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Deliver More to Mom for Mother’s Day. Join UPS and The UPS Store for the #Deliver2Mom Twitter Parties on May 3.
shipping a gift

At UPS, we’re proud to love logistics. Planning, multi-tasking, transporting … yes, we love it all. But there’s one group that shines as the “original logistics experts” – Moms. They’re often the engineers in the family … keeping everything (and everyone) synchronized while skillfully navigating daily obstacles. At the heart of logistics is a well-run operation. And at the heart of the family is mom.

So how do you celebrate the “CEO” of the family?

Our #Deliver2Mom Twitter Parties will deliver fun ideas and a bit of inspiration to honor moms. We’ll also offer tips to keep your gift giving (and gift shipping) experience hassle free … such as packing advice from The UPS Store and how to manage your deliveries with UPS My Choice.

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UPS Delights Dancing Deer Baking Co. with On-Time Holiday Deliveries
Dancing Deer Brownie Tin

When your name is Dancing Deer Baking Company, the holidays are a critical time of year and it’s important to have the right business partner pulling your sleigh… or in this case – your trailer.

Dancing Deer started small using a former pizza parlor and a few convection ovens to bake cakes from scratch. The small business quickly morphed into a retail operation and earned recognition for making “the best cake in America.” The cakes are still baked from scratch, along with cookies and brownies that can be ordered online at DancingDeer.com.  You also can find items made with all-natural ingredients at natural food stores, specialty grocers and supermarkets around the country.

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Royal Favors

The royal wedding is just hours away and the world is eagerly waiting for Kate Middleton to marry her prince. While most brides don’t have a staff to plan their big day, one UPS customer can help – Beau-Coup Favors, Inc.

The internet retailer is one place where brides can find unique wedding favors, decorations, supplies and bridal party gifts. Polly Liu started Beau Coup nine years ago while planning her own wedding. “I know how stressful planning a wedding or party can be, so we treat every event as if it were our own,” Liu said. “We are not in the business to miss dates.”

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Don’t Let the Cookies Crumble

I recently spoke with Heidi, owner and cookie creator of Heidi’s Heavenly Cookies in Alpharetta, Ga., about packing and shipping tips. During the holiday season Heidi’s company ships more than 500 packages a day. Heidi says, “It is imperative for our reputation and our customers that the gift recipients receive our cookies at optimum freshness. Since we don’t add preservatives, we ensure that the cookies arrive at their destination within two days.” Check out what Heidi has to say about packing and shipping her “sinfully delectable” baked goods this holiday season. Happy Holidays!

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Tips to Ship Your Mother’s Day Gifts

The UPS Store Pack and Ship PromiseUPS and Mother’s Day have a lot of connections. On August 28, 1907, UPS was born when Seattle teenager Jim Casey opened a messenger service, in no small part to support his mother. Just a few months later, on May 10, 1908, Anna Jarvis of Philadelphia began Mother’s Day as a way of reflection and an opportunity to spend time with one’s mother. Over a century later, Mother’s Day has become the third most popular holiday.

In days past, spending time with mom was an easier thing to do. Many people remained in the community where they were born and multi-generational families sometimes lived in one home, just like the Waltons. 

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Lobsters and Flowers and Bears…Oh My!

Gift giving holidays are busy times at UPS and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Shipping volumes soar like Cupid’s arrows as customers send gifts of love, marking one of the carrier’s busiest times outside of the Christmas season, rivaled only by Mother’s Day.   Read More »

Wrapping up the Holidays

I’ve always looked forward to the holidays.  The word “Christmas” conjures up fond memories of some of my favorite things:  baking cookies, school closing (and therefore no homework) for weeks, sledding in the Ohio snowfall, and of course the magic and excitement as a young child over what Santa would bring. 

Christmas morning as a child was the apex of the year, and I can’t imagine a child waking up with no gifts to open.  Apparently, neither can the more than 1,200 UPSers here at our corporate campus, who have adopted a local elementary school in our annual Project Angel volunteer program. Read More »

Tips to Recycle and Reduce Your Holiday Trash

Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s alone, it’s estimated that an extra million tons of waste are generated nationwide each week. You can do a lot throughout the holidays to reduce your contribution to all that trash. Read More »

One Shoe in Front of the Other: Zappos and UPS Keep the Holidays Moving

In the 1970 stop-motion Christmas classic “Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town,” Kris Kingle saves the day by singing the song “One Foot In Front of the Other” and saving Sombertown from the evil Winter Warlock and Burgermeister Meisterburger. Quite literally, that song is music to the ears of Zappos, the e-retailer best known for selling shoes on the Internet. Read More »

Made with You in Mind!

My father called the other day to see what I wanted for Christmas this year. He likes me to be very specific— exact item, size, color, dimensions, where he can get it, and by the way, would I consider just getting it myself if he sends me the money. Well, not this year. I was prepared for his call this time as I had been giving a lot of thought to material items lately. I didn’t want him to buy me something – I wanted him to make me something. I wanted a gift from him that came from the heart. It can be anything – just think of me when you are making it, I said. Read More »