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Saving time and money just got easier with the New UPS Hundredweight Service Rating Tool
UPS Hundredweight rate tool

Are you shipping multiple packages to the same address on the same day?  Are you tired of being charged for lift-gate and inside delivery? Are you looking for a non-palletized guaranteed solution with minimized fuel and additional surcharges?  What about greater shipment integrity?  Does saving 20% on your bottom line peak your interest?

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Why a UPS Freight Truck Driver Lost Sleep and 30 Pounds
Nate Wick

If someone had asked me just three months ago if I’d like to achieve every professional goal I’ve set for myself, meet incredible people, and make new friends, and if I’d like to travel around the country and go to exciting events while promoting safety and the industry that I love, I’d say, “That sounds awesome! What’s the catch?”

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“Fast Freight Shipping” is Not an Oxymoron

In UPS years I’m still a neophyte, but my work in customer communications has shown me that our new global express air freight service nicely fills a niche for businesses in high-tech, manufacturing and other industries that rely on international trade.

Good news, but no real surprise.

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UPS Keeps It Cool
UPS PharmaPort 360 shipment

Picture your medicine cabinet at home. Now open it. (If yours is like mine, it could use a lot of organization.)  Have you ever stopped to think about how those medicines and therapies arrived on your shelf? Specifically, I mean the path from how medicines go from manufacturer to being delivered safely to your local pharmacy, or even directly to your family. Well, if you could magically dive into your medicine cabinet and go behind the shelves, you might be surprised to find UPS at the heart of some fascinating and vital healthcare logistics.

Last fall, UPS launched a new air freight container called PharmaPort 360 specially designed for transporting very delicate, temperature-sensitive therapies and medicines like vaccines. A few days ago, UPS’s healthcare team satisfied some of my “behind the cabinet” curiosities and gave me a peak at one of their first logistical feats transporting this new container.

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Managing LTL Freight Pickups with Ease
UPS Freight

Pickup Notifications for LTL is a new feature that allows customers to gain greater control and insight into their entire pickup process.  UPS Freight® is the first national LTL carrier to offer full visibility into LTL pickups when scheduled online.  Now, customers will be able to receive email alerts when the pickup is scheduled, when the driver is on his way and when the pickup is complete. 

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A Boo-Tiful friendship: UPS helps small biz make a scary impact on Halloween

The leaves are changing and the weather is cooler which could only mean one thing, Halloween is here. It’s the time of year when children and adults dress up as their favorite superhero, movie character, politician or the latest celebrity in the news. This year, “The Charlie” (as in Sheen) is one of the most popular – Winning!  My 11-year-old son will dress as the Green Lantern and my 5-year-old daughter as Hello Kitty.  

Americans aren’t scared to spend despite the hard economic times. According to National Retail Federation’s Halloween Trends and Spending 2011 survey the average person will spend about $75 on Halloween related items. This year consumer spending is expected to reach an all-time high at $6.9 billion.

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Slovakia and Israel – What’s the UPS Connection?

Jeopardy is one of my favorite game shows (aside from Wheel of Fortune). There’s so many unknown facts revealed on the show. And the research I conducted to complete this blog opened my eyes as well to a new part of the world.

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Here Comes UPS Freight

Kewill, a company providing integrated shipping options, has recently added UPS Freight capabilities to its offering. As director of product management for Kewill’s shipping products, Peter Starvaski is responsible for defining the product road maps for Kewill’s Clippership and Flagship products.

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The Results Are In

UPS Freight Driver Clarence Jenkins led his company drivers into the Columbus (Ohio) Convention Center this past week at the National Truck Driving and Step Van Championships and led them across the finish line Saturday night in a competition that saw 415 drivers with a combined 53 million accident-free miles vying for top honors in this “Super Bowl of Safety.”

Thirteen UPS and UPS Freight drivers, all state champions and none more seasoned than Jenkins, were among those competing in nine separate divisions, testing drivers in on-course maneuvering skills, pre-trip inspections and written exams covering safety regulations and responsibilities.

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Age Just a Number for Pair of UPS State Champions

One is a grandfather whose thinning hair is as gray as his neatly trimmed beard, the other barely old enough to be eligible to vote in his first presidential election in 2008. What they share in common, however, are enviable safe driving records, state driving titles and an appreciation for the UPS shield that adorns their daily uniforms. Read More »