what you wanted, UPS provides many options to make returns easy and hassle-free, too.

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The UPS Store: “Ask an Expert” Facebook Chat with Steve Strauss
The UPS Store

When you’re your own boss, work isn’t just a 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekday job – it’s your life! You eat, sleep and breathe your business, down to the very last details. And although you may be the expert when it comes to your product, there may be other areas of the business you have questions about. Whether it’s tips on how to protect your business or insight into the world of social media, having the opportunity to ask an expert can be a big help.

So, if you run your own small business, or even if you’re just thinking about starting one, take the chance to ask Steve Strauss, author of “The Small Business Bible” and USA Today contributor, all of your small business questions at the live chat on The UPS Store’s Facebook page on Thursday, October 18 from 9 -10 p.m. EST.

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UPS: Ready for Some College Football

The kickoff to the college football season is one of my favorite times of the year, but for different reasons than most college football fans.

You see, I went to a smaller school in rural Virginia (James Madison – Go Dukes!) and grew up in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. There, college football is usually relegated to the back page of the paper in favor of the area’s professional franchises. Recruiting is a one-page overview of the area schools, where it’s talked about year-round down here in the home of UPS’s headquarters of Atlanta. Saturday is the day everyone does their yard work, not tailgate and watch football.

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Logistics of NASCAR
UPS Trackside Services

Before I got a job working with our NASCAR sponsorship, I didn’t know very much about the sport and would likely immediately change the channel if it were on TV. Over the years, I’ve learned a great deal and have developed an appreciation for all the hard work and skill demonstrated by teams and drivers that can only be witnessed in person.  The energy and excitement from fans is equal or greater than most other sports in the U.S., making it one of my favorite sporting events to attend.

My role in the NASCAR sponsorship was recently expanded, and I’m now responsible for one of the more notable elements of the sponsorship, the Trackside Services Program.  As the Official Logistics Provider of NASCAR, we have the privilege and responsibility to provide exclusive shipping for customers within the NASCAR garage at all 38 Sprint Cup race event weekends. Check out the infographic below to see more of what we do.

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Long Time UPS Small Business Customer to Get Social Media Makeover
using laptop

Could your small business use a social media makeover? Would it benefit from a consultation with social media experts to help you redirect your efforts, recalibrate your strategy and ultimately achieve results that meet your business objectives?

That’s what’s happening to Charlotte-based Medichest, a health and beauty aid e-commerce site and long-time UPS customer.  

It has been selected to be one of three small companies featured at the SMB Social Media Makeover Forum this May 8th in Charlotte.

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Mostly We’re Asking the Wrong Question About Social Media
woman using laptop

In a recent Facebook chat sponsored by The UPS Store, I fielded the standard questions about generating more leads and more sales, but right on cue I also got several variations of this question/comment about social media.

“I have limited time and all this new social stuff keeps coming, how do I determine what is the best tool to use or where to start?”

It’s a great question, but mostly it’s the wrong question, because it’s centered on tactics – Facebook or Twitter, Blogging or Tweeting – when it should be centered on objectives and results.

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Coaches Need Coaching, too – Marketing Expert Provides Small Business Coaching
The UPS Store

In just a week, hundreds of thousands of college basketball fans will finally get what they’ve been waiting for: three straight weeks of drama, buzzer-beaters and upsets known as March Madness ®. We’ll witness some of the game’s greatest players and coaches vying for the ultimate prize: to be crowned NCAA national champions.

If there’s one common trait of all NCAA ® championship teams, it would be great coaching. A great coach understands the game and inspires his or her team to greatness and success.

Great coaches exist on and off the court. If you own a small business with a team of employees, you’re a coach, in a sense. And, sometimes, even coaches need a little coaching from the experts.

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Small Business to Win BIG Advertising Tools (Like $50,000 big!)
The UPS Store

I have several friends who’ve started a business. And, as their friend, it is so rewarding to see their products on a grocery store shelf, their online boutique on my computer screen or their smiling face on my local … or national news. They are all finding success, but not without a lot of hard work, long hours and sacrifices, not to mention strong support systems.

Funding and launching a small business is hard enough, but then comes the need to continually promote the business and make it stand out in today’s crowded marketplace. That requires more money, more time—more resources!

Enter The Promotion Promotion by The UPS Store—a Facebook contest designed to arm small business owners with tools and resources to promote their business.

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