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Recipe for Small Business Shipping Success
Small business shipping

When I was little, I liked to pretend I was a television chef with all the tiny bowls of measured ingredients, laid perfectly in reach, ready for me to quickly whip up some culinary perfection. It didn’t take me long to realize I couldn’t do much of anything “quickly.” Television magic conspired to make recipes look easier than the reality.

So, while there’s no cake in the oven awaiting its dramatic reveal, there is real merit to mise en place: everything you need is right at hand. So when action is required, you can hit the ground running.

That’s the thought behind our new Small Business Resource Center — except all those tiny bowls prepped by a swarm of assistants are now helpful videos, demos and frequently-used tools prepped by UPS (your swarm of assistants).

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Small Business Profile: Wike Bicycle Trailers Goes from a Basement to Across the Globe

I enjoy riding my bike every chance I get.  It’s a great form of exercise; it also helps keep the roads less congested and sets a positive, active example for my children. They’ve even started tagging along on their bikes when I go for a run!

Wike Bicycle Trailers is looking to make our world healthier and more sustainable. With an end goal of getting more people cycling rather than driving, Wike introduces people to new uses for bicycles – from using their trailers to transport pets, groceries and equipment to helping disabled triathletes compete.

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Two Things to Focus on When You’re Considering Going International

Over the years I’ve had many companies come to me when they start getting international orders because they aren’t sure how to fulfill them. Sometimes the task is too daunting, so they turn away international orders altogether. Rather than allowing them to walk away from business, UPS and the United States Commercial Service provide training on moving goods internationally.

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3 Signs that You Might be the Next Accidental Exporter: Video

Many companies enter the global market by accident. In fact, you might have an invitation sitting on your desk right now. Did you R.S.V.P.?

If you said, “not yet,” then you are not alone. Emails from potential international customers go unanswered time and again. Finally, a brave manager takes the leap and makes the company’s first sale to a customer outside of the United States – often in Canada, Europe, or Australia. Soon, you respond to more and more international customers and become an accidental exporter.

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How Chinese New Year (or the Queen’s Birthday) Can Impact your Customer Service: International Shipping Post 2
Shanghai, China

This is the second post in a series addressing challenges for companies starting to go global with their products and services.

Picnics, parades, and patriotism are just a few ways to celebrate Independence Day. Your UPS driver even takes the day off. But, what if your customers or suppliers are abroad? In today’s global marketplace, it’s important to note holidays around the world that might impact your business.

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Exporting to Canada can Boost Your Business

As the world’s 11th largest economy and the largest trading partner of the U.S., Canada offers a new world of opportunity to U.S. small businesses. Approximately US$1.6 billion in trade crosses the Canada-U.S. border daily. What’s more, with a strong infrastructure, close proximity to the United States and a free trade agreement, Canada is an ideal market for U.S. exporters.

I had the opportunity to ask Janice Corbett, acting minister counselor for commercial affairs at the U.S. Commercial Service (USCS) in Canada, what U.S. companies should know about the Canadian market. Janice has worked with the U.S. embassy for four years and held the position of acting counselor for about six months.

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Putting Importers in the Driver’s Seat

Here’s the scenario. You’re an online retailer sourcing your merchandise from Asia. You need to import the merchandise and have the goods sent directly to your end customer. Of course, you want the shipment to arrive on time with the commercial invoice removed to maintain the confidentiality of the value of the merchandise. And you wish to be notified of any exceptions along the way.

Sound simple? Ask an importer and you’ll probably hear a horror story about the shipment that got stuck in customs or the commercial invoice that found its way to the end customer who promptly calculated the importer’s profit margin. Why these challenges? Because the exporter had all the control over the shipment.

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In Asia, Helping Businesses Connect Across the Globe

ShenzhenIf you’ve followed news about UPS during the past two weeks, you’ve probably heard several announcements about our expansion in Asia.

From our alliance with Alibaba, the world’s largest e-commerce provider for small businesses to a new joint venture company that offers wider access to shipping services across Vietnam. And yesterday, when we officially opened our new hub at the Shenzhen Baoan International Airport in China, Asia is a top priority for UPS.

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From a Farm in Central America to Your Door: the Long Journey of a Beloved Holiday Tradition

There are many things we associate with the holidays: family, parties, colorful lights, trees, long checkout lines at the mall, no parking and, of course, presents. But besides the obvious things we tend to think of this time of year, there are many other holiday items that actually symbolize the season. One example is euphorbia pulcherrima, more commonly known as the poinsettia. Read More »