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Time is Money: How Mobile is Becoming the New Internet (Video)

Back in the day, whenever I had to make a deposit at the bank, I’d have to drive there, wait in line at the drive thru, and hand my signed check over to the bank attendant.

Now that my bank has an app, I’ve saved at least 15 minutes each time I would’ve had to travel to the physical bank branch. I love the convenience of depositing checks into my account with the snap of a picture from my mobile device!  What used to take minutes now takes seconds, and for me, time is money.

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Ideas That Changed NASCAR: The Hauler Video

Telecommuting is the best thing since sliced bread.  No more fighting traffic all the way to the office and all the way home, usually arriving at both locations tired and angry.  No more distractions from the account execs who hold impromptu meetings in the hall outside your cubicle.  No more having to restrain yourself from beating a misbehaving printer into submission.  Do your job without going to work – what a concept!  As long as you have all the equipment and supplies you need, can’t you really do your job anywhere?

NASCAR race teams take this concept to an entirely different level.  They employ massive tractor-trailers to transport the team racecar and gear from track to track from February to November.  Excuse me, racecars.  There are two cars in each hauler – the primary car and a backup.  But the cars occupy less than half of the space in the trailer.  Beneath the cars one will find an astonishing array of tools, parts, uniforms – even entire replacement engines – AND a command center room, where team members gather to monitor weather forecasts, plan raceday strategy or just grab a quick bite. The hauler drivers must have honorary PhD’s in logistics because they are master planners and packers – they know exactly where to find any item in the hauler, right down to each tiny nut, bolt or screw. 

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UPS My Choice is a Million Members Strong
UPS My Choice Destination of Choice sweepstakes

We have all been there – you get home after a long day to find one of those “sorry we missed you” notices stuck on the door. And if you’re anything like me, rearranging my busy schedule or trying to find the time to go pick up the package does not always make it on my “to-do” list. Figuring out there just aren’t enough hours in the day is a lesson I have learned pretty quickly and finding ways to “up” the convenience factor has gone from convenient to critical.

At least 1 million other people have joined me and know the enjoyment of a service that tells me when a package is on the way. UPS My Choice sends a free delivery alert (phone, text or email) the day before it arrives.

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UPS’s Next-Generation Mobile Devices Are Here

UPS has recently begun its global deployment of the next generation handheld devices you see our drivers carry, also known as the DIAD V.

The DIAD V features ground-breaking communications technology that enables on-the-fly switching between cellular carriers independent of cellular technology. This means that the DIAD V can automatically jump to another cellular carrier if the preferred carrier’s signal is lost. Read More »

iPhone, Android or Blackberry? UPS has Apps for Them All

At this point, the announcement regarding Verizon’s offering of the iPhone is far from breaking news. Rumors that one of the world’s most popular smart phones was expanding its U.S. exclusivity to partner with the large carrier began circulating years prior to the official announcement made by Verizon this January.

Now, a month later, the media is still flooded with articles and blog postings offering pros and cons to consumers in an effort to help them make informed decisions about which wireless carriers and smart phones are best for their needs. It seems the overall consensus is, “it depends.” The right phone and carrier for each consumer will depend on a variety of factors including their needs, location, habits and budget.

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Update with Facebook or Twitter… and Get a Job at UPS?

holiday delivery in VermontLike millions of others, I love being able to use my cell phone to call, text or update my friends and family with Facebook and other online sites. Mobile devices now allow us to bank online, play games and immediately upload that funny photo of my children’s faces covered with Halloween chocolate. Now you can also visit the mobile-device friendly www.upsjobs.com and look virtually for a job.  Just provide your information and schedule an interview for one of 50,000 temporary positions at UPS through New Years Eve.

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What’s New at ups.com

I confess that I’m a huge fan of routines – with three kids under three, anything out of the ordinary throws a kink in our day.  But change can be good.  Like some of the new features at the UPS website.

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Ways to $ave

I deem myself “fiscally prudent” while others have used the tightwad reference. There’s joy in balancing a checkbook to the penny (yes, I still use the book). But value isn’t just comparison pricing. My bottom line satisfaction does take into account convenience, my time and quality of a product or service. Read More »

Shipping? There’s an App for That

Tracking? Finding the nearest UPS location? There’s an app for that, too. No wonder the UPS Mobile™ App for iPhone® became the #1 free business app for the iPhone less than 48 hours after it was released last month. And it’s still topping the charts as we head into the final shopping days before Christmas. Read More »