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Some History of Sustainability with UPS
1936 UPS Electric Package Cars

As the UPS Archivist, I spend a lot of time researching documents that reveal our history and the stories of our people.

So in my search through the UPS Archives – while looking for something else I might add – I came across this document from 1933 asking for the funds for three new “Gould Batteries for two ton Walker Electric Trucks.”  These new batteries were to replace three “very old and almost useless” batteries in package cars that were serving in New York City at the time.

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There’s Electricity on the Road! UPS Deploys 200 Hybrid-Electric Vehicles

With the announcement of 200 new Hybrid-Electric Vehicles, or “HEVs” being deployed this month in eight major U.S. cities, I felt I should write something about it for The Upside. However, when I put my fingers to the keys, I realized the best voices for this entry would be those involved in putting these vehicles on the road.  

So, rather than wax poetic, I sat down with UPS Vehicle Deployment Manager Donna Tisdale for a question and answer chat.


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