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Olympics and Logistics
UPS package car in London

Ever since I was a little girl I remember watching the summer and winter Olympics with my family.  It helped me understand that with talent and a lot of hard work many athletes see their Olympic dreams come true.  Not only that, I learned the names of countries that I did not even know existed -Azerbaijan, Slovenia and Uruguay just to name a few.

UPS has been hard at work too.  We now electronically service even more customer’s global shipping needs on ups.com.  Our recent country technology expansion of our calculate transits times, rates, shipping and tracking applications to over 55 new countries will reduce manual processes previously in place.   

Here are a couple of ways UPS technology makes things at the Olympics run smoother.

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Putting Importers in the Driver’s Seat

Here’s the scenario. You’re an online retailer sourcing your merchandise from Asia. You need to import the merchandise and have the goods sent directly to your end customer. Of course, you want the shipment to arrive on time with the commercial invoice removed to maintain the confidentiality of the value of the merchandise. And you wish to be notified of any exceptions along the way.

Sound simple? Ask an importer and you’ll probably hear a horror story about the shipment that got stuck in customs or the commercial invoice that found its way to the end customer who promptly calculated the importer’s profit margin. Why these challenges? Because the exporter had all the control over the shipment.

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