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What You Can Learn From the Hi-Tech Industry and Its Post-Sales Success

For many companies, particularly in cutting-edge high technology industries, an evolution has occurred as post-sales services have become an important part of their business. Post-sales services have become a significant source of revenue and profit, a way to build long-term customer relationships, and a source of competitive advantage. As healthcare evolves, the importance of services is likely to grow, creating a corresponding need for post-sales supply chain management.  

Supply chains can be thought of in three categories:

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How can I create business advantage with my supply chain?  This is a question healthcare companies are increasingly asking themselves, and their logistics service providers, as the market becomes more competitive, more global, and frankly more challenging.  Healthcare companies are recognizing that their supply chain’s performance can have a significant impact on their overall performance and are a source of competitive advantage. 

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Webinar Today: Technology Innovation in Healthcare Supply Chain Management

Successful supply chains cohesively address the connected flows of goods, funds, and information. New tools and technology for the management of logistics detail and data are producing quantifiable business improvements for leading healthcare corporations.

To be efficient, you want to maintain control over the services that keep your business running – orders to billing – but need help managing the day-to-day tasks. That means supervising orders, inventory and customer service, for facilitating compliance and on-time deliveries, and for expediting invoicing and speeding payment.

During this webinar, Jen Trone, sector development manager of UPS Healthcare, will discuss how you can create a cohesive supply chain, capture market share, and respond quickly to market demands. Participants will learn how UPS Order To Cash® can help them meet the customer demands and improve overall supply chain performance.

Click here to register for the May 2 webinar at 11:00 a.m. ET.