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The UPS Store: Small Business Owner, You’re Not Alone (Video)
The Right Slice

If you grew up in a small town like I did, you know what it’s like to walk into the local bakery or clothing boutique and feel at home. I always loved when my parents would take us to the small Italian restaurant on the corner. It was owned by one of our neighbors and I got a kick out of watching their kids whiz around taking orders while their mom and dad were cooking and working the room. It seemed like such a family affair. Thinking back, it all looked so simple and pleasant, but behind those kitchen doors, I’m sure it was anything but.

With any small business, the road to success is never easy. And for those brave enough to make their entrepreneurial dreams a reality, there are a lot of obstacles to overcome that can be intimidating to face alone, especially in the midst of an unstable economy and a growing need for community driven businesses.

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Easy as Pie: Packing and Shipping with The UPS Store

We love our small-business customers at The UPS Store, so we thought we’d share the love with a tasty treat.

When Wisconsin native Sandy Poehnelt moved to Kauai, Hawaii in July 2009, starting a business wasn’t on her mind. Within a few months, however, she saw an opportunity to put her culinary experience to the test, and out of the oven popped The Right Slice.

Poehnelt noticed a need for fresh specialty pies on the island. “See a need, fill a need. Isn’t that how the saying goes,” she said about starting her pie shop.

Sandy’s pies – especially the top-selling Hawaiian Mango Passion fruit Pie – are a hit among locals and tourists. She is a strong supporter of the local economy and uses native Hawaiian fruits from local farmers for her delicious tropical pies.

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