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New Terminology, Same Priority: Sustainability Engrained at UPS

Speaking at Fortune Brainstorm Green 2012, UPS COO David Abney described the maturation of sustainability at UPS as a priority for customers, employees, the Board of Directors and other stakeholders in the organization.  

“The terminology [of sustainability] has changed, but it’s changed for very sound business reasons,” Abney said, adding that customers have become a powerful catalyst for sustainability in recent years.  

 “What really has changed is the number of customers looking at us to manage their supply chains from an environmental perspective. Customers were demanding we pay attention (to sustainability),” he said in response to questions from Fortune reporter Geoff Colvin.

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Why Do You Care About The Environment?

UPS’s chief sustainability officer Scott Wicker describes a recent conversation with President Obama about UPS’s alternative fuel vehicle fleet. He also answers the top question he received from thought leaders at the Fortune Brainstorm Green conference.

Hear from Scott, and then let us know: Why do you care about the Environment?

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Thoughts from Fortune’s Brainstorm Green Conference

Striking the balance between company ROI and being a good corporate citizen is one of the many ways UPS stands out as a leader in sustainability. Recently, CFO Kurt Kuehn told the UPS story at Fortune’s Brainstorm Green conference where he had the unique distinction of being the only Chief Financial Officer attending the event.

A featured speaker at the conference, Kurt shares his experience on the panel and what we are doing as a company that makes us an industry leader in environmentally responsible business practices.

A Golden Opportunity: UPS Sponsors the Fortune Brainstorm GREEN Conference

This week, top environmentally-minded business leaders and the green movement’s brightest thinkers will convene in Laguna Niguel California for Fortune Magazine’s fourth Brainstorm GREEN conference. UPS is a gold sponsor of the event.

The decision to sponsor this prestigious event signals a sort of debutante ball for UPS. The company has quietly been building its reputation as a sustainability leader integrating green strategies into its business model and operations. UPS also has been a behind-the-scenes industry advocate for transparency – comprehensively and quantitatively reporting environmental impact in the annual sustainability report, with the Carbon Disclosure Project and other groups.

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Customers Ask: Where are UPS’s Alternative-Fuel Vehicles?

Sunny Nastase has an interesting job. She serves as UPS’s Vice President of Customer Solutions. Sunny talks with customers every day about the company’s range of environmentally-progressive services – such as carbon neutral shipping and our Eco Responsible Packaging Program.

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