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The Outlook of Exporting and Global Trade: Confidence Needle Moves a Bit
Shanghai, China

It may be time to add a “cautious optimism” app to your wireless device . . . at least for the long term.

A new survey of decision makers at 125 high-tech companies, conducted by IDC Manufacturing Insights and sponsored by UPS, shows that they expect future exports to increase. Many predicted growing demand for their products in emerging markets worldwide over the next 3-5 years.

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So You Want to Go to Canada, Eh? Three Reasons Why it Might be a Good Destination

When it’s time to start thinking about an international destination, many companies in the United States consider Canada. In a survey of business owners, UPS found that 23% of small and medium sized businesses indicate Canada as a key market and 21% said that they intend to increase or begin exporting to Canada within two years. What makes Canada so appealing?

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The World is Waiting: 3 Steps to Global Growth

This is the fourth post in a series addressing challenges for companies starting to go global with their products and services.

Did you know that UPS customers expanding to new markets grew their UPS exports 2.8 times faster than UPS customers exporting to a single market?  Entering a new country can introduce your products to new customers and jump start growth. Frequently, business owners ask: “Where do I begin?

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3 Signs that You Might be the Next Accidental Exporter: Video

Many companies enter the global market by accident. In fact, you might have an invitation sitting on your desk right now. Did you R.S.V.P.?

If you said, “not yet,” then you are not alone. Emails from potential international customers go unanswered time and again. Finally, a brave manager takes the leap and makes the company’s first sale to a customer outside of the United States – often in Canada, Europe, or Australia. Soon, you respond to more and more international customers and become an accidental exporter.

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Trekking Beyond Borders

During a recent stop at the customs counter in the new international wing of Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, an agent inspected my passport and said, “Looks like you have your entire life story in here.” A spot-on observation that is true in more ways than one.

My trek to go global began over a decade ago with a month-long journey to attend a global leadership conference in Pune, India. This was just the beginning of my quest, but it opened my eyes to opportunities beyond borders – both personal and business.

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UPS Joins Inc. to Offer Advice for Small Businesses
UPS Joins Inc. to Offer Advice for Small Businesses

Growth is always a hot topic for entrepreneurs and small businesses on the move. Inc. magazine has joined UPS to host a series of events with the common theme, Delivering Growth. CEOs from the magazine’s 5000 list offer personal and financial tips on growing businesses.

Small business owners in Atlanta and Houston have already learned how to develop joint ventures, expand products and services and successfully market their brand. The next live event will be in San Diego on December 13 to discuss Delivering Growth Internationally. Panelists will share how to find resources for export and custom regulations. If you can’t make it to California, you can join the session online at: www.inc.com/upslive.

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UPS Helps Japan Recovery, Pledges $1 Million in Logistics Support

Joe Ruiz with The UPS Foundation

For the last four days, The UPS Foundation’s Joe Ruiz has been on the phone. His job is to figure out how UPS can best leverage its transportation network, humanitarian logistics teams and funds to help the victims of Friday’s tsunami and earthquake in Japan.

Joe has been working with UPSers in Japan to assess whether the roads are good enough to reach the most damaged areas of the country. He’s been talking to colleagues at UPS Airlines to determine whether flights can reliably go in and out of Narita Airport outside Tokyo. Joe also has been coordinating with UPS’s relief partners around the world to determine if they need UPS resources, such as airlift, staff and facilities. Read More »

Slovakia and Israel – What’s the UPS Connection?

Jeopardy is one of my favorite game shows (aside from Wheel of Fortune). There’s so many unknown facts revealed on the show. And the research I conducted to complete this blog opened my eyes as well to a new part of the world.

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Canadian Businesses Choose Patriotism Over Profit, Even as Foreign Competition Heats Up

A strong majority of Canadian business decision-makers say they would rather pay more money to buy materials from Canadian suppliers than source less expensive goods from overseas to widen profit margins.

The revelations come out of the third and final phase of a series of surveys conducted by Leger Marketing on behalf of UPS Canada that shows 63% of businesses would prefer to support their fellow domestic enterprises even if doing so means being less cost effective.

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UPS Joins World in Celebrating Chilean Miners’ Rescue

Last month, we shared the story about UPS’s role to transport the drilling equipment that would accelerate the rescue of 33 trapped Chilean miners. Today, we’re watching and rejoicing with the world as the miners’ rescue takes place.

In early September, the Chilean Embassy asked UPS to help aid the rescue efforts and we gladly accepted. Just before Labor Day, UPS moved special drilling equipment from several U.S. locations to Copiapo. The total weight for the more than 50,000 pounds of equipment involved 7 separate shipments that required creative logistics with multiple flights and trucks. UPS funded the initial shipment under designation as a humanitarian mission, an in-kind charitable gift funded by the UPS Foundation.

Yesterday, we were honored to receive an invitation from the embassy to join the staff as they watched the rescue efforts from their office. In his thanks to UPS, Deputy Chief of Mission Roberto Matus stated, “As you well know, UPS played a very important role in taking the right equipment to Chile. This machine enabled us to move up the dates.”

We were honored to be a small part of this miraculous effort.