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“Small Change” Can Change the World: Video
Garcia River Forest

I’m not a tree hugger. Nor am I a scientist. I’m a conservationist and a marketer, and as of seven weeks ago, a mom. I was raised with a strong appreciation for nature, and I know how glorious it feels to hike up to a clearing to watch the sea mist roll in across the redwood forest at sunset.  The sustainability and communication teams at UPS know this too.  We shared a chilly sunset during a recent video shoot at The Conservation Fund’s 24,000-acre Garcia River Forest along California’s north coast.

We visited with foresters, ecologists and loggers, and witnessed firsthand that you don’t have to be an environmentalist to appreciate nature, or to understand the vast changes to the landscape we’ve experienced recently.  Over the past several decades, millions of acres of forests have given way to homes and roads to support a growing global population. Forest loss has been hard on wildlife and our climate, accounting for nearly 20 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions.  But there are positive changes as well.  Companies like UPS have changed the way they do business to measure and then reduce their impact on the planet.  Customers can make a difference too. 

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UPS Field Trip: Learning about Climate Change in the Forests of Quebec
group photo

Memories of the forest….

….. falling asleep in a bed of soft pine needles under the sinking sun

….. trekking gorillas in the highlands of Uganda

….. awestruck at the majesty of the mighty California redwoods

….. swinging on vines as a kid in the Maryland woods near home

These personal reflections were the beginning of a two-day workshop about the universal appeal of nature, conservation and the power of the world’s forests to combat climate change. UPS sponsored the event that included employees, customers and three non-profit organizations.

The workshop, conducted by the environmental research group Earthwatch Institute, gave participants the opportunity to learn about the science of climate change, to experience field research, and to share best practices about how corporations can help mitigate their environmental impact by supporting forestry projects. Participants met at the Gault Nature Reserve in Mont-Saint-Hilaire Quebec.

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