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Jim Casey

20 Million Volunteer Hours by 2020 Is Ambitious Commitment to Communities We Serve
David Abney speaking

Our pledge to complete 20 million hours of global volunteerism and community service by the end of 2020 is the most ambitious commitment to the communities we serve in the 107-year history of our company.

We believe this commitment – announced on Monday by UPS’s chief operating officer David Abney at the Points of Light National Conference on Volunteerism and Service – will bring positive and meaningful change to communities around the world. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, our commitment represents more than $460 million in economic impact to nonprofits.

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UPS Founders’ Day: Celebrating 105 Years While Looking Past the Present
(l –r, Evert McCabe, Charlie Soderstrom, Jim Casey, and George Casey)

Before joining the UPS team earlier this year, I had never worked for a company with such a rich history. It really hit me when I spotted the Model T Ford® delivery car displayed proudly at our corporate office, and even more so while touring the UPS History Exhibit in the Archives as a brand new employee. The space includes displays that span the company’s more-than-century-old story, as today—August 28—marks our annual Founders’ Day and 105th birthday.

Although undoubtedly remarkable, the company reaching this milestone doesn’t come as a surprise given the principles primary UPS founder Jim Casey held dear. Even after his company had grown from the American Messenger Company to the United Parcel Service® and begun to expand from Seattle to other major U.S. cities, Casey had this to say about keeping the future top of mind:

“As always, our biggest need will be for broad-gauge people who can think beyond the present and apply sound, mature business judgment to whatever conditions we may have to meet.

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Image is Everything
UPS driver in Germany

Quality, exceptional service, variety, reliability and cost efficiency have gone into crafting UPS’s products and services for more than a century. It’s a standard that’s been set by our founder, Jim Casey.

As the needs of customers have changed, so has UPS. With an unmatched portfolio to get you those new hot pink stilettos, shiny golf clubs, latest gadget, prescription medicine or grandma’s cookies, UPS is committed to getting your package where it needs to be on time and with a smile.

Recently, UPS was rewarded an Image Award by the German publication VerkehrsRundshau magazine for placing first in the “Courier, Express and Parcel Services” category of its Image-Ranking survey. This is an opinion poll to gauge the image and awareness levels of the leading companies offering commercial vehicles and products and services for commercial vehicle fleets.

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Celebrating Cinderella Stories in Business and March Madness®

When it comes to March Madness®, everyone loves a Cinderella story. Last year, Butler University was a Cinderella repeat – advancing to the finals during the 2010 and 2011 tournaments. And this year, Norfolk State, Lehigh and Ohio achieved “David vs. Goliath” glory in the first round.

At UPS, we love Cinderella stories too. Especially in business. Our “Game Changers” campaign celebrates the story of people who see opportunities and solutions that others overlook. And in the process, achieve success. Companies like Southwest Airlines and UPS customer Zappos were one-time upstarts who reached success with ingenuity, teamwork, vision and smart planning. We call that logistics at UPS.

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Beyond the Ordinary
UPS package lab

In 1949, the New Yorker Magazine sent writer Phillip Hamburger to see what kind of operation was being run by a then middle-aged Jim Casey, founder of UPS. Hamburger’s story focused on Jim’s nearly maniacal devotion to department store packages.  They were UPS’s bread and butter during the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. The New Yorker writer soon found out that Jim looked at packages like a jeweler looks at diamonds, each one special in its own right. It was during this era that a phrase was coined that still adorns the walls of local UPS facilities: Every Parcel a Guest of Honor. Sounding a bit archaic today, the slogan still holds solid meaning for UPSers like Worldport Security Manager Jeff Savage.

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Delivering Good Through Volunteering: The Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday
UPSer volunteering at a coat drive

On Monday, millions of Americans and people across the world will honor Dr. King’s legacy through community volunteering. UPS is proud to be based in Dr. King’s hometown of Atlanta.

UPS’s founder, Jim Casey, shared Dr. King’s commitment for community service. Jim and his siblings founded the Annie E. Casey Foundation (AECF) in 1948 to honor their mother, who struggled to raise the family as a young widow. Financed by Jim’s personal fortune, AECF serves as an advocate for at-risk children and families.

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The UPS Foundation Gives Thanks Through Communities for More Than 60 Years
Global Volunteer Month

This December marks the 60th anniversary of The UPS Foundation. Our founder, Jim Casey, a visionary in so many ways, was practicing the concepts of “Corporate Citizenship” and “Corporate Social Responsibility” in 1951 long before those words even existed. I’m thankful that I work for a company with a heart. After all, we do love logistics.

I came to The UPS Foundation just over one year ago after eleven years in corporate marketing. The desire to work in the foundation and have a job that allows me to give back started back in 2005. I was selected to attend the UPS Community Internship in McAllen,Texas.  For one month, I was relieved of my daily office responsibilities and asked to do service work in this extremely challenged community. Those thirty days changed my perspective on life. I became thankful for the things I had, and less wishful for those I didn’t.

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From Bowie to Bieber: UPSer has Seen it All in 40-Year Career
Gene Reilly

Introductions at a typical UPS meeting include name, position and number of years with the company. When I first came to work here, I was amazed at the number of collective years reported. It seemed 20+ years was closer to the rule than the exception. Even now, with 12 years under my belt – sometimes I still feel like a newbie who can barely find the water fountain.

Every year on Founders’ Day, along with celebrating the company’s anniversary, we recognize employee anniversary milestones (20, 25, 30, etc.). And this year, the Communications Department is celebrating the very special 40th anniversary of one of our own. Yes – that’s the BIG 4-0. It is an amazing milestone for one of our favorite characters, Geno “Cool Cat” Reilly.

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UPS at 104: Celebrating the Legacy and Philanthropy of Jim Casey
Jim Casey with UPS sign in Seattle, 1952

With the 104th anniversary of UPS just around the corner (Aug. 28), I’ve been thinking about our founder, Jim Casey.  Jim taught us a lot.  His speeches and writings in the 1930s, 40s and 50s would make a best-selling business book if repackaged today.  Thomas Friedman…  Jim Collins…  Gary Hammel… all the other business gurus of today – Jim had them all beat more than half-a-century ago.

But Jim taught us more than just good business.  He taught us about philanthropy, and about giving back to the community

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Jim Casey’s Legacy: UPSers are Everyday Heroes

This month, UPS celebrates 104 years of business. Our founder, Jim Casey, instilled in UPSers a spirit of service to our customers and our community. While Jim may not have regarded himself as a “hero,” his commitment to community service has delivered a lasting impact. Jim and his siblings founded the Annie E. Casey Foundation (AECF) in 1948 to honor their mother, who struggled to raise the family as a young widow. The AECF serves as an advocate to help vulnerable children and families succeed.

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