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UPS Field Trip: Learning about Climate Change in the Forests of Quebec
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Memories of the forest….

….. falling asleep in a bed of soft pine needles under the sinking sun

….. trekking gorillas in the highlands of Uganda

….. awestruck at the majesty of the mighty California redwoods

….. swinging on vines as a kid in the Maryland woods near home

These personal reflections were the beginning of a two-day workshop about the universal appeal of nature, conservation and the power of the world’s forests to combat climate change. UPS sponsored the event that included employees, customers and three non-profit organizations.

The workshop, conducted by the environmental research group Earthwatch Institute, gave participants the opportunity to learn about the science of climate change, to experience field research, and to share best practices about how corporations can help mitigate their environmental impact by supporting forestry projects. Participants met at the Gault Nature Reserve in Mont-Saint-Hilaire Quebec.

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Greening Our Games – UPS Launches London 2012 Hospitality Programme

There will be many ways in which the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games will stand out from those that have gone before it, but potentially the most significant will be its unprecedented focus on sustainability.

As Official Logistics and Express Delivery Supporter of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, UPS is working very closely with LOCOG (London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games) to ensure we play our part in achieving the goal of a sustainable Games.

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In 2010, Mandatory Carbon Reporting Is No Longer a Blue-Sky Issue; Businesses Need to Take Action For Their Own Operational Gains

In the wake of the Copenhagen Climate Conference, debate continues about the progress made regarding mandatory greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) targets around the world. But the real action may be closer to home.  2010 will mark the inauguration of more mandatory GHG and carbon emissions reporting for both businesses and government agencies. Read More »