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5 Questions with a UPS Logistics Leader: The Meteorologist
UPS Global Operations Center

UPS has been recognized as a leader in logistics.  We can manage the most intricate details of any small package or heavy freight move – whether it’s getting Grandma’s cookies to your front door, critical service parts to a hospital half-way around the world or a polar bear cub cross-country to its new habitat.

Literally hundreds of thousands of UPS’s “logistics leaders” work behind the scenes every day to make it all come together.  We’ll introduce you to a few of them whose jobs may not come top of mind when you think of Big Brown.  You’ll get an inside look at how their unique jobs fit into UPS’s logistics story.

Meet Randy Baker.  He’s been with UPS for 21 years, the last 17 in the meteorology department.  Randy is based in Louisville, Kentucky, at Worldport, UPS’s all-points international air hub.

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Meteorologist by Day, Avid Storm Chaser by Night

Well, sometimes by night, but mostly by day, too… Randy Baker’s passion is weather and he clearly is in the right line of work. He and a team of four other meteorologists forecast weather for UPS, helping us avoid service disruptions and keeping our customers happy.

A native of Lawrence, Kansas, where he grew up with a front row seat to the volatile spring weather of a central Plains state, the 20-year UPS veteran says he was bitten by the weather bug very early.

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It’s the Plan B that Counts

With recent weather events crisscrossing the United States, UPS has been in overdrive managing its network to ensure on-time delivery of time sensitive packages. Events such as snow storms, mechanical failures or crew illnesses can cause daily challenges, but its all in a days work for the UPS Airlines contingency team.

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Expert Weather Forecasting Keeps UPS Shipments On Time

With a fleet that reaches virtually every nook and cranny of the world – over 200 countries and territories to be more precise – weather can foil even the best laid plans. That’s why UPS relies on the expertise of its around-the-clock meteorology team, recognized industry-wide for its innovative work in fog and aviation forecasting. The team’s skills are once again put to good use as a weekend storm is forecast to produce rain and snow throughout the Midwest and along the East Coast.

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