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UPS package lab

In 1949, the New Yorker Magazine sent writer Phillip Hamburger to see what kind of operation was being run by a then middle-aged Jim Casey, founder of UPS. Hamburger’s story focused on Jim’s nearly maniacal devotion to department store packages.  They were UPS’s bread and butter during the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. The New Yorker writer soon found out that Jim looked at packages like a jeweler looks at diamonds, each one special in its own right. It was during this era that a phrase was coined that still adorns the walls of local UPS facilities: Every Parcel a Guest of Honor. Sounding a bit archaic today, the slogan still holds solid meaning for UPSers like Worldport Security Manager Jeff Savage.

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Heisman Trophy Finalist Tyrann Mathieu Raised on UPS Values

It’s possible that one of the most famous 19-year-old college football players learned his best moves from his dad.

Just watch UPS driver Tyrone Mathieu, age 44, manuever a package car through the tricky streets of the French Quarter in New Orleans. And deliver a package with a bright smile, much the way his celebrated son, Tyrann, delivers the football to a ref when crossing the goal line after one of his astonishing punt returns.

Tyrone has run packages for UPS in New Orleans for 20 years. His son Tyrann, aka The Honey Badger, has run down receivers and outrun punt coverage the past two years for the Louisiana State University Bayou Bengals, the No. 1-ranked college football team in the nation. Tyrann has proven so talented as a cornerback and punt return specialist that he’s a finalist for the 2011 Heisman Trophy, awarded yearly to the best player in college football. This year’s ceremonies take place Saturday evening in New York  City.

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