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Want to be Santa’s Helper? We’re Hiring Seasonal Employees
Holiday delivery

Could you use some extra money to help pay for those extra holiday gifts?

A recent survey reports that Americans have spent about $650 per household on holiday gifts for loved ones over the past two years. As my household continues to grow, I’d say that number is conservative.

UPS is currently hiring approximately 1,000 seasonal employees in the Louisville area, with jobs starting at $20 an hour for full-time seasonal drivers. Driver helpers are also needed, with those jobs starting at $12.88 an hour. There’s also a need for part-time package handlers who work a few hours each day starting at $8.50 an hour. Both day and night-shift positions are available.

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UPS and Louisville International Create a Constellation of Commerce Opportunities

Want to see a shooting star every two minutes? Come out to Louisville International Airport (SDF) around midnight. When you peer into the night sky, its deep blackness is perforated by twinkling points of light stretching to the horizon.

Then you’ll notice something — the lights are moving, rapidly coming right at you. What is this astrological phenomenon? A close encounter? Some kind of cometpallooza? Nope, it’s the nightly arrival of the UPS air fleet at Worldport.

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UPS Honors 2010 School-to-Work Graduates

Pride was in heavy supply one evening last week as 165 high school seniors and their loved ones gathered together at the University of Louisville for a celebration of sorts. The occasion? These hard working young people were graduating from this year’s UPS School-to-Work program.

With School-to-Work, high school seniors gain valuable work experience and earn college credits by working afternoon shifts as UPS package handlers and taking a college course twice a week in the UPS Training and Education Center located on UPS property.

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