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UPS Delivers Small Biz Daily Deals
UPS holiday delivery

Tis’ the season to support our small business customers. We’re helping more than 30 small business owners spread the word about their upcoming holiday promotions with the Twitter campaign Small Biz Daily Deals. Every day through December 21, from the @UPS twitter account, we’ll highlight a UPS small business customer.

Consumers can take advantage of deals on gourmet brownies, cookies and candy, children’s clothing and toys and fresh cut Christmas trees delivered right to your front door. Many of the customers are also offering free shipping with special UPS codes just for the holidays.

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UPS Gears Up for Holiday Logistics
UPS holiday cookies

It’s hard to think the holidays are almost here! Thanksgiving is in two weeks and it’s just 45 days until Christmas. But here at UPS, we’ve been working on holiday logistics all year. We’ve added an extra 55,000 brown-suited elves who we predict will help deliver more than 120 million packages in just the week before – that’s almost 300 gifts every second on our busiest day!  Worldport in Louisville is our North Pole – where a lot of those packages pass on the way to your Christmas tree.  

This year, fashionistas will be shopping on the private-sales site the Gilt Groupe – one of the leaders in the e-retail industry and UPS will deliver thousands of those holiday orders.

A Boo-Tiful friendship: UPS helps small biz make a scary impact on Halloween

The leaves are changing and the weather is cooler which could only mean one thing, Halloween is here. It’s the time of year when children and adults dress up as their favorite superhero, movie character, politician or the latest celebrity in the news. This year, “The Charlie” (as in Sheen) is one of the most popular – Winning!  My 11-year-old son will dress as the Green Lantern and my 5-year-old daughter as Hello Kitty.  

Americans aren’t scared to spend despite the hard economic times. According to National Retail Federation’s Halloween Trends and Spending 2011 survey the average person will spend about $75 on Halloween related items. This year consumer spending is expected to reach an all-time high at $6.9 billion.

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UPS My Choice Brings Packages Home for the Holidays
UPS My Choice

It’s finally here – and in plenty of time for the holidays. Excitement is building around the launch of UPS My ChoiceSM, a new transformational service that is available today to customers across the United States.

UPS My Choice is a new service that places greater control over home delivery in the hands of the consumer. And, if that doesn’t get you excited, what if I told you that you could receive delivery alerts, specific delivery time frames, reroute options and much more? If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, would you like the ability to know a day in advance when your packages will arrive within a four-hour approximate delivery time? Or what about a two-hour confirmed delivery window?

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Deck the Halls: Time for Small Businesses to get Jump on Holiday Marketing Materials
The UPS Store 3 For All

The kids may be heading back to school, but in marketing circles, it’s already time to start planning for the holidays. This is not only a time of great opportunity for small businesses, but also a time of great creativity as they embark on sales and marketing initiatives that embrace the spirit of the season.

Whether it’s holiday cards for your clients, in-store signage, or open house invitations, small businesses need professional print solutions that help them stand out without breaking the bank.

I recently sat down with Bill Martin, vice president of print services for The UPS Store network, and asked him about holiday marketing tips for small business owners.

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Valentine’s Day is all about the Love…and Logistics

So what’s so special about Valentine’s Day? Well, for one thing, it’s really the only holiday when it’s okay to give and receive the same gift as everyone else – flowers. With the big day just around the corner, a recent survey from the National Retail Federations reported that 34% of consumers in the United States plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day by giving someone flowers.

It’s no wonder why this holiday ranks as #1 for consumer purchases of fresh-cut flowers, considering that UPS alone typically transports more than 28 million freshly cut flower stems between late January and Feb. 14 each year. That’s a lot of flowers. With such a heavy demand, it makes you think about just who it is that supplies this astronomical amount of flowers, and even more so about what happens after these flowers are cut, groomed and packaged.

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Transforming from Christmas to Chinese New Year

Even as the Christmas and New Year festivities end, Singapore prepares for the next major celebration – the Chinese New Year. It is totally amazing how quickly the decoration on the streets, in department stores and supermarkets transform. All things nativity are gone and we now prepare to welcome the year of the rabbit.

As I look at all the transformation, I cannot help but think of the logistics involved behind them – the planning, the work, the resource allocation – and appreciate my job at UPS more.

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Family Ties and the Chinese New Year

As an American given the opportunity to work in Hong Kong, celebrating the Chinese New Year is a huge eye opener. The excitement is in the air as I listen to conversations in the UPS Hong Kong office. For the Hong Kongers, it is a time to be home with the family. Most of my colleagues have their families in Hong Kong, but there are others whose families are in other parts of Asia and they will make the special trip back home.

As a foreigner who is far away from home, I can’t help but to think about my family. At least, I spent time with them when I visited them during the Christmas holidays.

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A Different Kind of Peak Season

When I was a young boy growing up in Louisville, Ky., it was always a treat when my parents took me to the House of Chen, one of the few local Chinese restaurants in my hometown at that time.

The restaurant was owned and operated by Mr. Chen himself, who presided over every table with serious attention. And his menu, which favored Cantonese dishes, was much more authentic than what is typically found in most Chinese-American restaurants today. I don’t think Mr. Chen even gave you a fortune cookie after the meal.

But beyond the culinary pleasures it offered, the House of Chen was a fascinating place for me. It was truly a beautiful restaurant, decorated tastefully with embroidered silk art work and delicately carved wood statues. When you walked through the door, you were instantly transported to a distant and exotic land and my visits there – so many years ago – whetted my appetite for not only Chinese food, but also a lifelong interest in Chinese history and culture.

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Like Father, Like Son

Donald Scales, a UPS driver for more than 30 years, worked closely with his son, driver-helper Keith Scales, during the holiday delivery rush. It’s their fourth consecutive holiday season working together.. Hear what they have to say: