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UPS and Scuderia Ferrari: Racing the Globe (Video)
F1 Testing in Barcelona - Day One

Have you ever had the chance to see a Formula 1 car run? If not, it’s an experience like no other. Before coming to UPS, I had the chance to attend many different sporting events, but none stands out in my mind like the first time I watched F1 cars run. I was at a race and got to stand in the first turn on the course. Hearing that high-pitched whine and feeling the ground shake as the cars came around the track at 220 mph was an awesome experience.

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UPS Gives German Engineering Students a Lift to the Finish Line

Engineering, innovation, and automobiles are German specialties, and students from the University of Applied Sciences at Zwickau in southeast Germany bring all three together for the Formula Student international auto design competition. The challenge: to create a single-seat, formula-style weekend racer for an amateur driver – following specific technical specifications, emissions standards and safety features – as well as producing a bottom-to-top plan to bring it to market.

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German Engineering at its Very Best

The UPS Racing Truck steps up the pace at the famous Nurburgring circuit in GermanyGermans are crazy about cars. They are, after all, the ones who invented the modern motor vehicle, and to this day Germany is known for designing and producing the best cars on the planet in terms of engineering and overall quality. It comes as little surprise then that the UPS automotive team at the Hanover hub in Germany would come up with the idea of taking a 17-year old P60 package car with 600,000 kilometres on the clock under UPS colours and turning it into the beast you see before you. Read More »