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“This is Joey, Everybody”
UPSer Joeri Desira and her son

It’s easy to understand why the following video has received more than 200,000 hits on YouTube.

Watch as Lansing, MI, Air Gateway UPSer Joeri Desira is paid an unexpected visit at work by her son — a serviceman currently deployed in Kuwait with the U.S. Army.

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Small Business Helping Small Business: One Recipe for Success

Learning from mistakes turned out to be a great way to start a business. The turning point in the design of P&K Private Stock BBQ Sauce was based on an unplanned inventive moment in my kitchen. Initially, I thought it was a “mistake” batch, but it turned out to be my genius moment!

The sauce had a life before this transformation. Years before, my friend Kevin (the “K” of P&K), was making a remarkable BBQ sauce in his spare time. It was so good I urged him to get the sauce on the market. One day Kevin shared the recipe with me on a napkin and said: “Do what you want with it…it’s yours!”

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Seven Years as Santa’s Helper

Dianne Gentel and Dan SheldonIn the summer, the harbors of northern Lake Michigan towns bustle with sailboats, jet-skis and sport-fishing boats. Regional art shows and festivals of all sorts play host to throngs of tourists who frequent downtown streets. 

It’s this annual tourist migration that supports cottage industries and a steady seasonal economy that survives despite being within the larger Michigan market. A market that never seemed to quite pull out of the last recession before the current one landed like a tsunami and washed across the already beleaguered state. 

Dianne Gentel is one of those local northern Michiganians who follows the ebb and flow of the seasons. 

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