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Healing The Hospital

“A hospital bed is a parked taxi with the meter running.”  – Groucho Marx

Americans have always been fascinated by what happens in hospitals.  From Marcus Welby, MD to E.R., the inner workings of hospitals keep TV viewers enthralled.  St. Elsewhere and Grey’s Anatomy shifted the theme from saving lives at all costs to saving lives while keeping the doors open.

Historically, hospitals have had noble intentions: to save lives and maximize positive clinical outcomes.  However the fiscal reality is that hospitals have been forced to balance providing quality care while trying to maintain profitability.  Not many are successful.  In fact, 61% of US hospitals are operating unprofitably. For many hospitals operating costs continue to rise while reimbursement rates fall.

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Temperature Excursions and Your Meds: Why Packaging Matters
temperature controlled

Last summer it seemed like the media reports of record-breaking temperatures, wildfires and droughts were never-ending. And like farmers and ski resort managers, heat and cold are of particular interest to me because of my role at UPS as a temperature-sensitive packaging professional.

Keeping medicines at the right temperature is essential if they are to work well, and it’s vital to the health of patients. Whether you need an annual flu shot or your regular supply of insulin, it’s likely that a great deal of work has gone into designing the packaging it’s shipped in. Packaging may be the only protection that stands between your medicine and the outside world, from the manufacturer to the point of care, whether that’s a doctor’s office, an outpatient surgery center or even your own home. In fact, a recent UPS survey investigating healthcare supply chain challenges found that product protection is one of the biggest challenges healthcare manufacturers face.

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¡Qué chévere! UPS Celebrates 25th Anniversary in Puerto Rico

Puerto RicoAnniversary celebrations can include a vast array of activities: dinner, dancing, gifts and high-fives. For most people, they also include reflection on the most significant happenings and achievements of the past year as well as thoughts on what the future holds. But it’s when you hit those milestone years that the ups and downs, sacrifices and benchmarks of all the years prior start to come together to show just what it is you have been working towards.

This month, UPS celebrates 25 years of operations in Puerto Rico. It’s where our company took its first steps towards expanding our network to Latin America. What started in 1985 with a handful of employees dropping off small packages to a few locations in San Juan has grown into a first-class market of more than 45 operating centers and 530 dedicated employees throughout the island.

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Healthier Supply Chains Mean Healthier Patients

I came across an NPR Marketplace interview with Craig Carter, Journal of Supply Chain Management co-editor and professor at the University of Nevada. His take on business efficiency in lean times is a streamlined supply chain. It’s good for business, absolutely, but as Carter says, “at the end of the day, the objective of the supply chain is to provide the best combination of cost and service to the final consumer.” I couldn’t agree more with his customer-centric point of view.

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