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Road Safety Education Starts Young

It started with an email from the community service committee just two days before our Global Volunteer Month activity. The email tells volunteers to check their names on a list and their assigned roles, and to look under the reserved list if we can’t find our names.

We had a problem, but it was a good problem. Too many UPSers have volunteered to support the TOUCH Young Arrows in their Road Safety Education programme.

In all, 75 UPSers showed up at the Road Safety Park in Singapore to support 25 TOUCH Young Arrows. These 25 children came from low income or single parent families. Many of them have little or no parental care and are at risk of falling into bad company.

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Work for the Heart… UPS Executive Returns to Haiti for Global Volunteer Month

As we celebrate Global Volunteer Month this October, we’re following up on a story from earlier this year. UPS Business Development Director Craig Arnold went to Haiti In January to volunteer with the Salvation Army in earthquake relief. With the help of The UPS Foundation, Craig has returned to Haiti this week.  Daily, I receive updates and photos from his trip. Below he recounts his first three days…

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Service First: UPS Global Volunteer Month

UPS has just kicked off its Global Volunteer Month. During the month of October, UPSers around the world, dedicate their time and energy to service in their communities. I recently had the opportunity to participate in my first Habitat for Humanity build. Ironically, I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect yet excited to meet and work with other UPSers to make a dream come true for Beatrice Lester and her family.

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Some of the Best Gifts Can’t be Wrapped

With the holidays all around, thoughts of both shopping and charity are usually what come to my mind this time of year. While it’s nice to be able to give gifts to my nearest and dearest, I also make it a point to do something for the less fortunate. I’m not alone  – in Latin America and the Caribbean, there are many communities throughout the region that are in dire need of assistance, and fortunately there are companies and organizations that are trying to make a difference. Read More »

Why Volunteerism Matters

It has been seven years now that UPS has rallied its employees all over the world to volunteer during the month of October. While UPS’s culture has always supported volunteerism, there were some concerns when we proposed the program that has become Global Volunteer Month (instead of Global Volunteer Week). Read More »